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AGM, Midland Valley Announce OpenSpirit Interoperability

Austin GeoModeling (AGM) will leverage the OpenSpirit interoperability framework to enable users of its RECON 3D geological interpretation solution to transfer data to and from third-party software more easily. Users will now be able to integrate Recon seamlessly into their existing seismic-to-simulation workflows, transferring data between Recon and existing geology, geophysics and engineering software platforms quickly and with minimal effort.

            AGM’s RECON is a real-time geological interpretation workflow tool designed for structural and stratigraphic correlation in a 3D interpretation environment. Its next-generation Cascade Technology enables fast deterministic scenario and sensitivity analysis workflows, facilitating improved definition and accuracy of structural and stratigraphic geological frameworks.

            “RECON accesses well logs and seismic data directly from OpenWorks and SeisWorks databases and combines them to create a truly integrated geologic interpretation,” said Robin Dommisse, CEO of AGM. “Using the OpenSpirit integration solution, our customers will now be able to bring in data from other data sources and applications and have more flexibility within their E&P workflows.”

            “AGM’s market-leading 3D interpretation solution transforms massive well and seismic data sets and other related data into coherent, interpretable 3D images,” said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. “We appreciate their confidence in our ability to help customers reach a new level of workflow flexibility.”

            Separately, Midland Valley, creator of 2DMove, 3DMove and 4DMove, announced it has joined the OpenSpirit Business Partner Program to OpenSpirit-enable future Move software suite releases. Geoscientists will have seamless access to multiple geological and geophysical data stores, and a single view to their corporate upstream assets.

            “The OpenSpirit Business Partner Program allows companies like Midland Valley to use and implement OpenSpirit as part of their consulting and software core business,” said Colin Dunlop, Director of Software Development at Midland Valley. “The OpenSpirit interoperability and data store connectivity layer allows our development team to focus more on delivering a geologically focused application for our E&P clients, giving them direct access to their standard subsurface data in a variety of formats and data stores.”

            Midland Valley specializes in structural interpretation of complex reservoirs and has developed a suite of modeling software which enables geological scenarios to be constructed in both 2D and 3D that include the kinematic (geological time dimension) evolution of the geological structure.

            “The Midland Valley team is known throughout the industry for their expertise in laying the foundation for solid structural models,” said OpenSpirit CEO Dan Piette. “We are pleased that they have partnered with us to further extend integration and workflow interoperability for their customers, enabling more efficient workflows and streamlined data management practices.”

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