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ICIS Heren Launches New Energy Pricing Website

London-based ICIS Heren, provider of pricing intelligence and analysis for the gas, power, carbon and coal markets, also publishes authoritative reports, price assessments, news of key developments and expert analysis of the global energy markets.

            The company announced the launch of its new website, which makes it easy for subscribers to access and download their information quickly and easily, ensuring they have the latest news and intelligence to enable them to operate confidently in the marketplace. The new website contains full details of all the reports ICIS Heren offers, plus the opportunity to request free samples of ICIS Heren reports.

            ICIS Heren monitors the gas, power, carbon and coal markets through its team of expert correspondents. Companies use its pricing intelligence for planning and forecasting, as a powerful tool in day trading markets, in negotiations and to provide pricing benchmarks accepted by the industry.


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INT Releases INTViewer 4.0

INT announced today the general availability of INTViewer™ 4.0, the latest version of its innovative data visualization and development platform for seismic analysis and QC in the upstream exploration and production (E&P) industry. INTViewer 4.0 is designed to be easy to learn, support large data sets, and reduce the preparation time to share data and analysis results with peers, management and partners.

            INTViewer 4.0 was redesigned using the Netbeans Rich Client Platform, which provides a standards-based environment for creating and managing plug-in functionality.  Featuring a comprehensive API for access and control of menus, data and custom displays, INTViewer can be used as a framework for customized seismic analysis and quality control workflows

            The new release includes:

  • Extensive programming API for plug-in development;
  • GIS functionality including support for ESRI shape files and EPSG projections;
  • New FK display;
  • Support for GOCAD data format;
  • Ability to save selected subset in seismic data (SEGY) format; and
  • Improved user interface.

            INTViewer is a visualization solution for use on virtually any Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX operating system and is designed for multiple environments including laptops, workstations and visualization centers. INTViewer also provides an open, extendable architecture that makes it possible for geoscientists, asset management teams and companies to customize the visualization framework to match specific workflow needs through proprietary plug-ins and utilities.

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BT Tool Tracks Carbon Savings of Video Conferencing vs Travel

BT Conferencing announced the availability of Engage Tracker, a travel and carbon savings tool that helps companies document monetary savings resulting from the use of video conferencing. With real-time reporting capabilities, the tool is able to calculate employee travel costs avoided through the use of video conferencing, as well as carbon emission reductions resulting from reduced travel.    

            Engage Tracker facilitates accurate tracking of cost savings using the customer’s own data, not estimates or models. Travel savings can include avoided air travel and per diem costs. Carbon emission reductions are calculated based on avoided air travel.

            Jeff Prestel, general manager of BT Conferencing’s Video Business Unit, said: “Our customers who use video conferencing want concrete, measurable evidence of the technology’s benefits. Engage Tracker provides them with cost savings to prove return on investment as well as actual carbon emissions savings. Both are critical to making a solid business case for continuing to invest in video conferencing technology.”

            Several global enterprises have piloted Engage Tracker, reporting thousands of avoided trips, millions of dollars saved and thousands of tons of carbon emissions avoided on an annualized basis.         

            Engage Tracker is available as an add-on module to Engage Meeting Manager, BT’s online scheduling and call launch tool.

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Invensys Releases Wonderware Enterprise Integrator 3.5

Invensys Operations Management, provider of process technology solutions, unveiled Version 3.5 of its Wonderware® Enterprise Integrator software, which enables secure integration of Wonderware manufacturing execution software (MES) applications, such as Operations, InBatchTM, Intelligence and other shop-floor applications with other enterprise systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS). The Wonderware Enterprise Integrator 3.5 solution allows a consistent approach in operations-to-enterprise integration, eliminating high-maintenance, point-to-point integration scenarios.

            The newest version of Wonderware Enterprise Integrator offers out-of-the-box, site-to-enterprise integration services for Wonderware MES, with complete message history, secured delivery and store forward. Technology support for industry standards such as S95 and B2MML, as well as for service-oriented architectures (SOA), helps further reduce the total cost of ownership of integration and IT landscapes.

            “Our Wonderware Enterprise Integrator software leverages the benefits of off-the-shelf software with the ability to extend to address specific data management capabilities, which are always required in integration projects,” said Michael Schwarz, MES and EMI marketing programs manager, Invensys Operations Management. “The software is designed to manage additional connectivity and data transformations as reusable add-ons, which enable effective multi-site integration rollouts and support company standards.”

            Easy-to-use configuration, administration and status views offer fast, maintainable and more cost-effective enterprise integration compared to non-standard or customized software-based integration solutions. The product also allows customers to achieve business continuity in the case of ERP or business system unavailability and the ability to maintain data consistency by a menu-driven, Web-based user interface.

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New IBM Service Helps Companies Monitor Data Center Health

IBM announced the availability of online software as a monthly subscription service to help monitor, predict and prevent IT outages.

            Today even the smallest IT departments are demanding capabilities to identify where bottlenecks might occur, prevent them, and automate data center processes. IT staff need a central point of control to oversee the piecemeal parts of the data center while faced with shrinking capital budgets.

            To help meet that demand, IBM is introducing Tivoli Live Monitoring Services delivered on the IBM cloud to help companies manage the health and performance of their IT resources, including operating systems, virtualized servers, middleware and software applications. Tivoli Live Monitoring Services offers enterprise-class monitoring capabilities as a service – without the need to deploy hardware, purchase separate software licenses, or engage in extensive software configuration.`

            The service helps to identify quickly and address potential outages and bottlenecks that threaten application availability before impacting end-users. When the service detects a potential problem, such as running out of resource capacity, it automatically alerts IT operations and displays the relevant information in a dashboard to help them analyze and correct the issue. Using IBM’s autonomic computing capabilities, the service can be programmed to automate certain tasks that enable the affected system to “self-heal” when faced with certain issues.

            “With digital information as the lifeblood of more organizations, even the smallest companies or divisions consider the data center’s functionality mission-critical,” said Al Zollar, general manager of IBM Tivoli. “With this new service, IBM is delivering our smartest data center software in which businesses choose and pay for what they need. It’s so easy that we expect most companies can sign up for it on Monday and have it running by Friday. The simplicity is an attractive addition to our service management portfolio.”

            IBM also provides these service management capabilities as on-premise software, managed services and software appliances.

            With Tivoli Live Monitoring Services, customers can access pre-configured and dedicated instances of IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.1, IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Microsoft Applications 6.2 and IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Applications 6.2. The service will support the monitoring of up to 500 monitored resources such as operating systems, applications and devices. The service will offer 24×7 phone and e-mail support, and will have extensive self-help content to get running quickly. Services include:

  • Touchless Monitoring – Agent-less monitoring per operating system and/or device;
  • Distributed Monitoring – Agent-based operating system and application monitoring per operating system and/or application; and
  • Performance Services – Historical reporting per operating system useful for capacity planning.

            The offerings are priced per service or monitored element on a monthly basis. There is a one-time setup fee for on-boarding costs. Terms include minimum of 90 days and run from one to three years. The operating systems supported include Linux, AIX, HP-UX and Microsoft Windows.


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Schlumberger Launches OPTICall Thermal Profile Service

At the 2009 International Petroleum Technology Conference in Doha, Qatar, Schlumberger announced the release of its OPTICall* thermal profile and investigation service. This new distributed temperature sensing (DTS) service tracks fluid movements in real time along the wellbore, helping to detect leaks, monitor gas lift and evaluate fractures to improve field productivity.

            “This unique on-demand service combines the features of permanent fiber-optic DTS systems and the ease of use of standard slickline systems,” said Claude Durocher, Slickline business manager, Schlumberger. “The OPTICall service offers a low-risk, economical way to troubleshoot issues in all types of wells.”

            Schlumberger has successfully run the OPTICall service offshore and on land in more than 250 wells in 11 countries.

            The OPTICall service is enabled by OpticLine* fiber-optic line, which provides a thermal profile along the entire length of the line continuously in real time, providing immediate answers onsite. This fiber-optic line, which is deployed in a single run using slickline-type intervention, monitors dynamic temperature events with minimal interference. OpticLine can also run conventional production logging tools in memory mode while monitoring, for single-trip efficiency.

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EMC Shares FAST Storage Vision

EMC Corp., provider of information infrastructure solutions, outlined its fully automated storage tiering (FAST) vision and announced delivery of its first technology to revolutionize the way storage is managed. EMC is delivering unprecedented automation capabilities across all primary EMC storage platforms to help resource-constrained IT organizations manage strong double-digit annual information growth. The new EMC FAST technology, available immediately, automates the movement of data within a storage system, replacing hours or even days of repetitive, manual storage administrative tasks. As a result, an average system configuration with a combination of EMC FAST technology, enterprise flash drives and SATA disk drives, can deliver higher service levels while reducing storage acquisition costs by at least 20% and lowering storage operational expenses by 40%.

            EMC’s FAST technology will serve as the foundation for integrating all of its leading storage efficiency and automation capabilities, allowing IT organizations to manage more information more efficiently in a smaller footprint, use less power and cooling, and lower storage capital and operational costs. It combines the performance benefits of enterprise flash drives, which can increase application performance by as much as 800% for active data, with the cost benefits of high capacity SATA disk drives, which can lower cost-per-megabyte by as much as 80% for inactive data. EMC’s vision for FAST is to combine capabilities including sub-LUN tiering, capacity allocation on demand, block and file level deduplication, data compression, disk drive spin down, built-in archiving, and private and public cloud federation to provide unprecedented levels of automation, management and cost efficiencies.

            The first phase of EMC FAST technology is available immediately for new and existing EMC Symmetrix® V-MaxTM and EMC CLARiiON® CX4 networked storage systems, and EMC Celerra® NS unified storage systems. Additional phases of EMC’s FAST technology will roll out beginning in 2010.

            Rich Napolitano, Sr. VP and General Manager of EMC’s Unified Storage Group, said: “Managing the explosive growth in file, unstructured and object-based data is a major challenge. Doing it without meaningful automation and policy management is nearly impossible. EMC’s FAST technology allows customers to move and tier this data within a system, across system types, or into the cloud. This not only provides a range of new archive approaches, it also dramatically simplifies the management of unstructured data at scale.”

            EMC President and COO Pat Gelsinger said: “Over the past two years, EMC has optimized all of its major storage architectures to support new levels of automation required in virtual data center environments and for the transition to private clouds. These dynamic and agile environments require the capabilities that EMC’s FAST technology provides for effective management and scaling. This is an area of significant investment for EMC, and we are the only one offering this technology across high-end, mid-tier and unified platforms.”

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