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BJ Services Commercializes TeleCoil Logging System

BJ Services has commercialized its TeleCoil™ downhole communication system, successfully gathering accurate depth, temperature and pressure information for several operators in the North Sea. The patent-pending system incorporates an instrumentation package in a customized bottomhole assembly (BHA) that captures and transmits real-time information about critical downhole operating conditions. Information collected during the coiled tubing (CT) operation is used to optimize the job, while verifying depth measurements for crucial applications such as perforating, setting plugs and certain fluid placement applications.

“TeleCoil technology represents the next evolution for coiled tubing-based production enhancement,” said Lance Portman, product development director for coiled tubing research and engineering, BJ Services. “It builds on years of advances in coiled tubing materials, equipment and software to further enhance field performance by quantifying and verifying downhole predictions. By focusing on downhole conditions, this technology allows us to instantly adjust job parameters to optimize our coiled tubing treatments.”

The TeleCoil system conductor is installed inside the CT and is impervious to aggressive fluids such as acids, cement slurries and even sand-laden fluids used for abrasive perforating. A protective jacket provides superior strength to withstand dynamic tension and compression forces encountered during spooling and pumping operations. Additionally, the small-diameter conductor has negligible impact on pumping pressures or the overall weight of the reel.

At the surface, the conductor connects to a data acquisition system that processes and charts downhole conditions. The TeleCoil technology package attaches to the BHA with a standard-end connector and uses electric quick connectors, which require only a few minutes of set-up time. The system supports the use of commonly available logging suites and standard ball-activated tools.

Downhole Conditions Monitored at 18,000 ft Subsea

In one of the first applications of the TeleCoil system, BJ Services carried out a perforating operation on behalf of Talisman Energy in the North Sea. The operation involved depths up to 18,000 ft (5486 m). The operation wasn’t without its challenges, with temperature and mechanical issues; however, BJ Services addressed these by carrying out a series of system refinements and upgrades to prevent them from re-occurring. As a result, the TeleCoil system provided real-time depth, pressure and temperature data, making it possible for BJ to achieve accurate depth correlation throughout the operation. BJ supported the operation from its bases in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of our TeleCoil system in the harsh North Sea environment,” said John Anderson, Region VP for Europe and West Africa, BJ Services. “The conditions, including bottomhole temperatures of more than 300°F (149°C), provided valuable experience. TeleCoil technology delivers benefits to those seeking real-time bottomhole data during virtually any type of operation that employs CT. Whether it’s used while performing perforating, stimulation or cleanout operations, the system offers a powerful tool for maximizing efficiency.”


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Rigzone, Network International Partner for Equipment Sales

Rigzone, the most visited website in the upstream oil and gas industry, announced it will partner with Network International to offer Rigzone’s members a full-service option for selling equipment to the oil and gas industry via

Houston-based Network International is a global, online marketplace for surplus energy equipment, serving more than 50,000 buyers and sellers in 60 countries through auctions, private sales, and equipment inventory analysis. The combination of Rigzone’s market reach and Network’s expertise in selling equipment worldwide provides a comprehensive service that is cost-effective and financially transparent.

Rigzone President and CEO David Kent said: “Partnering with Network International is significant, as it offers Rigzone’s procurement audience a full-service solution for marketing and selling their equipment worldwide. Recommending strategic vendors, such as Network, reinforces Rigzone’s focus as ‘your gateway to the oil & gas industry’.”

“Network is extremely strategic and careful with whom we partner, and Rigzone is the best choice,” said Boyd Heath, CEO and Chairman of Network International. “We will continue to utilize and leverage Rigzone’s platform to find quality people and to provide their members with asset management services that will maximize the return for their surplus assets.”

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Recon Gets Order for RSCADA for Sinopec Field

Recon Technology has received a new automation system order from China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec). The order, valued at RMB 5,080,000 (US $744,000), is from the Sinopec Xi’nan Oil and Gas Subsidiary in Sichuan Province for Recon’s supervisory control and data acquisition system, RSCADA. Recon expects to deliver the system to the oilfield in Dazhou city, Sichuan Province, in April 2010.

RSCADA is a computerized process control system that monitors, manages and controls petroleum extraction at underground, ground and above-ground levels. RSCADA connects the above-ground central control room with the ground-level relay station, and the relay station with the underground intelligent terminal using the 2.4G wireless frequency. RSCADA advanced technology has received grants and awards from the State Ministry of Science and Technology and the city of Nanjing.

Recon Technology CEO Shenping Yin said: “We have provided services to Sinopec since 1998, and we’re pleased that Sinopec continues to select Recon for products to reduce equipment costs and enhance productivity levels and savings.”

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