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Invensys Software Improves Well Field Performance

Invensys Operations Management announced the release of its Well Field Application, a software suite that monitors, manages and enhances the performance of oil and gas well fields in real time. Built on the company’s Wonderware® System Platform and InTouchTM human machine interface solutions, the software provides reports, alarms, call outs, data storage and process data management on all well field assets. Its management capabilities are driven by a real-time overview of the entire field, supported by functions that look deep into the operations of each well to extract detailed production information. That information can be used to create reports, alarms and graphics that call attention to underperforming assets. These reports and alarms can then be sorted by asset, route, operator or foreman and accessed via the Web, viewed on handheld devices and sent via email or text message, helping to eliminate delays and reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, any process variable, such as flow rate, pressure and volume, can be compared and measured to help identify assets that are performing below expectations.

            “The Invensys Well Field Application provides operators and enterprise managers with a single point from where they can see and measure the operation of their well field, helping them to achieve productivity excellence. By combining our extensive experience in oil and gas operations with our proven supervisory control and data acquisition products, Invensys is able to offer a unique integrated, comprehensive real-time solution,” said John Gilmore, Jr., Director of Upstream Oil & Gas, Invensys Operations Management. “This product enables our oil and gas customers to work smarter by pulling together, into one operations management package, real-time information from existing networks, both hardware and software, to improve the overall productivity of their operations.”

            The application is data driven and further extends Invensys Operations Management’s open Wonderware System Platform, which means that users can easily configure assets, wells, operator responsibilities and similar data themselves, saving engineering and programming costs. Operators can quickly add hundreds of wells at a time to the configuration, and the solution contains proven templates to integrate many real-time automation and information systems, as well as any control and data-acquisition hardware. This is particularly valuable for maturing well fields that are operating with multiple generations of automation equipment.

            In addition to managing the physical assets of the field, the Invensys Well Field Application provides tools for improving human resources functions. Best practices and training methods can be identified and developed using summaries and comparisons that can be organized by area, team, lift type or custom group. Training of new operators is also made easier because of how the system logically organizes and presents information.


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EnergyIQ Updates Loader with OpenSpirit Integration

EnergyIQ has released their OpenSpirit-enabled EIQ Loader 2.0, allowing oil companies to read data from the IHS EnerdeqML Domestic data feed, and write it to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store. EnergyIQ joined the OpenSpirit Partner Program in October 2009.

“We worked with OpenSpirit and IHS to develop an application that loads data from an IHS Web Services Domestic XML feed into the variety of data stores supported by the OpenSpirit framework,” said Steve Cooper, President of EnergyIQ. “The EIQ Loader is our flagship product, and ensures that commercial E&P data is loaded and updated in a consistent and timely fashion, providing broader and faster access to the available data, thereby ensuring consistency across diverse data stores.

OpenSpirit connectivity extends EIQ Loader beyond PPDM to include other industry databases such as KINGDOM, OpenWorks, Petra, GeoFrame, Finder, and Recall, enabling oil companies to more easily keep date vendor data current in their project database of choice.

With EIQ Loader 2.0 Enterprise, you can perform both base loads and scheduled updates of the IHS Domestic XML feeds to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store. This can be set up for a specific geographic area of interest or across your entire subscription of data. With EIQ Loader 2.0 Desktop, users can receive an area of interest from OpenSpirit-enabled applications (including ArcMap, ArcGIS Explorer, and Web maps) and interactively query the IHS Web service to pull across all relevant data directly into their project database. The data is immediately available for new analysis and project work in their OpenSpirit-enabled tool of choice.

“We are excited about the release of EIQ Loader 2.0. It is an entirely new style of OpenSpirit integration, enabling Internet-based Web services delivery of data immediately into the desktop environment via OpenSpirit services,” said Brian Boulmay, OpenSpirit Director of Business Partners. “This is an innovative example of leveraging internal and external services to streamline access to data and accelerate your projects.”

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IHS Selects Kapow Platform for Automated Content Migration

Kapow Technologies, provider of Web data services for enabling real-time business, announced that IHS, a leading global source of critical information and insight, has selected the Kapow Web Data Server to ensure the most efficient and accurate content migration for its major corporate website renovation. IHS is consolidating several website properties into one, under a new Web Content Management (WCM) system. IHS chose Kapow to automate and simplify the complex process of extracting and migrating all of its legacy data to the new WCM. Thanks to Kapow Technologies’ integration with IHS’ WCM system provided by SDL Tridion, the company is able to completely and reliably automate the migration of all content without manual coding, significantly reducing costs and time to market.

“The IHS website project is a large and very important step in our online marketing strategy, and it will transform how we engage our customers as well as position us for strategic growth,” said Kevin Spiller, senior director, Website Management and Strategy, IHS. “After our extensive due diligence process, it was clear that Kapow’s successful track record of streamlining complex content migration processes and the integration with Tridion was the best option for us.”

The Kapow Web Data Server allows companies to complete enterprise-grade migrations in a fraction of the time and cost due to its robust automation capabilities. The solution’s intuitive, point-and-click Interactive Development Environment (IDE) enables surgical data extraction of all content formats, including static HTML pages, as well as cleansing and standardization of all content through its powerful data transformation functionality. In addition, Kapow Technologies’ certified connector to the SDL Tridion WCM system further speeds and eases loading of legacy data by eliminating the need for hand coding to APIs.

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BJ Services Commercializes TeleCoil Logging System

BJ Services has commercialized its TeleCoil™ downhole communication system, successfully gathering accurate depth, temperature and pressure information for several operators in the North Sea. The patent-pending system incorporates an instrumentation package in a customized bottomhole assembly (BHA) that captures and transmits real-time information about critical downhole operating conditions. Information collected during the coiled tubing (CT) operation is used to optimize the job, while verifying depth measurements for crucial applications such as perforating, setting plugs and certain fluid placement applications.

“TeleCoil technology represents the next evolution for coiled tubing-based production enhancement,” said Lance Portman, product development director for coiled tubing research and engineering, BJ Services. “It builds on years of advances in coiled tubing materials, equipment and software to further enhance field performance by quantifying and verifying downhole predictions. By focusing on downhole conditions, this technology allows us to instantly adjust job parameters to optimize our coiled tubing treatments.”

The TeleCoil system conductor is installed inside the CT and is impervious to aggressive fluids such as acids, cement slurries and even sand-laden fluids used for abrasive perforating. A protective jacket provides superior strength to withstand dynamic tension and compression forces encountered during spooling and pumping operations. Additionally, the small-diameter conductor has negligible impact on pumping pressures or the overall weight of the reel.

At the surface, the conductor connects to a data acquisition system that processes and charts downhole conditions. The TeleCoil technology package attaches to the BHA with a standard-end connector and uses electric quick connectors, which require only a few minutes of set-up time. The system supports the use of commonly available logging suites and standard ball-activated tools.

Downhole Conditions Monitored at 18,000 ft Subsea

In one of the first applications of the TeleCoil system, BJ Services carried out a perforating operation on behalf of Talisman Energy in the North Sea. The operation involved depths up to 18,000 ft (5486 m). The operation wasn’t without its challenges, with temperature and mechanical issues; however, BJ Services addressed these by carrying out a series of system refinements and upgrades to prevent them from re-occurring. As a result, the TeleCoil system provided real-time depth, pressure and temperature data, making it possible for BJ to achieve accurate depth correlation throughout the operation. BJ supported the operation from its bases in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of our TeleCoil system in the harsh North Sea environment,” said John Anderson, Region VP for Europe and West Africa, BJ Services. “The conditions, including bottomhole temperatures of more than 300°F (149°C), provided valuable experience. TeleCoil technology delivers benefits to those seeking real-time bottomhole data during virtually any type of operation that employs CT. Whether it’s used while performing perforating, stimulation or cleanout operations, the system offers a powerful tool for maximizing efficiency.”

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IDS, Samit Unveil Centralizing Data System in India

IDS has signed a collaborative arrangement with Samit Enterprises to take DataNet2 to the Indian market. Samit has great experience in introducing reporting and analysis services to the upstream industry in India, having previously worked with Landmark’s flagship product, Open Wells. The company has decided, however, that the IDS business model provides the best opportunities both for Samit and for those clients across India who are ready to move away from the traditional license-per-seat arrangement and experience the advantages of the unlimited-usage, Web-delivery model offered by IDS.

DataNet2 from IDS is a suite of powerful reporting tools, based on the concept of centralizing data from drilling, geology and completions reports to be acquired, shared, viewed and delivered across the Web or via the client’s network. The system is WITSML-compliant and will become a key enabler for India’s intelligent oilfield.

Douwe Franssens, General Manager of the IDS Group, said: “We believe that DataNet2 will act as a real advance to the Indian market. For over a decade, IDS has used its expertise to make upstream reporting and analysis simple and cost-effective. We are delighted that DataNet2 will now be available across India, with the level of support that our customers expect.”

Sanjeev Mittal, Managing Director at Samit, said: “The depth of functionality of IDS’s DataNet2, combined with its delivery via the Internet, provides tremendous value to its clients in the upstream hydrocarbon industry. We are pleased to be partnering with IDS to bring this service to our clients in India.”

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Baker Hughes Unveils WellLink Desktop System

Baker Hughes has introduced WellLink™ Desktop, a dynamic, secure system for automatic delivery of well data from the wellsite to the desktop.

As well and project complexities increase, advanced wellsite monitoring and analysis of well data allow for better asset management business decisions. WellLink Desktop quickly and accurately delivers the well data operators need to optimize production. The system eliminates the need to search through large amounts of data and manually download files of interest. The application also provides security through an encrypted data transfer scheme and by locking the application to a specific client and computer.

WellLink Desktop creates a data-transfer routine that is installed on a client’s computer to automate the data-transfer process via regular checks of the host Web service for new data files and to run a continuous audit of files already transferred. The program also enables clients to monitor progress of the automatic download, to pause and resume the download, and to manage the download traffic.

“The WellLink Desktop system is an important part of our remote operations infrastructure that streamlines well data delivery and maximizes its security,” noted Derek Mathieson, Baker Hughes president of products and technology. “WellLink Desktop works automatically and securely behind the scenes to simplify data gathering and synthesis so that clients can focus on core business issues.”

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StoredIQ and NetApp Deliver Next-Gen Info Management Solution

StoredIQ, provider of Intelligent Information Management and eDiscovery solutions, announced a solution partnership with NetApp to offer customers best-of-breed information management and storage solutions for enterprise environments. Under terms of the agreement, StoredIQ has joined the NetApp Alliance Partner Program and will integrate NetApp® storage into StoredIQ’s Intelligent Information Management Platform, an enterprise-class, software-based appliance designed to manage the functional intersection of eDiscovery, Information Governance, Records Management, and Storage Management.

StoredIQ’s Intelligent Information Management Platform is designed to integrate easily into an existing corporate infrastructure while reducing IT administration and total cost of ownership by including all the necessary software, hardware and storage within a packaged appliance offering. StoredIQ is the only mainstream information management solution to include onboard storage for data indices.

The integration with NetApp FAS2000 series NAS provides the greatest feature blend of price, performance, and scalability required by the StoredIQ appliance. Among the technologies inherent in the FAS2000 series, the StoredIQ platform can also leverage NetApp SnapshotTM technology to back up indices and recover data in the case of disk failure.

StoredIQ also leverages the FAS2000 series’ scalability to offer a wide variety of capacities to meet varied customer demands. With the same FAS2000 product family, the StoredIQ appliance can scale from 5TB to 500TB of data under management within a single cluster, growing as the enterprise expands by simply adding additional NetApp NAS capacity.

“One of the most difficult challenges when deploying an information management solution into an IT ecosystem is integrating it into the existing corporate infrastructure,” said Keith Zoellner, CTO at StoredIQ. “Combining best-in-class technologies from StoredIQ and NetApp into a consolidated platform limits the impact on our customers and delivers enterprise-class information management features, reliability, and scalability for unprecedented performance and reduced TCO.”

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