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Invensys Unveils PRO/II 8.3 Simulation Software

Invensys Operations Management has released a new, enhanced version of its SimSci-Esscor® PRO/II™ simulation software, a steady-state process simulator used to design, analyze and improve chemical processes in the petrochemical industry. The new version is easier, faster and more flexible than previous versions, and it features a new customizable language module that enables users to view the graphical user interface, error messages and warning messages in many languages, starting with Japanese. Support for other languages will follow.

Tobias Scheele, VP advanced applications, commented: “Research shows that local language deployment improves understanding across engineering teams, which improves productivity and has a positive impact on overall business performance.” 

PRO/II 8.3 simulation software also includes features that have been previously available only by keyword from the graphical user interface, extending its functionality to all users. There are also numerous thermodynamic upgrades and enhancements for CAPE-OPEN compliance. Additionally, PRO/II 8.3 simulation software has been integrated with an upgraded version of the SIM4ME® Portal and Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet software interface, enabling users to link and pass information between PRO/II simulations or between PRO/II and PIPEPHASE™ simulations. The interface also allows users to build and run case studies directly from the Excel software without opening the simulations.


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