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TAKE Supply Chain, DataMAX Partner to Serve JD Edwards Customers

TAKE Supply Chain and DataMAX Software Group Inc. have  partnered to provide integrated data collection and an expanded line of supply chain solutions to JD Edwards customers. DataMAX’s RFGen Software, a JD Edwards Certified Integration data collection product, enables customers to extend their ERP investment while leveraging the benefits of a best-of-breed mobile data collection solution. DataMAX RFGen reduces project risk by eliminating custom integrations. The partnership also provides JD Edwards customers access to TAKE’s integrated supply chain technologies, including supplier collaboration, returns management, asset tracking and maintenance and global trade management.

            Since 1994, TAKE Supply Chain has been a trusted provider of data collection solutions to companies running Oracle® and has the world’s largest library of pre-built transactions for discrete and process manufacturers who use Oracle.

            “This partnership represents a great opportunity for JD Edwards customers, who can now implement a total supply chain management solution without the risk or cost of custom integration,” said Warren Sumner, chief operating officer and general manager at TAKE Supply Chain. “By enabling JD Edwards customers to leverage their existing ERP investment, we’re making it faster and easier for them to get the functionality they need, so they can quickly begin to see returns on their investment.”

            TAKE has thousands of companies using its supply chain applications to collaborate with customers and suppliers for material procurement, distribution and reverse logistics. This experience enables TAKE to bring global best practices in supply chain execution to companies who want to leverage and extend their JD Edwards platform. DataMAX has more than 2,500 RFgen Software installations in use worldwide.

            “We have years of expertise in successfully deploying data collection solutions into the JD Edwards installed base,” said Robert Brice, Sr. VP at RFgen. “This partnership leverages this experience and extends both of our companies’ track record in managing large, complex projects and solving complex supply chain challenges.”


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New Oil and Gas Compliance Software Company Launched

An experienced team of software developers for the oil and gas industry announced the launch of a new company called ComplyData LLC. The company develops industry-specific software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to address employee and compliance management issues, including US Department of Transportation operator qualification and environmental, health and safety regulations.

ComplyData also announced the launch of its flagship product, the ComplyData Intelligent Portal™ (CDIP™), a subscription-based solution that allows oil and gas companies to organize compliance, safety and regulatory information easily and effectively. The Comply Data Intelligent Portal is a centralized, flexible and affordable alternative to manual processes and database-dependent systems.

“The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated, and the ever-changing regulatory requirements can be overwhelming,” said Darla Bell, managing director of oil and gas for ComplyData. “Regulators are requiring more communication and transparency between owner/operators and contractors, so we created the ComplyData Intelligent Portal to streamline the compliance process, allowing users to spend more time building their business and less time on paperwork or database systems that are difficult to use and in many cases create more work and inefficiencies.”

The ComplyData Intelligent Portal utilizes a next-generation user interface, giving customers access to multiple applications simultaneously. It also offers an easy-to-use method of communication and compliance management between companies.

“We have spent more than 12 months working with our Customer Advisory Council and beta users to make sure the ComplyData Intelligent Portal is as efficient and easy to use as humanly possible,” said Jim Wilmsen, managing director of technology for ComplyData. “What’s more, throughout our research and development cycle, we stressed affordability. Based on the tremendous feedback from our beta users, we think we’ve struck the right balance of performance and price.”

Through the use of its proprietary Industry Specific Applications (ISAs), ComplyData is able to meet the needs of any industry that demands fast information from multiple sources. While ComplyData’s first segment concentration is on oil and gas, the company plans to expand into other industries as it grows.

“We look forward to continuing the evolution of this product and an unlimited set of applications,” said Wilmsen.

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Nigerian Tendering Process Now Digital

Nigeria’s bid tendering process for the oilfield services and drilling markets includes a pre-qualification stage, a technical evaluation stage, and a commercial stage. In January 2010, the pre-qualification stage was modified to require online pre-registration for all suppliers prior to bid submission.

Since 1995, when NNPC created an online electronic center to streamline the contracting process, the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX), a virtual community that links buyers and suppliers, has increasingly played a role in the tendering process and is now the hub of Nigerian tendering.

Starting on January 1, 2010, all tenders within the National Petroleum Investment and Management Services (NAPIMS) must be processed through the NipeX portal. Manual submissions of contracting documents for approval will no longer be accepted nor will manual submissions of suppliers’ bids. All contracting documents must go through the NipeX portal, and all suppliers of goods and services in the Nigerian oil and gas industry must register online to be eligible to participate in new opportunities. Only registered and pre-qualified companies can submit rigs or services for a job. The registration fee is $200, and a brief application (.pdf) must be completed.

Through NipeX, suppliers will see lower processing costs and have access to more opportunities. Likewise, NNPC will also see a lower processing cost, be able to accelerate first oil, facilitate the Nigerian content program, and benefit from an efficient purchasing process and increased transparency.

To become a pre-qualified supplier, the NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) team must first audit the company – in part to ensure Nigerian content – by making a mandatory visit to the supplier’s site or facility. If the audit is successful, the company is qualified for up to two years. Suppliers cannot register and become qualified after the tender starts, thus it is important to register early to avoid missing out on future requirements.

So far, only a handful of international drilling contractors are currently registered.

New entrants have to establish a local presence before registering and pre-qualifying to bid. Noble and Transocean have established themselves in Nigeria through the creation of local subsidiaries. Noble has even put the ownership of one of their rigs against a local subsidiary.

Another approach is to partner with a local company. For example, Seadrill has an agreement in place with Petrolog, a Nigerian company. Petrolog is Seadrill’s official representative in Nigeria, and all Nigerian contracts are assigned to Petrolog. In exchange for this service, Petrolog takes a percentage of the dayrate generated by Seadrill’s Nigerian rig contracts.

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Asset Management Services Extends Contract with Oniqua

Anchorage-based Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), announced the signing of a three-year contract extension with Oniqua Enterprise Analytics. This new contract pertains specifically to a three-tier distribution of Oniqua’s OAS-Inventory software suite by AMS, and includes North American and Caribbean distribution to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. The contract extension follows a prior three-year distribution contract between Oniqua and AMS, wherein AMS brought significant ROI to customers in the oil and gas industry.

As a distributor for Oniqua products, AMS will install, configure and manage the OAS-Inventory software for its customers. This application delivers a tremendous return on investment by right-sizing inventory based on maintenance, inventory and procurement data, and applying leading techniques for inventory optimization. The optimization algorithm has demonstrated proven inventory reduction results of 15-25%.

“We are pleased to extend the successful relationship we have forged with AMS over the past three years,” said Oniqua CEO Andy Hill. “AMS has delivered sales wins from some of the world’s largest oil and gas organizations and proven their capability to deliver substantial savings to these customers through the implementation of our software.”

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Rigzone, Network International Partner for Equipment Sales

Rigzone, the most visited website in the upstream oil and gas industry, announced it will partner with Network International to offer Rigzone’s members a full-service option for selling equipment to the oil and gas industry via

Houston-based Network International is a global, online marketplace for surplus energy equipment, serving more than 50,000 buyers and sellers in 60 countries through auctions, private sales, and equipment inventory analysis. The combination of Rigzone’s market reach and Network’s expertise in selling equipment worldwide provides a comprehensive service that is cost-effective and financially transparent.

Rigzone President and CEO David Kent said: “Partnering with Network International is significant, as it offers Rigzone’s procurement audience a full-service solution for marketing and selling their equipment worldwide. Recommending strategic vendors, such as Network, reinforces Rigzone’s focus as ‘your gateway to the oil & gas industry’.”

“Network is extremely strategic and careful with whom we partner, and Rigzone is the best choice,” said Boyd Heath, CEO and Chairman of Network International. “We will continue to utilize and leverage Rigzone’s platform to find quality people and to provide their members with asset management services that will maximize the return for their surplus assets.”

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MMS Chooses PetroVR Software to Evaluate GOM Bids

Caesar Systems’ Petroleum Ventures & Risk (PetroVR) decision-making software has been selected by the US Minerals Management Service (MMS) of the U.S. Department of the Interior. This indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract is for providing oil and gas resource economic evaluation software to be used in determining the adequacy of bids submitted for offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to awarding this deal to PetroVR, the MMS had used MONTCAR, an internal software solution, for more than three decades. In a recent fiscal year, the MMS evaluated nearly 800 offshore tracts having $6 billion dollars in high bids using MONTCAR.

“Our role will be to empower the MMS with integrative decision capabilities for the economic evaluations of offshore tracts based on a diverse set of economic, engineering, geological, and other input parameters. The MMS will enjoy the benefits of a fully documented, supported and maintained software platform,” said Victor Koosh, CEO of Caesar Systems.

The consistency and flexibility of the PetroVR commercial software platform is expected to decrease “onboarding” time for new staff and contractors; enable quick adaptability to policy and environmental changes; and to deliver value more effectively to the many, diverse MMS stakeholders.

Caesar Systems has supported numerous clients in bidding on exploration licenses in the US and internationally. The Caesar Systems methodology streamlines this process and leads to greater predictability for clients by representing the inherent dependencies and developing insights that can emerge only within simulation technology.

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Palantir Deploys Global Planning System for Talisman

Palantir Solutions was tasked with building a standardized planning system with advanced reporting and portfolio planning capability for Talisman Energy. The system would ultimately be used to run the business plan globally at the corporate level to forecast financial statements. Palantir had previously implemented software for Talisman Energy in Aberdeen and Norway.

            Jason Ambrose, Managing Director of Palantir Solutions, commented: “We are pleased to be working with a large and dynamic international company like Talisman. Consolidated data links from Talisman’s global operating regions funnel intelligence into the new economic and financial planning system. Palantir provides a number of benefits, which include standardized reporting allowing detailed and rapid comparative performance of assets to capture changes in the environment across Talisman’s business operations.

            “There are seven databases comprising of more than twenty reporting regions in eight currencies,” Ambrose continued. “The results are aggregated to provide a complete, overall picture of Talisman’s business. Palantir had consultants working in Calgary, the UK, Norway, Indonesia and Malaysia to implement the software and assist with business planning process.”

            Three products from the Palantir Solutions Software were deployed:

  • PalantirCash – Economic Evaluation Solution: an economic system on which accurate and reliable economic analysis can be performed in a secure and standardized manner.
  • PalantirPlan – Portfolio Planning Solution: a portfolio analysis solution that allows planners to get an in-depth insight in the portfolio by creating detailed business plans, setting targets and extensive shuffling of projects and attributes.
  • PalantirFinancials – Consolidated Financial Statement Solution: an integrated product that builds dynamic financial statements that can be tuned to the users’ own company standards.

Palantir Solutions provides economic and planning consultancy and software to the oil and gas community to provide improved transparency and rapid asset evaluation.

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