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Unique System Adds Sonardyne Technology to Inventory

Aberdeen-based rental company Unique System UK Ltd. has added some of the most advanced Sonardyne technology to its inventory with the purchase of a Ranger-Pro USBL (Ultra-Short Base Line) acoustic positioning system. The company also bought a number of Wideband Sub-Mini transponders, acoustic release transponders and associated deck command units.

            The Ranger system offers high-performance, survey-grade acoustic positioning for tracking ROVs, towfish and as a reference for dynamically positioned vessels. The portable Ranger-Pro package is intended for the most advanced survey applications and can be temporarily installed on vessels of opportunity. It incorporates Sonardyne’s unique “pingstacking” technology, which provides one second position update rates independent of water depth, tracking of up to 10 targets and full ocean depth operating range. The system is compatible with a wide range of industry transponders, including Sonardyne’s Wideband Sub-Minis, which have recently benefited from an upgrade in operating depth from 3,000 meters to 4,000 meters.

            Ray Hughes of Unique System believes that the Sonardyne equipment will be essential for meeting the needs of his customers. “Our clients expect to work with the best and most innovative equipment there is. It is our job to ensure that we have the right equipment available for them to rent whenever they need it,” he said. “This investment has been made in anticipation of an upturn in offshore activity; the new Sonardyne equipment is already earmarked for its first rental customer, who intends to use it in deep water off West Africa. We are looking forward to the challenges ahead in 2010 and are positioned to accommodate any increased demand throughout the year.”

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CPC Corp. Taiwan Signs Global Access Agreement with Paradigm

Paradigm, provider of enterprise oil and gas software solutions, has signed a multi-year global access agreement with CPC Corp. Taiwan. The contract will provide CPC with full access to the Paradigm seismic interpretation suite, including products such as SeisEarth®, VoxelGeo®, Stratimagic®, and Geolog®.

            “After conducting a rigorous technical evaluation, we chose Paradigm software for its competitive value,” said Bishop Hsu, head of exploration, CPC. “At CPC, we place strong emphasis on using the most sophisticated technology to generate the best results. We believe that this investment will prove instrumental as we expand our operations.”

            The Paradigm seismic interpretation solution equips geoscientists with multi-2D and -3D tools for creating seamless interpretation and analyzing seismic data within a fully functional 3D canvas. Advances within this technology speed up interpretation time and assist geoscientists in identifying potential exploration prospects and drilling targets, leading to faster, more productive workflows.

            “We are very pleased to provide a next-generation seismic interpretation solution that is well-suited to the unique business needs of CPC,” said David Betty, Exec. VP Asia Pacific, Paradigm. “We greatly value the spirit of the relationship and the confidence that CPC has placed in Paradigm and look forward to working with them for a long time to come.”

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AVEVA Releases New 3D Design Transfer Solution

AVEVA announced the release of AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface, a solution to the problem of transferring 3D models between incompatible design systems. Recently a neutral format has been adopted by the industry – STEP AP203 – which offers an effective means of 3D design transfer and is now achieving widespread industry acceptance. AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface has been developed to employ the STEP AP203 protocol and provides a plant or ship designer with a robust and efficient tool for importing into AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting accurate 3D models of suppliers’ equipment items.

            Commenting on this new release, Bruce Douglas, AVEVA VP of Product and Marketing Strategy, said: “The inability to easily share data between computer systems has long been a barrier to exploiting the full value of engineering information and to effective collaboration on complex projects. AVEVA is committed to the removal of such barriers and plays a leading role in the development, promotion and use of open standards for data interoperability.  This new product will make the practicing designer’s work a lot easier and provide measurable business benefits in project cost, timescale and quality.”

            Several customers in the marine, power and mining industries worked closely with AVEVA during the development of this new product and have already reported up to 60% reduction in man-hours compared with their previous practice of re-creating equipment models from scratch in AVEVA PDMS. Equipment suppliers can export fully detailed 3D models from the principal CAD systems in STEP AP203 format into AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting, where they can be manipulated like any native PDMS or Outfitting objects to create plant or vessel designs more quickly. AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface also provides for exporting selected parts of a PDMS or Outfitting model to third-party 3D design applications that support AP203 import.

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ION Introduces Extended Life Geophone

ION Geophysical Corp. announced that its Holland-based Sensor B.V. subsidiary has commercialized a new, high performance geophone, the SM-24XL, which leverages a simplified product design to deliver enhanced durability in the field while continuing to record high quality acoustic data for customers in oil & gas exploration. The SM-24XL recently underwent stringent testing with TU Delft University and Sensor’s long-standing customer, Geofizyka Torun, an international geophysical service provider specializing in onshore and transition zone seismic acquisition.

            Henryk Chojnowski, VP and Chief Technology Officer of Geofizyka Torun, commented: “Our 25-year relationship with Sensor affords us an opportunity to be early adopters of new technology and provides an operational advantage for our crews. The new SM-24XL not only proved to be as reliable and efficient as the previous generation of Sensor geophones, but also delivered the same high quality data our clients rely upon to make strategic drilling decisions. We are thoroughly pleased with the new, simplified design, and we anticipate improved durability and product performance, along with full support in the field by the Sensor team.”

            The XL (eXtended Life) variant of the SM-24 maintains the technical specifications of the first generation of SM-24 geophones while incorporating a simplified design that enables longer field life and greater return on investment. The new SM-24XL geophone is manufactured in Dubai under the rigorous ISO:9001 quality standards and is the only geophone that comes with a four-year warranty.

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Intergraph, Skire Partner to Integrate Design and Capital Project Management

Software providers Intergraph® and Skire have formed a strategic partnership to enable engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies and owner-operators to integrate their engineering enterprise with project management and enterprise accounting systems for comprehensive project financial visibility into today’s multi-billion dollar CAPEX projects. As part of this strategic initiative, Intergraph is now the exclusive distributor of Skire’s UnifierTM solution in the US and Canadian process, power and marine markets. Intergraph will begin working with clients to identify key opportunities where they can use Skire’s Unifier project management solution and where they can better integrate it within the engineering enterprise.

            Intergraph is a global leading provider of enterprise engineering for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities. Skire is the leading provider of capital program, facilities, real estate and project portfolio management software solutions used by global Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and educational institutions for managing billions of dollars in capital programs, real estate and IT portfolios.

            “By combining the industry’s leading enterprise engineering, design and build project solutions, including our new SmartPlant Construction solution, with Skire’s project and cost management capabilities, Intergraph now offers EPCs and owner-operators a fully integrated approach to quickly, confidently and cost-effectively execute any project,” said Gerhard Sallinger, president of the Intergraph Process, Power & Marine division.

            “Traditionally, companies have lacked complete visibility into project management business processes because their data resided in separate, disjointed systems,” said Massy Mehdipour, CEO of Skire. “We are delighted to align with an industry leader in enterprise engineering software to offer users a seamless, end-to-end solution to mitigate risk and substantially reduce project cost.”


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Clarity PPM Enables Saipem to Support Projects in 35 Countries

CA Inc. announced that Saipem, an Italian oil and gas contractors, is using CA ClarityTM Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) software to manage strategic projects among its three global business units including offshore, onshore and drilling. With CA Clarity PPM, Saipem gets a global view and manages its workforce resources across the entire project life cycle, from the preliminary planning phase before the project is actually acquired, through the simulations, to the detailed planning and bidding stages.

            With revenues exceeding $14.8 billion, Saipem provides engineering, procurement, project management and construction services for the oil industry in remote areas and in deep water. With more than 38,000 employees in over 35 countries, Saipem needed a global resource management platform to allocate the right workforce resources over the entire project lifecycle. Most importantly, the company must plan and track its vast workforce, blended from various sources, including internal employees from various Saipem divisions, staff from other Saipem companies and contractors from outside organizations.

            CA Clarity PPM was selected by Saipem as the foundation of the new system. The CA solution is used to translate all of the company’s project factors into hourly measurements that help to track a project’s performance. In October 2008, Saipem began using CA Clarity PPM at the group’s onshore business unit, initially dealing with more than 300 users. At that point, it started to manage more than 400 projects. Today, CA Clarity PPM is leveraged by Saipem as a strategic project management application for turnkey EPIC contracts, which form the basis of their core business. These cover all engineering, procurement, installation and construction tasks for complex plants and associated infrastructure from design through to startup.

            “As a leader in the highly competitive global oil and gas market, it is vital that our company has the ability to match business needs with an adequate source of available resources. The solution from CA gives us greater operational flexibility and the ability to react faster to changes in the market,” said Alessandro Tintori, Information and Communication Technologies Project Manager, Saipem. “In addition to managing the various phases of each project, CA Clarity PPM also allows Saipem to perform strategic long-term planning to meet business goals laid down by executive management, providing valuable foresight to help drive our most important business initiatives.”

            Now CA Clarity PPM is being used to manage more than 700 projects of varying size, including large operations typically lasting 24-36 months. Hundreds of people with high level responsibility, such as project managers, department heads, project control staff and HR managers, leverage CA Clarity PPM for planning resource demand and capacity, and to help control costs by tracking scheduled working hours and relative budgets.

            “Companies such as Saipem are extending PPM from its success in IT organizations to broader use across the enterprise in project-based solutions,” said Brian Bell, Sr. VP and general manager of the CA Clarity PPM business unit at CA. “From its use across geographies and business units to help maximize resources and revenues, Saipem is leveraging CA Clarity PPM as an enterprise application that is core to their business.”

            CA Clarity PPM connects with multiple software applications inside Saipem, including Oracle’s PeopleSoft®, which manages in-house resources; SAP® R/3®, which tracks personnel and controls corporate business processes; and a data warehouse for the analysis of aggregated data. Integration with SAP R/3 enables Saipem to create the necessary accounting links with corporate budget planning so that CA Clarity PPM can manage performance by position, cost center or project.

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