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Invensys Provides Dynamic Simulation for ConocoPhillips’ E-Gas

Invensys Operations Management has reached a multi-year agreement with ConocoPhillips to provide dynamic simulation for the development of ConocoPhillips’ proprietary E-GasTM technology. Under the terms of the contract, Invensys will supply its DYNSIM® modeling and simulation software to help improve the design, start-up and operation of new coal gasification plants. In addition, Invensys will be a preferred supplier of dynamic simulation software to licensees of ConocoPhillips’ E-Gas technology.  

            “We were very impressed with Invensys’ professionalism and technical capabilities, particularly around gasification, and we look forward to working with them on this important development effort,” said Cliff Keeler, E-Gas product manager, ConocoPhillips.

            “With our extensive experience in gasification and our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address important industrial issues, we believe we are uniquely positioned to help ConocoPhillips successfully develop its global E-Gas business,” said Tobias Scheele, VP Advanced Applications, Invensys Operations Management. “Gasification is the cleanest, most efficient process for converting coal into a hydrogen-rich alternative fuel, and we are excited to help ConocoPhillips as they use their E-Gas technology to pursue efficient and environmentally responsible synthesis gas production projects.”   

            ConocoPhillips will display the Invensys prototype of the E-Gas two-stage gasifier during the Gasification Technologies Conference at the Broadmoor Conference Center in Colorado Springs, CO, October 4-7, 2009.

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ASCI Secures ConocoPhillips Global Inventory Optimization Contract

Alaska-based Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), announced the finalization of ConocoPhillips’ purchase of the Oniqua Analytics Suite (OAS) – Inventory software solution. The software has performed above expectations, providing rapid ROI exceeding 400% in ConocoPhillips’ trials at three of their largest upstream sites: Alaska, Indonesia and the North Sea.

            OAS – Inventory, developed by Australia-based Oniqua Enterprise Analytics, is specifically designed for asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas. ASCI will install OAS – Inventory at 25 ConocoPhillips production and refining facilities worldwide. As the Master Distributor for Oniqua products within the North American oil and gas industry, ASCI will customize the software for use at each ConocoPhillips site.

            This application delivers a tremendous return on investment by right-sizing inventory based on maintenance, inventory and procurement data and applying leading techniques for inventory optimization. The optimization algorithm has demonstrated proven inventory reduction results of 15-25%.

            “The challenge for asset-intensive corporations is to maximize their return on heavy [plant and ongoing operation] investments,” said Mike Schwarz, VP of Business Development at ASCI. “To accomplish that, companies must overcome difficulties of operating and maintaining complex and diverse equipment in difficult climates. This software suite increases service levels, thus reducing downtime, with decreased inventory investment.”

            Schwartz told PetroComputing that the algorithms in OAS – Inventory serve to “right-size” even very large, global inventories by balancing the risks of overstock with understock. Using connectors to the company’s ERP system, the software captures more than 200 fields of data per month for each SKU, or stock keeping unit. Statistical analysis is then carried out with a focus on equipment criticality and workaround options using sophisticated lead-time analysis based on past experience. The software can be “tuned” for each location to capture local costs and lead-times, and business rules can be implemented to set parameters for approvals, enabling staff to manage by exception.

            Each month, the OAS – Inventory software takes about 11 hours to upload all of the data and makes recommendations for balancing the inventory. Then a ConocoPhillips supply chain professional can model various what-if scenarios and do a reality check on the software’s suggestions. ASCI is providing three segments of training to ConocoPhillips employees:

  • One week of introduction plus one week of using the system with actual corporate data;
  • A month later, a second round (two weeks) of intermediate training after users have been able to play with it a while; and
  • Two more weeks of advanced training 6-12 months later.

            “Customers are able to deliver significant savings after the first round of training,” Schwartz told PetroComputing on the sidelines of the E&P Technology Summit 2009 in The Woodlands, TX.

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