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AVEVA Releases New 3D Design Transfer Solution

AVEVA announced the release of AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface, a solution to the problem of transferring 3D models between incompatible design systems. Recently a neutral format has been adopted by the industry – STEP AP203 – which offers an effective means of 3D design transfer and is now achieving widespread industry acceptance. AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface has been developed to employ the STEP AP203 protocol and provides a plant or ship designer with a robust and efficient tool for importing into AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting accurate 3D models of suppliers’ equipment items.

            Commenting on this new release, Bruce Douglas, AVEVA VP of Product and Marketing Strategy, said: “The inability to easily share data between computer systems has long been a barrier to exploiting the full value of engineering information and to effective collaboration on complex projects. AVEVA is committed to the removal of such barriers and plays a leading role in the development, promotion and use of open standards for data interoperability.  This new product will make the practicing designer’s work a lot easier and provide measurable business benefits in project cost, timescale and quality.”

            Several customers in the marine, power and mining industries worked closely with AVEVA during the development of this new product and have already reported up to 60% reduction in man-hours compared with their previous practice of re-creating equipment models from scratch in AVEVA PDMS. Equipment suppliers can export fully detailed 3D models from the principal CAD systems in STEP AP203 format into AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA Outfitting, where they can be manipulated like any native PDMS or Outfitting objects to create plant or vessel designs more quickly. AVEVA Mechanical Equipment Interface also provides for exporting selected parts of a PDMS or Outfitting model to third-party 3D design applications that support AP203 import.

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ECE Design Now Reseller of AVEVA Instrumentation

AVEVA Group PLC, provider of plant design and engineering lifecycle solutions, announced it has partnered with ECE Design as the North American reseller of AVEVA Instrumentation. The latest release of this product, AVEVA Instrumentation 12.0, will now be sold as a standalone product through ECE Design and also as part of the AVEVA Integrated Portfolio for both EPC Contractors and Owner Operators.

            “We’re excited to partner with ECE Design as our North American reseller of AVEVA Instrumentation, a next-generation instrumentation management solution,” said Ron McLeod, VP Sales, AVEVA. “We’re confident that our customers will continue to benefit from its complete lifecycle solution that’s been enhanced with this latest release.”

            The AVEVA Instrumentation software handles all instrumentation needs on a project, as well as managing instrumentation needs well after project completion. The software suite includes three integrated modules:

  • Instrument Engineer – Manages tasks typically handled during a project lifecycle, including instrument index data entry and reports. This module also includes process data import/entry, which can be linked to user-defined datasheets, and Microsoft Excel import/export functionality.
  • Instrument Designer – Manages all tasks typically handled by an instrument designer including CAD drawing creation, drawing list management, updating of revisions and printing of CAD files for loop diagrams, termination diagrams and hookups (installation details) with bills of materials. This module automates the drafting process and is normally only used by a designer.
  • Wiring Manager – Handles all tasks typically carried out by an instrument designer related to detail cable, wiring and termination design. This includes definition of equipment terminal arrangements (field devices, junction boxes, marshalling cabinet and panel devices such as relays, IS barriers and I/O modules), cable creation and termination, cross-patch/internal wiring, generation of cable schedules and cable, cable gland and cable gland adapter bills of materials and creation of cable block diagrams – without requiring CAD.

            “The combination of ECE Design and the latest release of AVEVA Instrumentation is guaranteed to help our customers increase efficiency by streamlining production,” said Bill Vasey, President of ECE Design. “We’re pleased to add AVEVA Instrumentation to our product offering to the benefit of our customers.”

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NPCC Chooses AVEVA Plant for Habshan Platform

AVEVA announced that National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), a Middle Eastern Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, has chosen AVEVA Plant for use on its portion of the Integrated Gas Development Project – Habshan Platform Offshore Facilities (IGD-HAP) for ADMA OPCO.

NPCC first used AVEVA PDMS, which is part of the AVEVA Plant portfolio, on ADMA OPCO’s project comprising two new well head towers (US 40/56 and US 40/24) located in the Umm Shaif field. Now, they are extending their use of PDMS on the IGD-HAP project, which consists of an offshore gas processing platform that performs gas separation and dehydration. The project also includes a remote flare tower, a 46-in. main gas line to Das Island and interconnecting bridges between IGD-HAP and the existing Umm Shaif Super complex.

AVEVA PDMS has multi-discipline capabilities proven on many large offshore and onshore projects, from front-end design through to construction engineering.

Dr. Ahmad Kurdali, Engineering Director of NPCC, said: “We are going to use PDMS throughout all phases of the project. After the 3D modeling and design, drawings and isometrics will be generated by PDMS. We will also be integrating the PDMS model with the structural steel detailing software to optimize the production of fabrication drawings.”

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