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Invensys Releases InFusion ECS 2.0

Invensys Operations Management has released the next evolution of its groundbreaking InFusionTM Enterprise Control System (ECS). InFusion ECS 2.0 features new software platform updates and includes:

  • Superior integration with the company’s Foxboro I/A Series®  distributed control system and SCADA hardware and software offerings;
  • Open integration with virtually any other automation or information system; and
  • Enhanced platform integration with the company’s latest advanced applications, including its Wonderware® batch, manufacturing execution systems (MES), mobile workforce management, enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) and enterprise business system integration offerings.

With its new capabilities and an integrated offering that can reduce the total cost of ownership, the InFusion ECS 2.0 helps customers consolidate information across their existing automation and information systems. By enabling real-time access to critical business intelligence, industry users are better able to balance competing strategic objectives related to safety, controls, assets, productivity and the environment to maximize their overall profitability.

“Process manufacturing is facing what could be characterized as a perfect storm. The loss of experience as a result of the shifting demographics, the need to operate proactively rather than reactively, the ability to empower knowledge workers with actionable context and more are all new challenges that require changes in our processes and tools,” said Dave Woll, VP consulting services, ARC Advisory Group. “Invensys Operations Management’s ability to use an open technology platform to transcend disparate systems provides the unique opportunity to collaboratively apply Invensys and other best-of-breed solutions. With the InFusion 2.0 solution, it is significantly easier to provide, manage and contextualize information for a wide variety of operations users, allowing them to drive and deliver greater production value in real time.”

Introduced in 2006, the InFusion ECS utilizes open, industry standards-based ArchestrA® technology that easily and affordably unites process and production control with business operations control. The system provides functional object templates for a broad range of control and manufacturing operations applications that work within a single development and management environment. The InFusion ECS can help save significant time, effort and money by improving the ability to view and synchronize information from multiple systems and applications; improving collaboration, execution and operations management across a variety of functions within the enterprise, as well as improving the ability to create and replicate solutions across the enterprise.

Invensys Operations Management also has the world’s largest industrial ecosystem partner network, with more than 3,000 systems integrator, hardware and software companies participating. Many of these partners have been working with Invensys for several years, building complementary expertise and specialized domain solutions utilizing ArchestrA technology. The combined knowledge and proven delivery capabilities of Invensys and its ecosystem partners that use ArchestrA technology can now be leveraged to expand and accelerate InFusion solutions for customers. The installed base of software licenses containing proven ArchestrA technology inside of multiple Invensys brands now exceeds 220,000.

“Our customers tell us that they need to operate a real-time enterprise so they can react to business variables and balance environmental, productivity and control trade-offs without jeopardizing profitability or plant safety,” said Sudipta Bhattacharya, president and CEO, Invensys Operations Management. “Most systems are isolated and only allow optimization within specific processes or plants. The InFusion ECS, however, allows manufacturers to optimize their operations across the entire enterprise. We are very excited to reach the next milestone in the evolution of the InFusion Enterprise Control System, and we are confident it will help our customers accelerate their move toward becoming a real-time enterprise.”


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Software Toolbox Releases TOP Server Version 5.2

Software Toolbox® has released TOP Server Version 5.2 to its client base and channel partners. TOP Server, powered by Kepware, is Software Toolbox’s OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application. The new release delivers enhancements offering users the latest choices in OPC technology and new alarm and event generation capabilities for data collected in TOP Server.

“The release of the OPC UA interfaces in TOP Server delivers on our commitment to protect our client’s investment in OPC technology and demonstrates the value of an ongoing relationship with Software Toolbox,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox. “The OPC A&E condition-monitoring plug-in option gives users another way to get value from data they are collecting using TOP Server. Many HMI/SCADA packages offer an OPC A&E client interface in their alarm management systems and now our clients have a way to deliver alarms and events messages directly to the systems from TOP Server.”

New features in version 5.2 include:

  • OPC UA Server & Client Interfaces – OPC UA, the latest generation of OPC interfaces, offers Web-based services, is firewall friendly and provides secure messaging to other OPC UA applications without using DCOM. TOP Server delivers an OPC UA server interface and optional OPC UA client interface, which empowers users to use TOP Server as a standards-based tunneling solution.
  • Expanded OPC-A&E Server Interface – Using the new OPC A&E condition-monitoring plug-in, users can specify conditions on tags read from devices using any of TOP Server’s hundreds of drivers and generate alarm and event messages using the OPC A&E standard.
  • Driver Updates – Expands the functionality of the ControlLogix Ethernet, Mettler Toledo, Idec and Modbus Ethernet drivers, and adds a new C# sample application for the Custom Interface Driver.

TOP Server 5.2 will be available for download or as an upgrade for users on active support and maintenance contracts on Feb. 11, 2010 at

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Chevron to Deploy Halliburton’s OpenWorks System

Landmark Software and Services, a product service line of Halliburton’s Drilling and Evaluation Division, has signed a major contract with Chevron Energy Technology Company for the global deployment of the OpenWorks® R5000 data management system. This solution will be used by more than 1,500 Chevron earth scientists and is a key element of Chevron’s next-generation interpretation strategy.

“Chevron’s selection of OpenWorks R5000 software as the foundation for its next generation interpretation environment is a testament to the value clients continue to receive from the OpenWorks application,” said Gene Minnich, VP, Halliburton Landmark Software and Services. “For the last 15 years we have adhered to the principle of openness, and this has helped position OpenWorks software as the leading project management system in our industry. The commitment to evolving this reliable and secure enterprise class system enables clients such as Chevron to achieve their ongoing business objectives.”

“Chevron continues to make strategic investments in critical information technologies to drive superior performance and growth in our Exploration and Asset Development workflows,” said Jim Green, CIO, Chevron Energy Technology. “In developing our next-generation interpretation platform, Chevron carefully considered our business requirements, the capabilities available in the upstream data management market and the alignment between the two. The OpenWorks data management solution has been an underlying part of Chevron’s upstream workflows for the past 15 years, and we found that today it remains an important component of Chevron’s information technology portfolio.”

Additional capabilities available with the OpenWorks R5000 release such as metadata capture and quality control of seismic data, along with the ability to catalog and manage well data across multiple projects, improves data management efficiency within Chevron’s exploration and asset development teams. Open access to the OpenWorks platform for the integration of other vendors’ and Chevron’s proprietary applications provides the flexibility needed to refine upstream workflows as the next-generation interpretation environment evolves.

OpenWorks software is used by more than 12,000 interpreters and 800 E&P companies worldwide. In October 2008, the OpenWorks R5000 release won a World Oil Award in the category of Best Data Management solution.

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Paradigm to Sponsor 2010 AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Program

Paradigm, provider of enterprise E&P software solutions, announced its Gold Level sponsorship of the 2010 American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Imperial Barrel Award Program (IBA), a highly competitive scholarship program focused on promoting petroleum geoscience training and advancing the careers of geoscience students.

            Paradigm will provide participating universities with licenses, support and training for the Paradigm software so students will have the tools they need to complete a technical assessment of field hydrocarbon potential, from seismic interpretation, geological modeling, and petrophysics to reservoir engineering and risk assessment.

“On behalf of the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Committee and the Association, I would like to formally thank Paradigm for its software contribution to the IBA program this year,” said Steven Veal, AAPG IBA Committee Chairman. “We cannot achieve the level of quality of data, activity and organization that is necessary for such a program to succeed without the key support of sponsors like Paradigm.”

Section and regional finalists will be selected to compete before a panel of industry experts for receipt of the award. Results for the 2010 IBA program will be announced at the 2010 Annual AAPG Conference & Exhibition, to be held April 11-14 in New Orleans.

“The AAPG IBA program provides an excellent opportunity for students to grow and better understand sciences, technologies and decision processes that drive the global E&P industry,” said Jean-Claude Dulac, Paradigm Exec. VP, Science and Technology. “Paradigm believes that by directly investing in the advancement of geoscience education today, we are actively participating in the industry solutions of tomorrow.”

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Knowledge Reservoir Restructures Business

Knowledge Reservoir announced a realignment and strengthening of its business structure and service offering to enable the company to pursue several key market initiatives more aggressively by dividing its business lines into a series of consulting practices.

The Reservoir Management business has been refocused into four practices, each led by an experienced Practice Director:

1)      Deepwater;

2)      Improved Recovery and Field Redevelopment;

3)      Unconventional Resources; and

4)      Reserves and Mergers / Acquisitions.

Knowledge Reservoir has extensive reservoir modeling and reserves experience on individual field projects and basin-wide studies in deepwater, including the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and West Africa. The company has a long list of clients representing a broad range of experience in offshore and onshore basins worldwide, and has been involved in various stages and work scopes on many IOR and CO2 projects around the world.

Knowledge Reservoir continues to grow its Surface Systems business along two practices:

1) Flow Assurance; and

2) Pipeline Systems Engineering.

The Knowledge Management business stream will be developed in three areas:

1)      The ReservoirKB deepwater knowledge base;

2)      Knowledge Base Products; and

3)      Knowledge Management Consulting, including Data Management Solutions, an area in which the company is seeing considerable growth opportunities.

Dr. Ivor Ellul, President and CEO of Knowledge Reservoir, commented: “Knowledge Reservoir is excited about the new opportunities that we believe will be opening up for us in 2010 and beyond, and we have a clear objective to capitalize on these as they present themselves in each practice area around the world.”

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