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DeepOcean, Statoil Pilot Windows 7 Operating System

Following the official launch of Windows 7 around the globe, Microsoft Corp. announced that two Norwegian customers from the oil and gas industry have successfully piloted the new Windows 7 platform. DeepOcean, a subsea services and construction support firm, and Statoil, one of the world’s largest offshore oil companies, have deployed or are piloting the Windows 7 operating system, improving employee productivity and increasing overall business performance.

            Albrecht “Ali” Ferling, PhD, managing director of Microsoft’s Worldwide Oil and Gas Industries, said: “Our industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and doing more with less is a priority for many of our customers. The role of IT as a key enabler to drive business efficiency is more important than ever, and Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 bring a powerful combination of cost savings, greater productivity and improved capacity for innovation to our oil and gas customers.”

            Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 have been developed with today’s economy in mind, where long-term business success needs to be built on two things: innovation and productivity. Their main features allow employees easy access to information anywhere at any time while organizations can reduce risk through improved security and drive cost savings through virtualization and streamlined management capabilities.


DeepOcean Migrates from UNIX

In 2000, DeepOcean was among the first in its industry to implement the Windows platform for its onshore operations and offshore data processing, moving from a UNIX-based platform with flat files because the UNIX technology was out of date and the company wanted to develop new applications on the Windows platform. DeepOcean is now migrating from a UNIX-based platform to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 because of its need to support its sales force and engineers who travel between onshore and offshore locations. These mobile employees rely on portable computers that make up more than 25% of the company’s computers.

            When DeepOcean migrated to the Windows platform, it implemented the Windows NT 4.0 operating system on its 50 client computers and the Windows NT Server 4.0 operating system on its 10 servers, which it is gradually upgrading from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2. DeepOcean uses Microsoft Forefront Client Security to help protect its client and server environment from Internet-based threats.

            In an effort to enhance security for its portable computers and to address challenges with its virtual private network solution, the company also decided to migrate to the Windows 7 operating system. As a result of the upgrade, DeepOcean has simplified IT management, enhanced IT security and improved employee productivity.

            “Windows 7 has enabled our mobile work force to connect to the corporate network and access all the resources they need faster and more easily,” said Per Arne Stromo, IT manager at DeepOcean. “At the same time, Microsoft technology offers us a highly secure and reliable tool to help protect our confidential data and intellectual property even when on the road.”


Statoil Enables Remote Access

Statoil also wanted to improve employee productivity by making sure that workers in its increasingly global operations could fully collaborate with their colleagues. To address remote access issues that could hinder employee productivity and collaboration, the oil company intends to implement the Windows 7 and the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems, which together offer features such as BranchCache to improve data access at branch offices and DirectAccess to simplify remote connectivity. As a result of the upgrade, Statoil will deliver seamless access to the corporate network for traveling employees, improve information access at branch offices and enhance IT security.

            “Using Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, we’ll be able to better support our strategy as a global company and more easily share information no matter where our employees and consultants reside,” said Petter Wersland, leading advisor for IT Infrastructure, Statoil.

            Building upon this core IT infrastructure, Microsoft, together with its partners, is continuing to tackle the creation of technology solutions for some of the industry’s top priorities – better collaboration, unified communications and role-based productivity – to fundamentally change the way people work by introducing novel workflows and knowledge management capabilities that maximize scarce labor talent and bring business-critical information to workers wherever they are.


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Invensys Introduces Corporate Energy Management Application

Invensys Operations Management has introduced the new Wonderware® Corporate Energy Management Application, which enables industrial automation customers to implement an energy management program quickly and easily and respond better to energy consumption challenges.

            The application allows users to monitor energy and detect and notify personnel of energy inefficiencies. It connects directly to meters on a network through industrial controllers, and accepts manual entry via the company’s Wonderware InTouch® HMI and IntelaTracTM mobile solutions. The application is layered on top of the Wonderware System Platform, enabling integration with a wide range of applications, networks and I/O data sources. Application functionality includes recording consumption and demand at main and sub meters for a wide range of energy types, including power, water, chill, gas, air and steam. The application also associates production output to energy usage, providing the key performance indicators used in many sustainability programs. It can be installed in a matter of days, and pre-built reports give managers, supervisors and workers new visibility and information on how energy is used within the operation.

            “Energy management at the enterprise level is not only the responsibility of plant managers and engineers, it has now become the responsibility of corporate management as well,” said Bill Schiel, manager of energy management solutions, Invensys Operations Management. “All departments within a company consume energy and add cost to a product or service, so all must be involved in developing an energy management strategy that can be quickly implemented to benefit the entire organization’s bottom line.”

            With this Wonderware application, companies are able to create a variety of energy consumption Web reports based on time period, department, cost center and operational events. Real-time views of energy consumption are provided by Wonderware InTouch HMI, offering an overview of the real-time state of energy usage. With the Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application, organizations can quickly meet business initiatives for energy reductions and resource management to achieve long-term sustainable results.


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AVEVA NET Gains SAP Certification

AVEVA Group, provider of plant design and engineering lifecycle solutions, announced that its AVEVA NET 3.6 solution has been certified by SAP, achieving “Powered by SAP NetWeaver®” status. The solution has been proven to integrate with SAP® solutions, including the SAP ERP 6.0 application.

            The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that AVEVA NET 3.6 properly integrates with the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) offering, to exchange critical data with instances of SAP Business Suite software. AVEVA worked with the SAP ICC to test the AVEVA NET interface software for correct implementation of SAP-endorsed technologies and stability in the SAP solution-based environment.

            Dave Coppin, Head of the AVEVA NET business, commented: “We are delighted that AVEVA NET 3.6 has been certified by SAP. Our customers have been using AVEVA NET’s integration abilities in conjunction with SAP solutions for some time already, and this certification further demonstrates AVEVA’s commitment in the area of enterprise asset management, and, in particular, our focus on supporting the needs of operations in major integrated energy companies.”

            AVEVA NET is a powerful, ISO 15926-compliant solution to control, link, evaluate and deliver all types of plant and marine data and documents – not just engineering information – across disparate systems in a secure, collaborative environment, regardless of application and format.

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