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Fugro and SMT Team Up in Data Rooms Globally

Fugro Data Solutions Ltd., the global E&P data management experts, and SMT, provider of Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, announced the completion of a major global effort to help a government license oil and gas blocks. Fugro won the contract to assist with promotion of the licensing round with more than 50 blocks were on offer, including organizing global road shows and hosting five data rooms. In the data rooms, the software used to showcase these blocks was SMT KINGDOM. Over 600 people attended presentations and nearly 40 attended the data rooms.

            Fugro Data Solutions has been a major user of SMT KINGDOM for over 10 years. They utilize the product for ongoing geophysical data management and data remediation work. Recently this usage has also expanded into collaboration in data rooms for national oil and gas exploration leases and aiding asset sales.

            “We used KINGDOM software exclusively for our data rooms in these licensing rounds because it is easy to use, modular and offers high performance. This means we were assured that the bidders would have rapid and easy access to the data they needed to analyze before their purchase,” said Kerry Blinston, head of Technology & National Initiatives at Fugro Data Solutions. “After our success in the recent rounds, we look forward to more future collaboration with SMT.”

            “At SMT, we are happy to partner with an elite organization like Fugro Data Solutions. Fugro helps governments all over the world improve their energy sustainability by helping them find new sources of hydrocarbons. They have always been known for their cutting-edge technology, so we are proud to be chosen as Fugro Data Solutions’ exclusive partner for geoscientific interpretation in these data rooms,” said Ken Gardiner, VP of Sales for Europe Africa and Russia at SMT.

            Moving forward, Fugro Data Solutions and SMT plan to continue and enhance their good working relationships and review how they can utilize both companies’ global office distribution to better leverage similar opportunities and to enhance clients’ data room experience.

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Proficy DataMart 2.0 Extends Enterprise Reporting Capabilities

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the availability of Proficy® DataMart Version 2.0, an enterprise-reporting platform for all the manufacturing intelligence within Proficy Plant Applications. The new version expands the ad-hoc reporting capabilities of the suite both at the plant and enterprise levels.

            The Proficy DataMart solution provides critical production-centric information to the knowledge users in the plants and the enterprise. It enables users to serve themselves to the real-time production data Proficy Plant Applications has converted into meaningful intelligence. Its high performance KPI roll-ups and drill-downs integrate data across multiple machines, lines and sites seamlessly. You can utilize DataMart with existing Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions to manage the performance of production operations.

            “Plant Applications has been the flagship of the Proficy Operations Management suite since its acquisition more than eight years ago,” said Sheila Kester, General Manager, Operations Management Software, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “Our focus has been to continually make this product evolve in ways to make it easier to deploy, provide even faster time to value, and to extend its capabilities to solve more problems for more Proficy customers.”

            Throughout 2009, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced many enhancements, extensions and complementary solutions that extend the capabilities and value of the Proficy Plant Applications family. These include:

  • Proficy Scheduler – Extends the Proficy Plant Applications family into the Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS) arena for materials and orders optimization;
  • Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 – Integrates the family with the user’s maintenance systems, ensuring that Maintenance and Operations are coordinated in their efforts;
  • Proficy Plant Applications Dynamos for Proficy iFIX – Puts the knowledge and information of Proficy Plant Applications at the fingertips of production operators;
  • Enhanced Crew Scheduling capabilities;
  • An updated Software Development Kit; and
  • Packaged Proficy SmartStart solutions – Combine the software package with Implementation Services to improve a user’s time-to-value when implementing a new system.

            In addition, a slate of additional enhancements scheduled will be introduced over the next several months, including new web deployment capability, updated Proficy Workflow Service Provider (SP) integration, enhanced Enterprise Portal/Collaboration integration, and the next generation Enterprise Integration solution from Proficy – Proficy Open Enterprise. 

            “The extended and enhanced capabilities of the Proficy Plant Applications family provide additional avenues for operational excellence initiatives to companies that have implemented the core solution,” said Kester. “For new and existing customers alike, Proficy Plant Applications’ Open-and-Layered architecture, modular and scalable applications, and ability to span the spectrum of production typologies, make it more capable than ever for solving more problems for more users in more of their strategic and tactical operations.”

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Oil Industry Needs Rapid Response Mgmt to Combat Oil Price Volatility

Interesting observation from FOJ (Friend of Jeanne) Scott Shemwell:

“This is a very interesting piece.  Wonder why our industry does not get it?  Nothing is more volatile and fragile than the price of oil!”

Read this short article – excerpt follows:
DiPietro says the unpredictable fluctuations in the current economy demand unprecedented rigor and flexibility in competitive assessments. Historically, companies might have done an analysis at a moment in time and then executed for months based on that analysis. Today, everything is a moving target. “It’s almost like a chess game,” DiPietro says, because of the volatility and fragility of the economy. The most optimistic companies tend to have competitive analysis that comes from a team that is extremely agile because buying patterns shift on a dime. “That is not something you will ascertain by sitting in the office, but rather by communicating with the sales team and with customers,” she says.

“This is the Rapid Response Management model in use.  And you CANNOT do it if you don’t have visibility into your environment!” Shemwell said.

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Microsoft Previews SharePoint Server 2010

At Microsoft Corp.’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that the public beta of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 will become available in November, and revealed some of the new SharePoint Server 2010 capabilities for the first time.

            “By taming the overflow of information across systems and technologies, SharePoint enables organizations to thrive,” Ballmer said. “SharePoint 2010 is the biggest and most important release of SharePoint to date. When paired with Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 will transform efficiency by connecting workers across a single collaboration platform for business.”

            SharePoint Server is one of the fastest-growing products in Microsoft’s history, with over $1.3 billion in revenue, representing over a 20% growth over the past year. According to IDC, Microsoft attained a significant share of the collaborative content workspace market in 2008, and had the highest growth rate among top vendors with its Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.1

            During his keynote address, Ballmer talked broadly about SharePoint Server as a business collaboration platform and highlighted three key areas. One was how organizations can respond quickly to business needs with an improved developer platform that makes it easier to build rich content and collaboration applications. Another topic was the enhanced Internet site capabilities that help businesses drive revenue and retain customers on a single platform. The third was the choice and flexibility between on-premises and cloud solutions. At the event, Microsoft showcased the breadth of SharePoint Server 2010 that ranges from wikis to workflows, while Ballmer’s keynote address highlighted features and capabilities such as:

  • A new ribbon user interface that makes users more productive;
  • Deep Office integration through social tagging, backstage integration and document life-cycle management;
  • Built-in support for rich media such as video, audio and Silverlight;
  • New Web content management features with built-in accessibility;
  • New SharePoint tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010;
  • Excel Services and InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Online;
  • Business Connectivity Services;
  • One-click page layout; and
  • Multilingual support.

            Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is part of the next wave of Microsoft Office-related products, which includes Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Visio 2010, that are designed to give people the best productivity experience across PCs, phones and browsers.

 (1) Source: IDC: “Worldwide Collaborative Content Workspace 2009-2013 Forecast and 2008 Vendor Shares: A Case of Coalescing Submarkets,” Doc #219885 September 2009.

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IBM Announces New Software for Managing Data Centers

IBM has introduced groundbreaking new software for managing data centers. The new technology has the potential to dramatically cut the cost of operations while speeding the deployment of new applications from weeks to minutes.

            The introduction of IBM’s new VMControl product for enterprises, combined with IBM Tivoli software, gives businesses a single point of control across multiple types of IT systems and virtualization technologies. It spans UNIX/Linux, mainframe, x86 and storage systems and networks.

            VMControl helps companies that have turned to virtualization – the creation of multiple virtual servers or storage on a single physical system – to reduce infrastructure costs, but have encountered new struggles as they try to manage enterprises made up of disparate platforms, each with their own virtualization technology. VMControl allows combinations of physical and virtual IBM servers to be managed as a single entity. This approach, known as system pooling, expands the benefits of virtualization by helping corporate data centers simplify complex management functions and better share and prioritize use of critical resources such as processing power, memory and storage.

            Centralizing control of virtualized environments brings new intelligence to data center operations. Companies can manage their vast pools of information and processing resources and parcel them out to applications when and where they’re needed. This breakthrough capability not only increases the overall capacity utilization of the IT infrastructure to lower capital, operational and energy costs, and improves application availability, but gives IT managers the flexibility to adapt to new demands being prompted by the surge of data from internet-connected devices.

            VMControl will also accelerate the deployment of new IT delivery models, like cloud computing, which allows information and processing resources to be tapped remotely. The new product, together with IBM Tivoli software, helps companies address and improve service and reduce cost and risk. IBM also announced a new version of Tivoli Provisioning Manager that provides enhanced automation of the manual tasks of provisioning and configuring servers, operating systems, middleware, software applications, storage and network devices.

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Teradata, Tableau Partner to Provide Visual Analytics Software

Tableau Software, purveyor of data visualization and business intelligence software, and Teradata Corp., provider of data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced that Tableau’s visual analytics applications are now available through Teradata. Working in partnership, Teradata will be able to distribute Tableau’s data visualization suite with the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family to customers.

            The joint offering is already used by several customers in the US and Europe, such as Norfolk Southern. Tableau’s applications are Teradata-certified for TD13, TD12, TDv6.2 and TDv6.1.

            “Companies need solutions that enable business end-users to analyze data directly and easily from their companies’ data warehouses,” said Miles Stephenson, VP solutions and alliances marketing, Teradata. “By using Tableau with Teradata, we create a whole new meaning to enterprise ‘visibility.’ Organizations can literally see for themselves the benefits of their enterprise data warehouse – quickly and easily.”

            The Tableau solution leverages the power of Teradata to scale seamlessly from local or regional operations to national and multi-national levels. Together, the products provide near real-time, enterprise-wide visualizations, dashboards and reports that anyone can create and that can then be shared via a Web browser, embedded into Web pages, presentations, wikis or corporate portals with Tableau Server. By integrating Tableau and Teradata, the joint analytic solution enables more people to access useful information, rapidly accelerates the pace of analysis, and helps people deliver more meaningful, visually appealing analytics for better decision-making.

            Tableau connects directly to Teradata. Unlike other business intelligence solutions, Tableau does not require ETL processes and does not require an intermediate data silo to be created. Leveraging an optimized connector, Tableau relies on Teradata’s superior performance to complete all query processing and analytical processes. The results are Tableau visualizations that are fast, live and always current. Anyone across the organization can visually analyze their data easily, eliminating the need for tedious spreadsheet analysis.

            Teradata customers can rapidly deploy Tableau’s BI suite, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server to help people build and deliver data visualizations, reports and ad hoc analytics. Tableau Desktop lets people create powerful data visualizations easily. Tableau Server enables entire organizations to share, discover and interact with their data, business dashboards and reports via a Web browser.

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