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Drillinginfo Adds Shelby County to LandTracs Coverage

Austin-based Drillinginfo has expanded the coverage of its LandTracs Land and Exploration Product in East Texas by adding Shelby County. Shelby joins Panola County as part of Drillinginfo’s East Texas mineral tract outline initiative. This brings the total coverage of LandTrac counties to over 100 in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado and North Dakota.

            With more than 15,000 leases, Shelby is one of the most active oil and gas counties in Texas and a part of the East Texas segment of the Haynesville Shale Play. Leveraging its LandTrac Suite, Drillinginfo has drawn the mineral lease outlines based on the legal description of the leases on file with the County. This provides landmen, corporate land departments and independents an accurate and fast way to look for opportunity in a very important, but complicated area of Texas.

            Drillinginfo’s LandTrac Suite is fully integrated with Drillinginfo’s database of leasing, well and production data, allowing users to drill down easily within the county and area to assess the opportunity. Users can choose to view LandTracs annotated by Lease Expiration or Grantee. This gives landmen and land departments a tremendous advantage when looking for leasing opportunity in a complicated county such as Shelby or Panola. Using Drillinginfo’s map tools, LandTracs can be histogrammed in order to provide even more resolution to the maps.

            Shelby County LandTracs can be added to a current Basic subscription or included with all of Drillinginfo’s LandTracs as part of a DI Plus subscription.

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PetroSkills Debuts New Data Management Course

The need to manage the growing influx of subsurface data better enables efficient business processes, which in turn creates business value. Improving data management practices provides competitive advantage to companies across the E&P industry.

            PetroSkills announced a brand new, two-day course, “Introduction to Data Management,” that provides an overview of upstream data management and focuses on the subsurface domain.  The instructor is Dr. Alan Pointing, head of practice for Venture Information Management’s subsurface data management team in London. The first class is scheduled for Nov. 2-3, 2009, in Houston.

            To register for the course, please visit:

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OPT Opens Houston Office, Debuts PEOffice to North American Market

Optimization Petroleum Technologies Inc. (OPT), provider of oil and gas reservoir management and production analysis solutions, announced the opening of their new Houston office. Jacoby Garcia, who recently joined OPT as Vice President, is charged with developing the company’s business in North America. 

            Based in Beijing, China, OPT develops, markets and provides consulting services for the PEOffice® suite of applications for use in exploration, production and gas storage companies. PEOffice is an integrated software system for reservoir management and production optimization. It includes reservoir and wellbore visualization, rock and fluid properties computation, reservoir performance analysis, oil and gas production and water injection analysis, oil and gas surface gathering analysis, economical evaluation and data management. The established set of applications provides systematic computations and comprehensive analysis for reservoir engineering, production engineering and operation/facility engineering. It can also be applied for integrated asset management. 

            “OPT is well established, having most of the major E&P companies in China as customers,” said Jiang Zhixiang, OPT President. “Our suite of technologies for reservoir engineering, production engineering and integrated asset management has improved operators’ efficiency and effectiveness, while increasing recoverable reserves and productivity. We are confident that the North American energy market will realize strong value from the PEOffice suite of applications. OPT will grow our business in North America by providing advanced optimization solutions, and continuously supporting our customers in achieving both technical and business success.”

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Spectrum Boosts Data Processing Capacity in Houston by 50%

Spectrum has completed a series of computer facility upgrades at its regional data processing and imaging center in Houston, Texas that will increase capacity by 50%. The technology upgrades applied over the past six months will prepare Spectrum’s largest computing facility for a scheduled increase in multi-client processing projects from the fourth quarter of 2009 onwards, and help fulfill increased international demand for pre-stack depth and time imaging services on behalf of oil company clients.

            Technology upgrades included increasing the CPU units in the Houston processing clusters by 50% and adding two new master servers. Other new equipment included a new 32-core Sun M5000 server with an additional 120 TB of high-specification Onstor primary disc storage. The processing center infrastructure has also been enhanced with additional electrical and air conditioning support to maintain optimum operating conditions.

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