Fifosys White Paper Advises SMBs on IT Outsourcing, Performance

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A new white paper titled “The Evolution of IT Support Services up to ‘Board-Level'” by IT outsourcing provider Fifosys explains how small and midsize businesses are exposing themselves to unnecessary risk on a daily basis through either inadequate IT Outsourcing contracts or complacency of its own IT management. The white paper provides a series of recommendations to smaller businesses who believe their IT is underperforming and want to do something about it.

            According to Fifosys, IT is now so embedded in the processes of growing businesses that simply keeping IT systems up and running can no longer be viewed as an effective strategy. But to get the right service, it is essential organizations carry out two types of assessment:

1) A solutions assessment – to consider the current state of IT systems and determine whether you have the right solution; and

2) A service assessment – to ascertain what levels of service are required.

            As a company grows, its IT requirements build in size and complexity. During this evolution, the technology required has multiplied, but the management of the technology will differ widely, depending on organizational culture and attitude towards IT outsourcing.

            Mitesh Patel, Managing Director of IT at Fifosys, said: “While businesses routinely assess the single points of failure in core operations, from manufacturing to distribution, they are patently failing to apply the same robust operations practices to IT. In part, the problem is one of culture: individuals within the IT team are neither encouraged nor, to be frank, have the skills to map business needs with IT risks and availability. Organizations of every size need a team with the ability to deliver real risk assessment and strategic IT decision-making. This white paper is aimed at helping board level management understand the importance of bridging the gap between business and IT, so as to align business decisions.”

            The white paper highlights the four key requirements for understanding IT value most commonly overlooked by SMBs, as well as the need to distinguish between the drive for service and the need for a solution in accordance with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. It also explains how a company can identify the tipping point where the need for new and innovative technology to support business becomes so great that it will trigger a change in strategy, from outsourcing elements of the support function to employing an in-house IT Director at greater expense.

            Patel continued: “SMBs are unknowingly risking the business through a lack of transparency and understanding of technology. The majority of SMBs will admit that robust IT systems are central to sustained business success. Yet, how many ask the right questions of their third-party suppliers to enable a true understanding of the level of risk exposure? It is only by taking a step back, assessing and understanding the current levels of risk associated with existing IT deployments, that an organization can truly determine its ongoing IT requirements and then put in place the technology, skills and resources to reduce operational risk and transform IT from a cost center to business enabler.”

            The white paper, “The Evolution of IT Support Services up to ‘Board-Level’,” is available to download free of charge from


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