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Industrial Gateway Server 7.5 for Proficy Launched

GE Intelligent Platforms announced the availability of its Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) 7.5 drivers for the company’s Proficy® software. The enhanced offering, utilizing industry-standard Kepware KEPServerEX and driver technology, includes more than 100 protocols, enabling connectivity to thousands of different control devices and instruments.

            A single IGS 7.5 instance allows for customers to connect to a variety of devices. IGS 7.5 provides users with an opportunity to consolidate information from different control hardware and instruments to visualize, control, analyze and optimize via connected Proficy HMI/SCADA, MES, EMI or Workflow software. It is optimized to use the maximum possible speed supported by the devices with built-in diagnostics for communication errors and complete browsing functionality into devices. This connectivity solution added to GE’s Proficy software portfolio allows customers to manage operations from a more complete perspective, allowing them to process various data points and co-relating multiple process indicators. 

            “The capabilities and functionalities of control hardware and instruments are being enhanced at the same pace as the software,” said Prasad Pai, Product Manager for GE’s Proficy iFIX software. “Newer communication standards and protocols are being introduced with the view of providing customers the ultimate flexibility in data acquisition and control. Due to these fast-paced changes, it is important to partner with a company, such as Kepware, focused solely on keeping abreast with the changes.”

            “Today, with acquisitions/mergers and consolidation, companies inherit a variety of control hardware and instruments in their plants,” continued Pai. “The biggest challenge is how to consolidate them and bring them to a common data communication standard. The enhanced IGS 7.5 goes a long way in providing that solution.”

            The enhanced IGS 7.5 application supports remote and offline configuration options without disrupting communications. Existing customers can upgrade seamlessly to the enhanced IGS 7.5 and access all the newly added device connectivity options quickly. GE’s ongoing work with Kepware keeps the product in tune with technology changes and enhanced with connections into newer devices.

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Rose and Associates Releases MMRA v4-3

Rose & Associates announced the release of a major enhancement to MMRA, the workhorse of the company’s Prospect Risk Analysis Suite. MMRA probabilistically calculates the resource potential of a prospect and the probability of commercial success. 

            Based on extensive client feedback, MMRA v4-3 replaces v4-2 with broadly enhanced functionality to allow users to model prospects better using new distribution shapes and numerical clipping. MMRA v4-3 includes six distribution shapes with the addition of beta, uniform and any customized shape imported from the Toolbox. Users can now define numerical clips at the high or low extreme ends and determine whether values outside those clips are re-sampled between the clips or spiked at that clipped value.

            The new release also has new estimating methods and options. For example, new Area versus Depth estimating methodology allows the capture of area-depth (or GRV-depth) pairs with the ability to select from multiple variables for defining fluid contacts. Hydrocarbon saturated gross/net rock volumes are simulated between defined top and base reservoir surfaces above the simulated water contact. 

            The updated Scenario estimating method facilitates import and aggregation of up to five previously simulated MMRA oil/gas resource volumes. A new Number of Sands option in the Average Net Pay determination enables multiple individual sands to be independently sampled for their thickness, net/gross ratio and geometric correction factors. There is also an improved correlation methodology that uses Gaussian copulas for defining sampling values between related distributions

            Other new features include:

  • Ability to output values from all iterations for further detailed analysis;
  • Ability to transfer input and/or output fields in batch to GIS for visualization with other spatial data, or quantitative assessment via common risk segment mapping – both via our partnership with Priemere GeoTechnology and their Power Tools for ArcGIS;
  • Improved Scatter Chart functionality that provides insight into input values contributing to P10, Mean, P50 and P90 EUR volumes.; and
  • Added VeriSign digital certification for security purposes.

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Newfield Exploration Selects Paradigm Geolog

Paradigm, provider of oil and gas software solutions, announced that Newfield Exploration Co. has selected Paradigm™ Geolog® as its chief application for well log and petrophysical analysis. The suite will provide Newfield with advanced petrophysical analysis tools, high-end presentation graphics, and flexible modularity combined with an easy-to-use environment. 

            “We selected Geolog because it allows us to enhance our reservoir description capabilities within a single software environment, eliminating the time delays often associated with data conversion and transfer,” said Dick Merkel, senior petrophysicist at Newfield. “The ability to share one petrophysical product between office locations provides considerable advantages in both time and cost.”

            The Geolog suite’s extensive application integration improves process time and data integrity preservation by allowing users to seamlessly migrate datasets across tasks. The suite is designed to handle entire workflows in one integrated environment and enables users to ensure that all available data is analyzed.

            “Our goal is to provide our clients with a clear competitive advantage through the successful application of efficient, sophisticated technology,” said Serge Sauvagnac, VP USA, Paradigm. “We believe that the integration of Geolog into their company workflows will provide Newfield with faster and more detailed reservoir analysis. Paradigm looks forward to working with Newfield and supporting its long-term E&P goals.”

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