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Apache Selects Lawson’s HR Software Solutions

Lawson Software announced that Apache Corp. has signed a contract to implement Lawson Global Human Resources, a set of enterprise applications within the Lawson Talent Management Suite. Apache intends to use the Lawson applications as a new foundation to help streamline HR activities throughout its worldwide operations.

            Apache is a Texas-based independent producer of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids with more than 3,000 employees and operations in the US, Canada, the UK North Sea, Egypt, Australia and Argentina. The new Lawson applications will provide Apache a new global HR infrastructure, which will help simplify its global HR processes. Specifically, Apache intends to consolidate multiple HR processes running on multiple systems across numerous regions globally. The company is interested in unifying its HR processes – particularly outside of the US – with a system that will provide a clear view into its HR data, as well as simple access to the right data, critical to Apache’s HR operations.

            “The Lawson Global Human Resources applications will provide a cohesive structure to our current HR systems and data across our worldwide operations,” said Margie Harris, VP Human Resources, Apache Corp. “We are looking for a system that can help us be more strategic about how we manage our most vital resource – our people. Lawson will help us strengthen HR decision-making with a system that is designed around the needs of the organization, but is still simple to use for our employees.”

            Lawson Global Human Resources is designed to support complex global and multi-national organizations. It helps organizations manage reporting structures, supervisor assignments, global employment contracts and other core HR functions. It also provides a skill and competency repository that helps organizations with core talent management activities.

            “Today’s global organizations face a number of challenges, from motivating and managing people across geographies and cultures to unifying HR processes around the world,” said Larry Dunivan, general manager for Strategic Human Capital Management, Lawson. “Apache is a great example of an organization that can benefit from a more cohesive global HR structure and unified processes – as well as a system that can improve the organization’s ability to help employees become more effective and productive.”


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SolidWorks Helps Wellstream Design Flexible Pipelines

CAD software from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. is helping UK-based pipeline company Wellstream International Ltd. design customized flexible pipelines capable of moving with ocean waves and currents, yet strong enough to contain thousands of gallons of oil and gas pumped at high pressure.

            Wellstream manufactures its pipelines from a combination of concentric layers of metallic wires, extruded plastics and tapes. Offshore, crews lay Wellstream pipelines by installing them from a reel like they would a cable. The flexible pipelines adapt to the seabed’s shape more easily than rigid pipe, and provide a high-integrity connection to floating production vessels.

            Support equipment such as clamps, end fittings, fixings and hang-offs – also designed in SolidWorks® 3D CAD software – join pipeline segments to each other, to pumps and production vessels. Engineers at Wellstream’s Newcastle upon Tyne facility use SolidWorks to design each pipeline and its supporting structures to meet customers’ specific needs, then simulate how the pipeline will perform once it’s deployed.

            “Subsea oil and gas flowlines must be reliable and often have design lives in excess of 20 years. The fit between elements must be perfect, and every component has to satisfy stress and fatigue requirements,” said David Hunt, a structural design engineer at Wellstream. “We use SolidWorks software to create designs and SolidWorks Simulation to perform stress assessments. I create a 3D model, apply loads to determine stresses, and use SolidWorks Simulation and the analysis capabilities built into the CAD software to perform analysis on specific components. It’s very quick to build the models, run the tests, and figure out the pipeline’s behavior in more detail.”

            Engineers in a wide range of industries use SolidWorks CAD and SolidWorks Simulation software to create products such as Wellstream pipelines, whose outward simplicity belies the sophisticated design underneath.

            “A pipeline sounds like a simple structure to a layman, but when you understand the forces and harsh environments it has to endure, not to mention what it takes to get them in place, you realize what unique works of engineering they are,” said Simon Booker, European Marketing Manager, SolidWorks. “We’ve designed our software with innovative companies like Wellstream in mind. The ability to design and simulate a product in a single environment speeds the pace of innovation.”

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