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MicroSeismic Granted Patent for PSET

MicroSeismic has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Passive Seismic Emission Technology (PSET®) service, a passive seismic monitoring, mapping and analysis process. It is coupled with MicroSeismic’s FracStar® array and its Buried Array product, which utilize geophones to locate very low level acoustic energy emissions associated with hydrocarbon producing activities.

            “Receiving the patent for our PSET technology is a significant accomplishment for MicroSeismic and one that we are extremely proud of,” said Peter Duncan, founder and CEO of MicroSeismic. “This is an important step for MicroSeismic, as we have now received recognition and protection for our core technology, one which enables us to identify ‘real’ microseismic signals in the presence of otherwise overwhelming noise. It is a key differentiator for our company as it provides unique microseismic processing and analysis capabilities not offered by any other company. PSET raises the bar in the reservoir and frac monitoring industry.”

            With its patented PSET technology, MicroSeismic is able to provide services such as hydraulically induced fracture mapping, the delineation of reservoir-scale faults or reservoir discontinuities, the identification of areas of reservoir compaction, injected fluid front monitoring as well as continuous reservoir monitoring. It provides an understanding of the heterogeneity of the reservoir and the geological or reservoir conditions from which hydrocarbons are being extracted, which, in turn, enables operators to make better informed decisions in their production and hydraulic frac programs.

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