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Invensys Offers PAS Integrity Software to Configure Control Systems

Invensys Operations Management has signed an agreement with PAS, a supplier of operations and automation effectiveness software, to provide Invensys clients a comprehensive suite of system documentation and configuration management tools and services.  Their IntegrityTM Software solution will be used to map the databases, programs, displays and interconnections within and among plant automation systems, including Foxboro I/A Series distributed control systems, InFusion enterprise control systems and Triconex safety instrumented systems. Invensys Operations Management will provide its customers with a choice of three levels of Integrity Software, allowing them the flexibility to match the solution to their specific needs.
            “A back-documentation and ‘where-used’ facility for our Foxboro I/A Series®, InFusionTM and Triconex® systems is a high priority for our customers,” said Betty Naylor-McDevitt, director of marketing, Invensys Operations Management. “Leveraging our strong industry expertise, we chose the Integrity Software solution because of its comprehensive scalability. Integrity allows us to provide a scope of offerings from simple system documentation to robust configuration management and full mapping of the breadth of systems installed in our customers’ plants.”
            “The PAS Integrity Software solution provides the capabilities that Invensys’ clients need. It simplifies the complexities of their entire automation infrastructure and enables them to capture and share knowledge in real time to improve delivery of automation system projects,” said Chris Lyden, president, PAS. “We are pleased to extend our business partnership with Invensys Operations Management for the benefit of their customers.”

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Implicit Monitoring Solutions Updates Intellisite

Implicit Monitoring Solutions (IMS) has upgraded Intellisite to include a new, user-friendly interface called Control Commander, which allows for commands to be sent via satellite connections to the Right Smart 1200 or Right Smart 2400 data acquisition and satellite communication devices. This Web-based enhancement allows users to manage their remote devices anytime, anywhere with no additional fees. These new control features allow users to manage more complicated production optimization solutions, such as sending commands (start, stop, change speed) to drives for pumping units. Control Commander also allows Plunger Lift parameters to be set and then communicated to the controller via satellite.

            Control Commander includes Web-based, easy-to-use templates, and once selected, these templates will automatically generate the appropriate commands. Here is a partial list of satellite-based Control Commander templates:

  • Pump Drive Controller Commands;
  • Immediate Data Commands;
  • Send Orifice Diameter Changes;
  • Set Plunger Lift Parameters;
  • Send Gas Composition Changes;
  • Send Pipe Diameter Changes;
  • Alarm Limits & Delays;
  • Get Back Records; and
  • General Purpose.

            Implicit’s services allow producers to improve the performance of wells, send out alarms to avert a costly shutdown, employ an efficient “manage by exception” approach, avoid the escalating investment in technology, and comply with standards.

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