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BW Offshore Selects IFS for Back-Office Solutions

BW Offshore has selected Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) to provide business application solutions. In 2007 BW Offshore acquired Advanced Production and Loading AS (APL), a leader in the development, fabrication and sale of turret mooring systems and related technologies for the oil and gas industry. APL has been an IFS customer since 2004, and BW Offshore aims to facilitate the merger and streamline the companies’ business processes by standardizing on IFS Applications.

            BW Offshore will implement the IFS project-based business applications to support its major business processes, including project management, material management, human resources, financials and after-sales. The objective is to have an integrated solution covering all aspects of its business, and improving project performance through increased control over the five key success factors for project-based companies; risk, cost, cash, time and resources. The add-on implementations have started in Brazil, and the next step is to continue with the Oslo office, and have the whole group consolidated on IFS Applications during the second quarter of 2010.

            Fritz Ekloff, BW Offshore’s Sr. VP of Corporate IT & Systems, said: “We chose to standardize on IFS Applications based on IFS’ focus and knowledge from project-based industries, the rich project functionality of IFS Applications and its global consulting reach. We share the view on how to apply a standard business application solution in a project environment.”

            BW Offshore’s customers include major national oil companies such as Statoil, Petrobas and PEMEX, as well as Aker-Solutions, PGS and Teekay.

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