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Invensys Provides Dynamic Simulation for ConocoPhillips’ E-Gas

Invensys Operations Management has reached a multi-year agreement with ConocoPhillips to provide dynamic simulation for the development of ConocoPhillips’ proprietary E-GasTM technology. Under the terms of the contract, Invensys will supply its DYNSIM® modeling and simulation software to help improve the design, start-up and operation of new coal gasification plants. In addition, Invensys will be a preferred supplier of dynamic simulation software to licensees of ConocoPhillips’ E-Gas technology.  

            “We were very impressed with Invensys’ professionalism and technical capabilities, particularly around gasification, and we look forward to working with them on this important development effort,” said Cliff Keeler, E-Gas product manager, ConocoPhillips.

            “With our extensive experience in gasification and our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address important industrial issues, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help ConocoPhillips successfully develop its global E-Gas business,” said Tobias Scheele, VP Advanced Applications, Invensys Operations Management. “Gasification is the cleanest, most efficient process for converting coal into a hydrogen-rich alternative fuel, and we are excited to help ConocoPhillips as they use their E-Gas technology to pursue efficient and environmentally responsible synthesis gas production projects.”   

            ConocoPhillips will display the Invensys prototype of the E-Gas two-stage gasifier during the Gasification Technologies Conference at the Broadmoor Conference Center in Colorado Springs, CO, October 4-7, 2009.

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Aclaro, Charlotte Software Partner to Provide Optimization Solutions

Aclaro Softworks Inc. and Charlotte Software Systems LLC announced a partnership to provide optimization applications that will improve how oil and gas companies allocate capital and schedule projects. The integration of Charlotte Software’s optimization technology into Aclaro’s petroLook Forecast application will create a decision support platform for companies to manage their asset portfolio, create optimal operating and capital budgets, schedule projects and monitor the performance of capital programs in near-real time.    

            Constantly changing conditions require companies to revisit and revise their capital program and operating budget frequently over the course of the year. Many companies also have reduced staffing levels, leaving fewer resources available to conduct analysis required to create, manage and revise their budgets. Software applications that reduce the manual effort involved in these processes allow companies to manage their spending more efficiently without taxing their resources, and optimization technology enables improved decision-making workflows that can increase overall capital efficiency.

            The petroLook Forecast application from Aclaro provides a platform for integrating, analyzing and reporting technical and financial data, while providing a secure and flexible work space. The petroLook actual-versus-forecast monitoring highlights both successes and problems in near-real time, allowing the company to take quick, corrective action.

            By integrating Charlotte Software’s optimization technology into petroLook Forecast, users can gain further insight into how individual projects contribute to the overall success of the organization’s capital program, ensuring that the correct projects are included or excluded. After planning the capital program, schedule optimization will ensure that projects are executed in an order that maximizes overall return while respecting business, operational and regulatory constraints. 

            “We’ve been interested in extending the petroLook suite to include optimization in response to interest expressed by our clients, but until now we have not been able to find the right partner to do so,” said Christoph Faig, CEO of Aclaro. “The principals of Charlotte Software are recognized as leaders in the optimization software field, and with their technology and expertise we are confident that we will be able to provide an industry-changing solution.”

            “Aclaro’s leadership position in the upstream oil and gas industry, combined with their petroLook platform, made Aclaro a natural partner for us,” said Kevin Kostiuk, CEO of Charlotte Software Systems. “Capital portfolio and drilling program optimization are sweet spots for our technology and great places to leverage our optimization platform. We are very pleased to partner with Aclaro to bring this new solution to the energy market.”                  

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New Version of Productioneer Released

Productioneer Version 1.15 is now available for download. Productioneer is the Mi4 E&P software that revolutionized production data collection, production accounting and reporting. Productioneer easily integrates with other oil and gas software and document management systems like Xerox Docushare.

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TerreStar Satellite Phone for Remote North American Frontier

AT&T Inc. plans to sell a satellite phone from TerreStar Corp. that can place calls even in the deep wilderness or at sea. Due out in 1Q10, the TerreStar Genus phone will have smartphone features, including a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, and will use both AT&T’s ground-based wireless network as well as TerreStar satellite service in remote parts of North America outside the cellular network or when cell towers have been knocked out by hurricanes or other disasters.

            AT&T didn’t disclose the price of the phone or the service. TerreStar expects satellite calls to cost less than $1 per minute, which Iridium and Globalstar’s bulkier phones cost. (Iridium satellite phones cover the whole world.) To connect to TerreStar’s satellite, the phone will need a clear view of the southern sky, which means it will be difficult to use indoors.

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