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Skymira to Provide Monitoring Solution for Compressco

Skymira announced that Compressco has commissioned the firm to provide a monitoring solution utilizing over 4,000 Skywave DMR 800D terminals. Skywave is the industry’s premier technology solution for remote equipment monitoring in the oil and gas industry.

Compressco, purveyor of production enhancement solutions for marginal and low-pressure oil and gas wells, selected Skymira to streamline its information management processes originating from North American locations of its GasJack™ compressor installed base. The DMR800 works seamlessly with SCADA / Telemetry on compressors, enabling companies like Compressco to retrieve remote information in one common data stream from oil and gas well worksites around the globe, in real time.

“Customer success stories from the oil and gas industry demonstrate that field operations can be successfully streamlined to achieve a rapid increase in productivity levels and ultimately greater overall profits,” said Robert Landsfield, CEO, Skymira LLC. “The agility of the Skywave DMR 800D product enables it to work with numerous industry applications, including telemetry monitoring and SCADA control systems, guaranteeing valuable, real-time and efficient oversight of remote operations at global worksites.”

“The implementation of Skymira’s Skywave 800D solution allows us to monitor compressor performance remotely, decreasing response time for repairs and significantly increasing the level of service we provide to our customers,” said Chris Anderson, technology manager, Compressco. “Of the sources we looked at, only Skymira’s TailorFit™ solution was capable of addressing the specific back-end data format Compressco required, making the award to Skymira an easy decision.”

The Skywave DMR 800D solution provides global wireless or satellite coverage of communications with field workers and real-time monitoring of equipment and pipelines with the tightest information security precautions in place. Featuring coverage in over five ocean regions around the world, Skywave’s low power consumption is ideal for applications requiring long battery life. The solution complements remote, fixed or mobile applications on land or sea, and it is tailored specifically for optimal asset tracking of fleet management. Harnessing drive messaging for real-time delivery coordination, the device enables remote communication from hazardous applications and unmanned sources such as intermodal containers, trailers or marine buoys. It seamlessly integrates with telemetry monitoring and SCADA applications, and is tailored for long periods of autonomous operation and compatibility with most data loggers and sensors.


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AnTech Sensor System ‘Sees Through Steel’

AnTech has designed a customized sensor system for a major oilfield service company for use in a well intervention operation being carried out offshore Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). The deepwater, high-pressure field is situated in over 6,000 ft of water and is being developed using a permanently moored semisubmersible production and drilling facility.

Known as the Triple Sensor Tool Joint Detection System (MDET-S), the new system is being used to detect tool joints in risers by measuring changes in magnetic fields that are triggered when a pipe joint passes through the field.

The new MDET-S was developed to improve the safety and efficiency of deploying tubing strings under pressure. To achieve this, AnTech’s client developed a hydraulic workover (HWO) system to support the deepwater GOM field. The system is located under the rig floor with heave compensation provided by the rig’s riser tensioning system. The HWO solution provides a high-strength conveyance method to intervene and operate under pressure from a floating vessel in deep, high-pressure reservoirs. Special rig-assist HWO equipment, combined with a purpose-built BOP stack, is being used to deploy the tubing strings under pressure.

To ensure that this is carried out safely, the technician must know when the tool joints are correctly located within the BOP stack so that the joint can be passed through the set of pressure seals into or out of the well bore.

Traditionally, locating tool joints is carried out by painstaking manual measurement and careful positioning of the tubing string in relation to a specific visual point well above the BOP stack. The objective was to replace this manual method with a device that could automatically detect tool joints and alert the technician when the joint had moved into the field of sensors.


Successful Track Record in Subsea Detection Systems

Given its 16-year history of developing and manufacturing magnetic wellhead sensors that assist deepwater operators to position specialist equipment on the seabed and detect the end of coiled tubing in a riser, AnTech was approached to formulate a solution.

To accommodate the magnitude of the new GOM installation, AnTech expanded the number of sensors from two to six and upgraded the existing ATEX certification.

The new MDET-S comprises three sets of two sensors and a control unit. The sensors detect changes in the surrounding magnetic field when a tool joint passes by. The device senses the distortion caused by the additional thickness of the metal joint. No markers are required on the pipe joints. Whenever it detects a shift of this nature in the magnetic field, the sensor emits an electrical signal, transmitting it to the control box. The control box receives the signal and responds by indicating that a tool joint has passed by a pair of sensors. The control box also transmits digital and analogue signals to an external data acquisition system that transfers the readings produced to a file located on the technician’s laptop. The technician can then analyze this data and proceed, secure in the knowledge that the tool joint has reached its target destination.

AnTech appreciates that one of the critical phases of a successful deepwater operation is the safe and accurate deployment of tubing strings under high-pressure conditions. “The MDET-S makes it possible for engineers to effectively ‘see through steel’ without manually measuring and identifying their location visually,” said Toni Miszewski, Managing Director of AnTech Ltd. “With its ability to pinpoint the location of the tool joint through shifts in the magnetic fields surrounding the sensors, the entire process is much safer and efficient, as well as more reliable. It means that equipment positioning is a much more precise and controlled activity.”

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iStore, CSC Ease Decision Making for the Oil and Gas Industry

The Information Store® (iStore) and CSC have signed an alliance agreement under which CSC will act as the prime systems integrator and consulting services provider for iStore’s PetroTrek® Digital Oilfield solution. The parties will team to make iStore’s PetroTrek Digital Oilfield solution available under CSC’s Petroleum Enterprise Intelligence offering.                                    

Petroleum Enterprise Intelligence enables oil and gas companies to optimize operational performance by effectively managing work processes and information. The solution gives users across the enterprise a consistent decision-support framework, helping connect the right people with the right information at the right time.                                   

The new Web-based solution simplifies how production managers, engineers and geoscientists locate and view key technical, operational and financial information on wells, fields and reservoirs in the context of their work, saving time and improving their decision-making capabilities.             

Petroleum Enterprise Intelligence combines business process management with business intelligence technology, featuring Web-based Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards that integrate data. iStore’s core Digital Oilfield technology virtually integrates multiple, disparate data sources, from commercial data repositories to proprietary systems and unstructured data. CSC’s solution extends the Digital Oilfield by adding business intelligence functionality, as well as enabling optimization through modeling, planning and analytics.

iStore and CSC are teaming to develop and deliver the solution worldwide. As a global leader in providing technology-enabled solutions and services, CSC opens new distribution channels and opportunities for iStore’s software products and technology.                                   

“We are very excited about working with CSC to expand and deliver iStore’s Digital Oilfield offerings,” said Barry Irani, iStore’s president and CEO. “Our vision and direction are a natural fit – we strive to help our customers in the petroleum industry achieve better results by providing innovative technology and business solutions.”                               

Robert Welch, president of CSC’s Chemical, Energy and Natural Resources Services Group, stated: “For years, energy and production companies have struggled to obtain faster access to field information and to make productive use of the tremendous volume of digital data already in their possession. This joint offering provides near-real-time data and presents it in meaningful context to support faster and more informed business decisions.”      

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