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DrillingInfo Acquires HPDI

Austin-based Drilling Info Inc. has acquired HPDI, an energy software and information services company that provides production data and Web-enabled analytical software tools for financial and investment analysis and hydrocarbon marketing sectors. HPDI’s primary focus is historical oil and gas production data along with transportation data, gas plant and refinery data, and well-head pricing data. HPDI offers Web-enabled applications that are used to access their data to create reports, GIS maps, charts and exports to secondary applications.

            Allen Gilmer, Chairman and CEO of DrillingInfo, said: “This acquisition achieves a number of strategic objectives for DrillingInfo and our base of more than 10,000 oil and gas professionals. Among the key benefits of acquiring HPDI is the immediate expansion of our coverage to every oil and gas producing state in the US as well as offshore Gulf of Mexico and certain Canadian provinces.

            “HPDI’s focus on gathering oil and gas production data has allowed them to develop an extremely high-quality database of current and historical production data that complements DrillingInfo’s historical production database, making the combined product the premier US monthly production database. The combination of this with our deep well detail information and mineral leasing and land database is extremely powerful and will enhance our members’ ability to make much better decisions in a fraction of the time.”

            Gilmer continued: “HPDI customers will have the opportunity to enhance their access to decision-critical information and tools through a combined DI Plus Membership. HPDI and DI provide two very different platform options that in combination can be optimized to meet virtually any oil- and gas-related decision support process and workflow.”

            Effective immediately, Drillinginfo All States Members will have access to production data for all oil producing states in the US as well as for offshore Gulf of Mexico and Pacific wells. In addition, Drillinginfo is releasing permit activity data for the corresponding state expansion.

            “The addition of HPDI allows us to fulfill our corporate vision of becoming the single most comprehensive and valuable decision support and workflow platform for the US oil and gas industry, as well as for companies and industries with peripheral and parallel interests,” said Gilmer. “Our commitment to the oil and gas industry and the resident domain expertise of the two companies will allow us to achieve our goals much faster. To say we are excited about this would be a dramatic understatement.”

            HPDI will continue to operate under its current business model and its customer base will not be impacted by this acquisition. All of HPDI’s employees have been retained and operations will not be affected. HPDI customer support will continue to be available through the same channels.



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Drillinginfo Adds Shelby County to LandTracs Coverage

Austin-based Drillinginfo has expanded the coverage of its LandTracs Land and Exploration Product in East Texas by adding Shelby County. Shelby joins Panola County as part of Drillinginfo’s East Texas mineral tract outline initiative. This brings the total coverage of LandTrac counties to over 100 in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado and North Dakota.

            With more than 15,000 leases, Shelby is one of the most active oil and gas counties in Texas and a part of the East Texas segment of the Haynesville Shale Play. Leveraging its LandTrac Suite, Drillinginfo has drawn the mineral lease outlines based on the legal description of the leases on file with the County. This provides landmen, corporate land departments and independents an accurate and fast way to look for opportunity in a very important, but complicated area of Texas.

            Drillinginfo’s LandTrac Suite is fully integrated with Drillinginfo’s database of leasing, well and production data, allowing users to drill down easily within the county and area to assess the opportunity. Users can choose to view LandTracs annotated by Lease Expiration or Grantee. This gives landmen and land departments a tremendous advantage when looking for leasing opportunity in a complicated county such as Shelby or Panola. Using Drillinginfo’s map tools, LandTracs can be histogrammed in order to provide even more resolution to the maps.

            Shelby County LandTracs can be added to a current Basic subscription or included with all of Drillinginfo’s LandTracs as part of a DI Plus subscription.

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