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Palantir, Fekete Form Software Alliance

Palantir Solutions announced an alliance with Fekete Associates Inc., which provides reservoir engineering software and services to producing companies worldwide. Fekete’s F.A.S.T. Harmony™ is being integrated with Palantir Solutions’ planning tool PalantirCASH. The production forecasts flow directly into Palantir’s cashflow and portfolio models to create a seamless link between technical analysis, economic, financial and portfolio planning. The result is an integrated planning system that is efficient, responsive and dynamic. Changes in the technical or commercial environment can be modeled and updated on the fly as new business opportunities arise.

            PalantirCASH is an economic evaluation system for doing accurate and reliable economic analyses in a secure and standardized manner. It allows planning teams and asset managers to access rapid economic valuations of global portfolios to enhance decision making.

            F.A.S.T. Harmony is the core component to Fekete’s reserves evaluation and production analysis software toolkit. It brings together all of the accepted methods of evaluating reserves and forecasting production plus advanced methods for unconventional reservoirs.

            Jason Ambrose, CEO and co-founder of Palantir Solutions, commented: “The synergy of integrating Fekete’s reservoir management and Palantir Solution’s economic planning brings a nose-to-tail production data analysis and reserves evaluation toolkit. Oil and gas companies with access to this rapid and accurate analysis will be at a natural competitive advantage.”

            Kevin Dunn, Fekete’s VP of Software Business Development, added: “Fekete and Palantir Solutions are working with many progressive producers who want the efficiency and reliability that this solution will provide. The first implementations of these tools will give early adopters a competitive edge in the market.”


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SINI Selects Intergraph SmartPlant for its Oil and Gas Projects

Siirtec NIGI SpA (SINI), an engineering and contracting company, has selected Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise and related process and engineering schematics tools for its oil and gas projects. For 60 years, SINI has provided basic and front-end design, engineering, procurement and construction services for process plants and equipment. Its production spans across a wide range of process units including oil and gas field treatment and production as well as acid gas treatment units.

            Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise is an integrated solutions suite that provides full design, construction, materials and engineering data management capabilities needed for the creation, safe operation and maintenance, and capital Project Life Cycle Management (cPLM) of large-scale process, power, marine and offshore projects. The software’s life cycle data management also enables a smoother handover for EPCs to owner operators and for owner operators to more easily maintain, refurbish or modify their plants.

            SINI launched its ambitious engineering integration project two years ago by selecting Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation, 3D, P&ID and Instrumentation as its cornerstone to support all plant engineering and design work processes. As a result, a new IT backbone has been created, integrating Intergraph design, data, and document management solutions with other third-party systems.

            Eascon SpA, a process engineering IT consulting company, played an important role in the implementation of the project. Its strong expertise in integrating process control systems, work process re-engineering, Oracle solutions and change management was key to the integration success.

            “Intergraph integrated solutions reflect and support our work processes. SmartPlant Enterprise allowed us to make the leap to state-of-the-art technology and enabled a significant improvement in our performance,” said Adalberto Bestetti, SINI president. “Special thanks to both Intergraph and Eascon who worked hard to achieve this project.”

            “SINI has been running its process technology business successfully for a long time, and we are proud that they recognize the performance gains of our next-generation enterprise solutions. We are glad to partner with such a company,” said Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president.

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