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Consists Of vs. Entails

When you write that something “consists of” various components, you are usually referring to something that has consistency or substance. That means that it must be a noun that has some kind of mass to it.

You really cannot use the expression “consists of” when referring to verbs, because actions have no mass or consistency.

There is a better word that can be used with verbs: Entails, which means to involve as a necessary accompaniment.

Inspecting the laboratory entails checking to see that all containers are labeled, ensuring that there are no dangerous conditions present, and documenting the findings in the Safety Management System.

You could also use the words “includes” or “involves” rather than “entails,” which would be better than “consists of.”

Entails can also be used with nouns.

Motherhood entails hard work, sacrifice, sweet kisses, and poopy diapers.

Some of these nouns have no mass or consistency – and some can have a large mass with nasty consistency!

Profound Quote of the Day:

“Your decision to be, have and do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.”
– Brian Tracy, American author and motivational speaker, b. 1944

Two of his books: Maximum Achievement and The Power of Self-Confidence


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Proficy CIMPLICITY 8.1 Released

GE Intelligent Platforms announced the availability of an upgrade to its Proficy software: CIMPLICITY Version 8.1, a visualization and control solution used in the Oil & Gas, Power, Marine and Energy industries. The new solution features programming enhancements, regulatory compliance tools and an innovative alarm association feature, in addition to full compatibility with GE’s CIMPLICITY GlobalView, allowing Web access to this powerful HMI/SCADA solution.

            “With more than 25 years in the field, CIMPLICITY customers are always pushing for lower costs of implementation,” said Gimmi Filice, Product Manager for GE’s Proficy CIMPLICITY product. “This new version delivers key new additions to CIMPLICITY’s objects and classes, enabling programmers and engineers to develop faster and maintain complex systems easier, achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and ultimately a lower cost of ownership.”

            CIMPLICITY 8.1 introduces enhancements that enable more flexible classes to speed new product development and lower the total cost of maintaining large-scale systems. “Classes are powerful components when developing,” Filice continued. “They are basically the blueprints programmers use when creating templates for CIMPLICITY, and the enhancements we are introducing further extends the ability to use templates in applications so they can be deployed more quickly. Classes also enable users to accomplish mass updates across an entire system, driving down maintenance costs.”

            Standards compliance, regulatory penalty avoidance and good manufacturing practices are supported. CIMPLICITY 8.1 introduces a new change approval feature that enables an electronic signature before allowing setpoint changes, recording results to an audit trail, with commenting capability. A change approval system, or e-signature, enables CIMPLICITY to be used in a wider variety of applications and is commonly used for helping meet 21 CFR part 11, NERC and FERC regulations. In addition, CIMPLICITY 8.1 brings a new ability to perform root cause analysis enabling instant alarm analytics for quick operator resolution.

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Ingrain Launches High-Definition Core Imaging and Logging

Ingrain, the digital rock physics company, introduced CoreHD®, its breakthrough technology platform for 3D high-definition imaging of whole core from oil and gas wells. Ingrain’s CoreHD technology has significantly advanced the oil and gas industry’s ability to use CT scanners to image and analyze core.

            “CoreHD gives geoscientists high-definition 3D visibility into their reservoirs at the wellbore scale,” said Henrique Tono, Ingrain’s CEO. “CoreHD is a major advance over the imaging that traditional core analysis labs provide. As the industry moves into complex rocks like oil shales, 3D high-definition whole core imaging is becoming an essential tool for geological core description, rock properties analysis and reservoir modeling.”

            Combined with Ingrain’s proprietary image processing capabilities, the company offers the CoreHD Suite, including the Continuous Core Viewer, the CT Borehole Image, and the CT Density and Atomic Number Log. The Continuous Core Viewer shows over 1,500 digital cross-sections per meter of core. The CT Borehole Image is similar to the kind of wellbore image that can be obtained from wireline logging. The specialized CoreHD image acquisition allows Ingrain to compute a Density and Atomic Number log.

            When used on the entire whole core from a well, the CoreHD Suite can be used to characterize rock types and flow units. This enables fast, accurate optimization of the number and location of core plugs for advanced rock properties analysis. Once the core plugs are selected, Ingrain can quickly image and compute accurate basic and advanced rock properties using its proprietary technologies for scanning, image processing and high performance computing.

            Ingrain’s CoreHD technology is being used at Ingrain’s digital rock physics labs in Houston and Abu Dhabi. Ingrain also has regional offices in Calgary and Rio de Janeiro and plans to expand its operations to the Middle East during 2010.

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Invensys Software Improves Well Field Performance

Invensys Operations Management announced the release of its Well Field Application, a software suite that monitors, manages and enhances the performance of oil and gas well fields in real time. Built on the company’s Wonderware® System Platform and InTouchTM human machine interface solutions, the software provides reports, alarms, call outs, data storage and process data management on all well field assets. Its management capabilities are driven by a real-time overview of the entire field, supported by functions that look deep into the operations of each well to extract detailed production information. That information can be used to create reports, alarms and graphics that call attention to underperforming assets. These reports and alarms can then be sorted by asset, route, operator or foreman and accessed via the Web, viewed on handheld devices and sent via email or text message, helping to eliminate delays and reduce maintenance costs. Additionally, any process variable, such as flow rate, pressure and volume, can be compared and measured to help identify assets that are performing below expectations.

            “The Invensys Well Field Application provides operators and enterprise managers with a single point from where they can see and measure the operation of their well field, helping them to achieve productivity excellence. By combining our extensive experience in oil and gas operations with our proven supervisory control and data acquisition products, Invensys is able to offer a unique integrated, comprehensive real-time solution,” said John Gilmore, Jr., Director of Upstream Oil & Gas, Invensys Operations Management. “This product enables our oil and gas customers to work smarter by pulling together, into one operations management package, real-time information from existing networks, both hardware and software, to improve the overall productivity of their operations.”

            The application is data driven and further extends Invensys Operations Management’s open Wonderware System Platform, which means that users can easily configure assets, wells, operator responsibilities and similar data themselves, saving engineering and programming costs. Operators can quickly add hundreds of wells at a time to the configuration, and the solution contains proven templates to integrate many real-time automation and information systems, as well as any control and data-acquisition hardware. This is particularly valuable for maturing well fields that are operating with multiple generations of automation equipment.

            In addition to managing the physical assets of the field, the Invensys Well Field Application provides tools for improving human resources functions. Best practices and training methods can be identified and developed using summaries and comparisons that can be organized by area, team, lift type or custom group. Training of new operators is also made easier because of how the system logically organizes and presents information.

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Invensys Announces ‘Powered by Wonderware’ Program

Invensys Operations Management, provider of technology and software to the process and manufacturing industries, announced a newPowered By Wonderware® program that delivers its Wonderware InTouch® human-machine interface (HMI) software in a Compact Edition form factor for Windows CE devices. The program was created in partnership with Advantech Corp., Arista Corp., Axiomtek, B&R Industrial Automation, Beckhoff Automation, Beijer Electronics, Kontron and VIPA. Powered By Wonderware certified devices are now available from these vendors, with pre-installed images ready for use out of the box.

            “The Powered by Wonderware program, in conjunction with our partners, means that our customers can now order their HMI hardware with runtime software pre-installed, directly from their vendor of choice,” said Keith Jones, marketing program manager, Wonderware HMI/SCADA products. “This offers a certified combination of InTouch Compact Edition software and vendor hardware, tested by Wonderware and ready to use out of the box. Customers will appreciate the time they will save with the pre-installed software, as well as have confidence that their industrial computer panel is ready to run. In addition, InTouch Compact Edition software has never been more affordable, with users able to select the license size they need and take advantage of exciting new bundled pricing.”

            By partnering with many of the world’s top HMI hardware brands, Invensys now offers clients the most cost-efficient version of Wonderware InTouch HMI software on a vast amount of hardware styles and ratings. 

            “Wonderware customers are assured that InTouch Compact Edition software is certified to function properly on all certified hardware and that, together with our partners, we will support the complete solution in every corner of the globe,” said Dan Fitzpatrick, global embedded program manager, Invensys Operations Management.

            Powered By Wonderware is an ongoing open program, with Invensys planning to announce additional members in the coming months.

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Study: Integrating Risk Assessment with Strategic Planning Boosts ROI

According to a new report released by The Conference Board, the integration of risk assessment data into performance management adds significantly to strategic and operations planning, but few companies have integrated their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and performance management processes.

            “This integration provides decision makers with a dynamic analytical framework for evaluating operational strategies, acquisitions and divestitures, and capital investments across business units, asset types and risk profiles,” said Ellen Hexter, author of the report, along with Daniel Sandy Bayer, president of Bayer Consulting. “The combination of ERM and performance management is very valuable for strategic and operating plans that have long-term business consequences. A risk-adjusted performance framework offers organizations the ability to explicitly link personal and performance objectives.”

            Enterprise risk management and performance management are two complimentary processes essential for the management of an organization. Both disciplines are designed to support organizations’ efforts in making decisions and meeting their goals, ERM through the identification and management of those risks that could affect business objectives, and performance management through the identification and measurement of the drivers needed to achieve results.

            Risk-adjusted performance metrics offer managers tools that strike the appropriate balance between meeting performance goals and achieving appropriate returns for the risks being taken. The application of risk-based performance management may also lead to incentives that are more aligned with an organization’s long-term success.

            Despite all of these benefits, few companies have integrated these processes. In a recent survey by The Conference Board of 97 senior executives, only 57% of the responding organizations had both a formal ERM program and a performance management program. Of this group, only 43% said that integration of the programs would be extremely or very valuable. When asked if their companies would increase their use of risk assessment data in planning during the next 12 months, just slightly more than half of respondents from companies with both programs (53%) said that was extremely or very likely.

            The report concludes that there are three major reasons why organizations are reluctant to include risk assessment data in their planning processes:

  • The ERM program is not considered effective – Only 52% of the executives surveyed with both an ERM and a performance management program considered their ERM programs to be extremely or very effective at the corporate level and just 30% rated their programs that highly at the business unit level.
  • A lack of commitment from the top – Executives cited a lack of management focus as one of the greatest challenges to the integration of ERM and performance management.
  • A need for more sophisticated performance metrics – Only 34% said that their companies use risk-adjusted return on capital at the corporate level, and even fewer (21%) do so at the business unit level. About 73% said that their risk measures were not compatible with their planning metrics.

            “Given the dramatic losses suffered by some major companies in recent years, including during the recent financial crisis, boards of directors and senior management will become increasingly interested in ensuring that planning processes throughout their organizations incorporate an explicit assessment of risk,” concluded Hexter.

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Xiotech Introduces VM Storage Solution Lite at VMworld 2009

On September 1 at VMworld 2009 in San Francisco, Xiotech Corp. introduced VM Storage Solution Lite, designed to simplify storage management in virtual environments. The solution combines the time-saving and ease-of-use capabilities of Xiotech’s award-winning Virtual View management tool with its Emprise™ 7000 Edge storage area network (SAN) system to form a single, powerful combination.

            “We created the VM Storage Solution Lite for organizations who want a flexible and scalable storage architecture, easy management of virtualized storage and a lower price point without sacrificing functionality or value,” said Xiotech VP of Marketing Mike Hoch. “Because the solution can easily evolve into our larger VM Storage Solution and it’s covered under our Cash for Disk Clunkers deal, it’s an ideal option for first-time SAN buyers or organizations wanting to scale up as their data centers grow.”

            Virtual View, a finalist for a Best of VMworld Award in 2008, dramatically simplifies storage monitoring, provisioning and management in VMware ESX environments by giving administrators a global, single-console view of all three storage layers (array, physical server and virtual machine). Users can safely and rapidly provision and manage storage for their virtual environments with just a few mouse clicks.

            The VM Storage Solution Lite pairs Virtual View with the Emprise 7000 Edge storage system, which uses Xiotech’s patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE™) technology to significantly minimize disk-related service events through a combination of preventive and self-healing capabilities. The solution offers 100% usable storage capacity with no vendor holdbacks or drops in performance, and it achieves the industry’s most efficient performance and scalability, according to the company. In addition, it enables users to cut their ongoing storage costs in half through its five-year warranty and lower overall management costs. The VM Storage Solution Lite supports up to 10 ISE (160 terabytes) and can be easily upgraded as needs evolve to the full VM Storage Solution, which supports up to 64 ISE (1,024 terabytes).

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