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Hadaway Engineering Selects WellEz

WellEz Information Management, a Web-based oilfield reporting service, announced that petroleum engineering consulting firm Hadaway Engineering has selected the WellEz.NET reporting solution for daily field operations reporting to their clients.  Hadaway selected WellEz.NET for its robustness, reliability and ease of use. 

             “Most of our clients are independent oil and gas operators, and the WellEz system makes the distribution of reports to the many working interest partners much more efficient,” said Allen Hadaway, President and Founder of Hadaway Engineering.

            Hadaway’s worldwide clients often require daily status reports, but those clients vary in the level of detail needed in their reports. Customizing the reporting system to support Hadaway’s existing MS Excel reports and allow future development of new reports and report changes were required features for the new system. The cost of using the system also had to fit the range of their clients’ reporting needs. In addition, support needed to be available to Hadaway Engineering consultants and partners whenever and wherever it may be needed.  

            “We have known and worked with Hadaway Engineering for some time,” said Charles Jeffery, President of WellEz. “Operators in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle are familiar with their firm. Hadaway Engineering is well established and has deep project experience in many geographies and technical environments. Their projects range from initial project planning and design, to all phases of field implementation, including plugging and abandonment. WellEz.NET provides Hadaway with additional value-adding reporting services to their clients. Our ability to customize reports was an important factor for Hadaway as their clients’ needs vary. We were able to quickly implement their existing MS Excel reports and allow for future development of new reports and report changes.”


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inthinc Delivers tiwi Driving Safety and Fleet Management Solution

inthinc Technology Solutions Inc., a developer of solutions to improve driving safety, announced its tiwi™ driving safety system is in full production for light commercial fleets as well as heavy duty and special purpose applications. tiwi is the only comprehensive system that changes driving behavior in real time to improve safety and fleet efficiency.

            tiwi provides a unique combination of in-vehicle driver alerts, vehicle location and diagnostics, and fleet management features that detail fleet performance and trends. A small device installed in the vehicle provides drivers with real-time verbal alerts to let them know when they are involved in unsafe behavior such as speeding, aggressive driving and seatbelt violations. Drivers are also given a grace period to correct certain behaviors before they are recorded and reported to management.

            “Drivers of fleet vehicles spend much of their workday on the road, creating a high risk for accidents,” said Todd Follmer, CEO of inthinc. “tiwi helps reduce this risk by changing driver behavior in real time while simultaneously improving fleet productivity. With tiwi, fleet drivers practice safer behavior and fleet managers see where their drivers are, how they have been driving and where improvements can be made.”

            Supervisors can receive real-time alerts via phone call, text message or e-mail regarding certain infractions or incidents such as an accident. A variety of reports are available through a Web portal to notify management regarding driver performance, vehicle positioning and trends. The driving safety alerts and fleet manager portal combine to prevent accidents, reduce costs due to fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance, improve driver productivity and maintain a positive company image.

            Primary features of the tiwi solution include:

  • Industry’s only in-vehicle, verbal mentoring in real-time for driving behaviors such as speeding, seat belt usage, sharp turns, hard stopping and rapid acceleration;
  • Real-time and historical Web-based reports on vehicle location, usage and statistics such as MPG and idle time for instant feedback and trend analysis;
  • Real-time incident notification via mobile device;
  • Speed By Street™, which compares vehicle speed to a proprietary database of posted speed limits on individual roads;
  • Smart Zones™ for advanced geo-fencing; and
  • Vehicle bus integration.

            The tiwi solution is the easiest solution on the market to implement and manage, and it does not require any integration with other IT systems. The device is simply mounted in the vehicle and connected to the vehicle bus system. Once connected and activated, data from the vehicle is available through a Web-based portal.

            Follmer added, “We have invested a lot of time and money to create the only truly effective driver safety and fleet management solution for all classes of commercial vehicles. After spending the last six months on our manufacturing and testing process, we are now making this technology broadly available to fleets of all sizes.”

            tiwi solutions have successfully been used in the oil and gas, mining and other heavy industries for several years, reducing accidents by more than 80% annually and saving companies millions of dollars, with payback on investment often in less than one year. It has also been used by NASCAR for eight years to improve driver, car and track safety.

            Valvoline, a lubricant manufacturer, is teaming up with tiwi to launch a new program to deliver better fleet fuel mileage, backed with an exclusive limited Fuel Proof Guarantee. The Fuel Proof Guarantee covers a 120-day customer demonstration period and is being offered to fleet operators with a minimum demo of 30 trucks. Valvoline and tiwi work with fleet maintenance managers to establish baseline data, using the tiwi onboard system. Valvoline’s Premium Blue® Extreme engine oil and Syn Gard™ FE gear oil are then installed. Additionally, the tiwi verbal-coaching system is activated to provide drivers with real-time verbal mentoring about seat belt use, speeding violations, aggressive driving and other fuel-inefficient habits.

            After the completion of the Fuel Proof customer demonstration period, if the fleet has not shown an increase in fuel economy, Valvoline and tiwi will remove their products from the vehicles used in the demonstration and reimburse the fleet for any incremental costs.

            Valvoline enlisted two independent test facilities and multiple real-life customers to validate miles per gallon (mpg) gains, using the EPA SmartWaySM certified J1321 protocol. Tests were conducted with vehicles operating with Valvoline’s Premium Blue Extreme SAE 5W-40 full synthetic engine oil and Syn Gard FE gear oil. Adding tiwi vehicle monitoring and driver mentoring is expected to yield greater gains in virtually every type of fleet operation.

          Follmer noted: “According to EPA statistics, driving habits affect mpg by as much as 35%. Fleet testing has proven that using tiwi in-vehicle mentoring will decrease aggressive driving events by 89% and speeding violations by 86%. The EPA reports that simply obeying posted speed limits will increase fuel efficiency by as much as 23%.”

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Cypress Envirosystems, Invensys Form Technology Alliance

Cypress Envirosystems, a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., and Invensys Operations Management announced they have formed a technology alliance to ensure seamless interoperability between Cypress Envirosystems’ wireless monitoring and control solutions and a wide range of Wonderware® software solutions, including the new Corporate Energy Management Application. The combined solutions can be set up quickly to make it simple for customers to conserve energy and cut costs in industrial and commercial facilities.

            “We are pleased to join forces with Invensys and to leverage their Wonderware software solutions, which are widely recognized for their ease of use and the versatility they bring to manage diverse plant and facilities functions effectively,” said Harry Sim, CEO of Cypress Envirosystems. “Our combined solutions allow managers of existing facilities to automate processes with minimal disruption, significantly boosting operational efficiency while conserving energy.”

            Cypress Envirosystems’ technologies enable older buildings and manufacturing sites to adopt the latest automation technologies at an affordable cost, and with minimal disruption to existing occupants, processes and staff. The products require minutes to install and typically provide payback within 12 months. The alliance with Invensys includes Cypress Envirosystems’ Wireless Gauge Reader, the Wireless Steam Trap Monitor, the Wireless Transducer Reader and the Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat.

            The new Wonderware Corporate Energy Management Application transforms data into vital plant information to synchronize operations and business objectives. This application enables manufacturing, industrial and commercial facilities customers to easily and quickly implement energy management programs to achieve corporate-wide sustainability goals. It allows users to monitor, detect and notify personnel of energy inefficiencies when demand and usage limits have been exceeded and require attention. It also connects directly to meters through automation systems and building information networks, as well as accepts manual entry via Wonderware InTouch® HMI interface for operations management, control and optimization.

            Field information may also be supplied from the Wonderware IntelaTrac mobile workforce and decision support system. The energy management application checks consumption and demand at main and sub meters operating a wide range of power generation methods, including power, water, gas, air and steam. Alarms activate when demand limits are exceeded, with visualization of alarms provided by InTouch software.

            “Users have a growing need to extract data from their sustainability, energy savings and leak detection applications, but manufacturers are not always in a position to access this information because legacy systems are monitoring and controlling important processes such as water, steam, oil and natural gas consumption,” said Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “The strategic alliance between Cypress Envirosystems and Invensys will provide solutions that will connect these automation islands and extend the lifecycle of legacy assets, enabling the deployment of applications that will result in energy and natural resource savings, increased plant efficiency and a quick return on investment.”

            “Our open technology platform is a collaborative foundation that ecosystem partners use to develop a wide variety of targeted solutions for industrial automation and facilities management markets at competitive prices,” said Matt Bauer, VP Ecosystems, Invensys Operations Management. “Cypress Envirosystems is an example of the power in that approach.

Together we deliver an outstanding value proposition that overcomes a major issue for many organizations: interactive control of, and data collection from, traditional analog-style instrumentation associated with energy usage and management. Their low-cost conversion of legacy meters, dials and valves into a wireless digital environment creates rapidly deployable, highly cost-effective data sources for our corporate energy management solution. Together we offer a granular level of energy-usage visibility, tracking and control that simply has not been available in any of our served markets to date.”

            The patent-pending Wireless Gauge Reader (WGR) clips onto the front face of an existing gauge to capture and transmit the readings. It installs in minutes and does not require removing old gauges, breaking pressure seals, performing leak checks, running wires or interrupting the underlying process.

            The Wireless Steam Trap Monitor (WSTM) mounts non-invasively onto existing steam traps in minutes and uses a proven algorithm to detect steam trap failures, particularly expensive steam leaks. An estimated 15-20% of steam traps are malfunctioning at a given time, and the WSTM augments manual audits to detect failures in a timely manner and avoid wasting resources.

            The Wireless Transducer Reader (WTR) provides a fast and inexpensive solution to read and transmit data from existing standalone transducers with no need to run wires. Packaged with clamp-on current meters and ultrasonic flow meters, the WTR is an extremely cost-effective and flexible method to obtain energy use characterization and baseline data for audits.

            The patent-pending Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat (WPT) retrofits existing pneumatic thermostats to deliver DDC-like functionality in minutes. Compared with a cost of $2,500 or more per zone for implementing DDC systems, the WPT costs less than 20% as much and enables remote temperature sensing and control of setpoints, programmable zone control, self-calibration and Demand Response program usage.


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IHS, Labrador Technologies Announce Global Strategic Agreement

IHS Inc. and Labrador Technologies Inc. (LTI) announced a global strategic agreement to distribute Labrador’s eTriever Web application bundled with IHS Canadian Oil and Gas Critical Information. IHS has the exclusive ability to offer eTriever combined with any oil and gas data on a worldwide basis.    The combination of Labrador’s innovative Web-based data browsing technology with IHS data introduces a new way for customers to work. eTriever will provide customers with easy, quick, mobile access to IHS information from anywhere in the world.

            “This strategic relationship is very complementary to the IHS market-leading position in desktop analysis and data distribution in the Canadian market,” said Rich Herrmann, VP global information access, IHS. “eTriever extends our customers’ options for searching and visualizing our data in a far more flexible manner, including Web browser and mobile application deployment. We are excited to offer this compelling new product to the industry.”

            “From the outset we have built eTriever to access a wide variety of information across multiple industries,” said LTI CEO Ron Sterne. “We believe that the high quality of IHS data is the perfect fit for eTriever distribution, offering new and existing customers the best combination of critical information and agile data browsing.”


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New VersaMax Micro Plus Controller Expands Capabilities

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms  announced the release of its latest VersaMax® Micro Plus controller firmware Version 4.0. The new release expands the controller’s applicability to an even wider range of applications by integrating some exciting new features. 

            “With this release GE Fanuc has enabled the VersaMax Micro Plus to improve productivity, substantially expand communications connectivity, add high-precision temperature sensing and increase the amount of devices that can be controlled with a low-end controller,” said Bill Black, Controllers Product Manager for GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms.  “The VersaMax Micro is a surprisingly powerful PLC for its size and price, and the new features add more functionality.”

            The new OnLine Programming feature enables the user to edit and download logic to the PLC without stopping it, thereby saving significant downtime and potential expense for lost productivity. The OnLine Programming streamlines debugging during machine commissioning and is ideal for continuous process applications.

            The VersaMax Micro Plus has been enhanced to support Ethernet Modbus TCP Client and Server protocol, enabling the Micro to handle a wide range of applications that historically required a more sophisticated control platform.  A simple function block enables the Modbus TCP communications commands to be integrated easily into the users logic. Up to eight Modbus TCP channels are supported with one channel configured for Modbus TCP Client and the remaining are used for Modbus TCP servers. 

            “The Modbus TCP connectivity enables the Micro Plus controllers to address many complex applications that require the integration of variable frequency drives, motor control centers, SCADA and other Ethernet devices. In addition, security settings have also been added to minimize hacking into the controller,” said Black.

            The new VersaMax Micro 4.0 firmware release also supports High Accuracy Thermocouple/Millivolt and RTD input Modules. The Thermocouple and RTD expansion units can now support the High Accuracy mode with 16-bit resolution, providing higher precision in temperature monitoring and strain gauge applications.

            Additionally, there are four new 64-point expansion modules that are compatible with the new Micro Plus controller, so the Micro Plus can support up to 320 I/O points. The high-density expansion modules enable the Micro Plus to be very cost-effective, even for low-end applications.

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Siemens Strikes Virtualization Partnership with VMware

Siemens IT Solutions and Services has concluded a new partnership agreement with VMware to deliver innovative virtualization solutions to the marketplace. The agreement will allow joint customer acquisition and includes developing new offers and implementing a common marketing and sales strategy.

            VMware was a key partner with Siemens in its largest virtualization transformation and project yet completed. Siemens utilized VMware virtualization technology to help transform the Siemens global IT presence into a fully dynamic environment. Through that effort, the two companies have forged very close ties and continue to engage in ongoing product development and testing for their customers. Also through that effort, Siemens has been able to:

  • Consolidate 11 compute locations into two;
  • Virtualize 10,948 servers and 9,600 applications;
  • Standardize on storage utility, application assessment, integrated lifecycle services and standard services catalog.

            In doing so, they were able to achieve cost savings and process efficiencies such as:

  • 17:1 server compute reduction and 45% floor space reduction;
  • 30% power and cooling reduction across sample environments;
  • Management and administrative cost reductions of 25% to 35%; and
  • Accommodation of application lifecycle and disaster recovery services.

            “Our implementation of VMware technology provides an excellent platform for VMware customers to evolve toward full virtualization in a simple, cost-effective way,” said John Hill, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens IT Solutions and Services. “We’ve implemented virtualization from data centers to the desktop, and our customers find their IT organizations becoming cheaper, faster and more reliable.”

            The global economic downturn has increased pressure on companies around the world to reduce IT costs and improve IT service delivery. Virtualization and cloud computing are two emerging megatrends with considerable potential for offering more robust and effective services at a lower cost.

            Siemens and VMware are now maximizing their strengths in the management of IT infrastructures and the provisioning of virtualization solutions to deliver more robust product and service offerings to current and future customers. In addition to the Siemens AG transformation, the two companies have already successfully implemented virtualization solutions for several high-profile companies. With those successes, the two companies are looking to drive expansion of their customer base through this partnership.

            “Siemens understands that virtualization is not just a project, but an evolution to a more results-oriented IT approach that helps IT run at the speed of business,” said Scott Aronson, VP global accounts and vCloud market development, VMware. “VMware and Siemens are pushing the boundaries of that evolution, and we value the strong relationship between our companies. As a key global partner, Siemens is simplifying customer IT environments using VMware technology to provide a more efficient, flexible and reliable IT service. We are excited to work with Siemens as we continue to build a cloud computing service for their customers based on the VMware platform.”

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Savi and Partners Launch RFID Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin company, has formed an oil and gas strategic alliance with Shipcom Wireless and KBR Wireless, who are offering a complete software solution that links with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to instantly track and manage supplies transported between onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities worldwide. By automating visibility, asset and shipment management in upstream operations, this newly tailored solution can cut costs and improve performance, efficiency, security and regulatory compliance.

            The Savi SmartChain® Enterprise Platform and Asset Management application underpin the alliance’s combined solution, which leverages real-time data from Savi’s active RFID tags and KBR’s passive RFID tags, which can be affixed to all kinds of oil and gas assets.

            “Already making a difference in other industries, the Savi SmartChain suite now can go to work with our partners to improve operational performance in the global oil and gas sector,” said David Stephens, CEO of Savi Technology.

            “Our partnership with Savi and KBR Wireless unifies the most effective software and hardware technology platforms within the energy sector to address critical business needs of the industry,” added Abeezar Tyebji, CEO of Shipcom Wireless.

            “At a time when it’s essential for the oil and gas industry to discover more operational efficiency, our partnership with Savi and Shipcom provides unprecedented visibility and control over inventory and assets across the oil and gas industry’s entire value chain,” said Konrad Konarski, VP of KBR Wireless and co-founder of the Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group, an educational group focused on broad supply chain issues.

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