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Paradigm Launches StratEarth 2009

Paradigm announced the release of Paradigm StratEarth 2009, designed to bridge the gap between seismic and geological interpretation. Offered as an add-on to Paradigm SeisEarth, StratEarth provides a tightly integrated geological correlation and cross-section environment for evaluating and assessing reservoirs for better well positioning and field management.

StratEarth fully incorporates geologic and seismic data to facilitate advanced workflows that support exploration and development projects from initial interpretation to advanced subsurface modeling. Furthermore, the software suite enables users to correlate hundreds of wells automatically and quickly detect any inconsistencies between seismic data, petrophysical data, well markers and geological data in markers positions and orders.

“StratEarth expands the Paradigm solution continuum, delivering a unique toolset that dramatically enhances the way geoscientists and engineers are able to interpret and interact with their data,” said Duane Dopkin, Paradigm’s Senior VP of Technology. “By streamlining the process between seismic and geologic interpretation, StratEarth enables users to operate within challenging time constraints and increasingly complex environments while achieving faster, more accurate results.”

The StratEarth 2009 suite provides users with intuitive interfaces to facilitate common workflow elements and an extensive suite of data analysis tools. StratEarth also offers seamless interoperability with Paradigm SKUA® 2009, an most advanced subsurface modeling software suite, enabling rapid construction of geologically valid, simulator-ready reservoir models from all available data.


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Gartner’s IT Predictions

By 2010, 90% of all unlimited mobile data plans will cease.

By 2012:

  • 20% of BPO providers will not exist.
  • Online video will divert $3.5B from travel industry.
  • 30% of mobile PCs will cost less than $300.

By 2013, 40% of workers will abandon their desk phones.

For the full report, visit:

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Chevron Pipe Line Implements CartoPac Field Server

CartoPac Field Solutions, powered by Spatial Data Technologies, announced that Chevron Pipe Line Company is expanding its use of CartoPac technology with the implementation of its CartoPac Field Server for field data collection. The web-based server provides field workers with complete, streamlined access to data on a handheld unit or laptop computer, centralizing data storage and providing unlimited availability with an Internet connection.

Chevron Pipe Line deployed CartoPac software in 2007 to help the company connect its field workers around the country to its database at the company’s headquarters in Houston. Using CartoPac Data Interchange (CDI) for ESRI ArcGIS, Chevron Pipe Line has standardized its data collection processes and reduced errors in data entry, saving the company both time and money.

CartoPac Data Interchange for ESRI ArcGIS makes it easy to transfer spatially accurate data from the field to the office, as well as provide field workers with the most up-to-date information from the main office. The CDI toolbar extension makes it easy to streamline the data collection loop with an easy-to-use interface that supports relational database functionality.

“For the past two years, Chevron Pipe Line has relied on CartoPac software to streamline their data collection process nationwide,” said Glenn Vlass, president of CartoPac Field Solutions. “Now, they’re taking it to the next level by giving field workers the ability to interact with their centralized enterprise database from the field. We fully anticipate that they will begin to see increased field worker productivity almost immediately. Plus, field workers will have easy access to the information they need without making extra trips to the office to access complex GIS or CAD systems.”

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Invensys Signs Outsourcing Deal with Cognizant

Invensys Operations Management, provider of automation and information technology solutions and consulting services, has entered a strategic relationship with Cognizant, a provider of consulting, technology and business outsourcing, to help improve the design, development and delivery of Invensys products and solutions for customers around the globe.

“This relationship is another important step in executing our long-term growth strategy, part of an initiative we undertook several months ago that will help us become a high-performing, integrated technology company,” said Sudipta Bhattacharya, President and CEO, Invensys Operations Management. “Leveraging a reputable and proven partner like Cognizant accelerates our ability to expand capacity and move into adjacent markets.”

Under the terms of the initial five-year agreement, Cognizant will serve as Invensys Operations Management’s global development partner. Cognizant intends to recruit and make an offer of employment to 400 Invensys Operations Management employees as part of their strategic offering to supply an array of development and maintenance services, including the development of manufacturing engineering, enterprise manufacturing intelligence, advanced applications, operations management, measurement and instrumentation, safety and critical control, supervisory control and data acquisition, and distributed control systems.

“Externally, our customers and ecosystem partners should see no difference in our products or their working relationship with us,” Bhattacharya said. “In fact, by leveraging our combined expertise and capabilities to deliver greater value, our customers should receive the intended benefits of this new relationship: faster time-to-market on new solutions, faster innovation, faster ramp up on resources and a deeper focus on the design and development of our strategic product portfolio. We believe that this long-term relationship will increase our capacity to develop strategic technology, create the flexibility to respond to changing business priorities and significantly increase our capability to quickly deliver new solutions while continuing to support our large customer base.”

Francisco D’Souza, president and CEO of Cognizant, said, “We have been very impressed with the Hyderabad development team at Invensys Operations Management and are excited at the potential innovation we will jointly drive into the manufacturing technology marketplace as they blend into Cognizant. With our global footprint and scale, we have the resources to make significant investments in infrastructure and skills development, as well as to provide attractive growth opportunities for our employees, all of which will help Invensys Operations Management accelerate delivery of their products and solutions.”

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ViaLogy to Analyze Three Buckingham Fields

ViaLogy PLC has signed a multi-site services contract with The Buckingham Group of San Angelo, TX, to provide analysis on three separate lease prospects using its proprietary QuantumRD™ reservoir characterization, sizing and subsurface interpretation technology.

The Buckingham Group represents six affiliates, including a drilling company, oil and gas operator, a land management and acquisition company, investment companies and a well service company. Collectively, the group drills about 50 wells per year throughout Texas, where it holds multiple leases with extensive drilling rights.

ViaLogy’s deliverables will include characterization of hydrocarbon reservoir boundaries, subsurface formations, lithology and depth, as well as porosity estimates and recommended drill locations. QuantumRD provides a competitive advantage over conventional processing techniques in being able to discern subsurface features more accurately.

Under this contract, Buckingham and ViaLogy will target both exploratory and development wells in the 3,000 – 9,000 ft depth formations. QuantumRD will be used for analysis of multiple subsurface imaging modalities including seismic, geochemistry, magnetic and satellite datasets. Contract terms provide Vialogy with both a service fee and a success fee, paid as a working interest in all three wells.

Buckingham CEO Darryl Buckingham commented: “We are encouraged by the technology ViaLogy has introduced to the industry and expect that it will mitigate risk and provide us with a critical advantage. We are particularly looking to deploy QuantumRD for reserves on the eastern shelf of the Permian basin, where conventional 3D seismic has been unreliable and difficult due, in part, to the heavily fractured nature of underlying geology. We like ViaLogy’s approach to sharing the risk. They will receive a services fee, and when we complete wells to production, they will receive a percentage of the recovery as a success fee.”

ViaLogy’s technology rapidly and accurately detects weak signals buried in high noise background and clutter to solve problems involving sensor integration and information overload challenges involving control sensors and for enhancement of numerous signal processing applications.

Vialogy CEO Robert Dean said: “We are delighted to partner with the Buckingham Group and their production and geology teams. They have a very impressive staff with extensive experience and the vertically integrated resources to explore and drill aggressively. This collaboration will allow us to broaden the spectrum of formations where QuantumRD could add significant value.”

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UH President Appoints Energy Advisory Board

Underscoring the University of Houston’s commitment to energy-related research, innovation and solutions, UH President Renu Khator has named 10 global industry leaders to her newly formed UH Energy Advisory Board.

“Our board is made up of acknowledged leaders in the fields of energy development, management and implementation,” Khator said. “I am delighted that they support UH’s efforts to address the diverse research and workforce needs of the energy industry. UH is poised to become ‘The Energy University,’ and the guidance of our board members in achieving that goal is invaluable.”

The advisory board, which will meet quarterly, will be tasked with strategic planning and external coordination. Its next meeting is set for Oct. 28. The members include:   

  • Tim Cejka, president of ExxonMobil Exploration Company;
  • John W. Gibson Jr., president and chief executive officer of Paradigm;
  • John Hofmeister, chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership Energy Collaborative and founder and chief executive officer of Citizens for Affordable Energy;
  • Ryan Lance, senior vice president of international exploration and production for ConocoPhillips;
  • David M. McClanahan, president and chief executive officer of CenterPoint Energy Inc.;
  • Lamar McKay, chairman and president of BP America Inc.;
  • Marvin E. Odum, president of Shell Oil Company and director of Royal Dutch Shell;
  • H. David Ramm, partner of DKRW Energy LLC;
  • Corbin J. Robertson Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of Natural Resource Partners; and
  • Bruce Williamson, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Dynegy Inc.

Formation of the advisory board is the latest step in a series laid out in Khator’s UH Energy Initiative, which aims to capitalize on the region’s and the university’s strategic interests and strengths. Involvement in energy-related initiatives spans virtually every UH college and includes faculty in nearly one dozen disciplines.

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BLM to Hold First Online Auction for Colorado Oil & Gas Leases

The US Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will hold the agency’s first-ever online auction of oil and gas leases under a pilot program. The quarterly lease sale will begin at 9:00 am Sept. 9 and continue for several days, with leases on 38 Colorado parcels up for auction. The lease areas are within BLM’s Royal Gorge, Little Snake and White River field office areas. Details are at the BLM Oil and Gas Lease Internet Auction Pilot website, which also includes training videos on how to register for and bid in the online auction. There is also information on the auction at BLM Colorado’s lease-sale website.

BLM is conducting the Colorado online auction as a one-time test authorized by Congress to assess its feasibility. The 38 parcels will be split into two groups and auctioned on a staggered basis over several days. The first 19 parcels will be offered Sept. 9-16. The remaining 19 will be offered Sept. 10-17.

Bidders can submit one-time set bids on parcels as well as proxy bids, allowing a bidder to automatically increase a bid in increments up to a pre-set amount. Bidders must register in advance. BLM encourages bidders to sign up as early as possible in order to get familiar with the process.

The process for filing protests over lease parcels offered in the auction is unchanged, BLM said. Written protests are due by 4:00 pm Aug. 25 at BLM’s Colorado office, 2850 Youngfield St., Lakewood, CO 80215, or by fax (303-239-3799). BLM is not accepting protests online or by e-mail.

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