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iStore Launches Digital Oilfield Online for the Cloud

iStore launched Digital Oilfield Online, a cloud-based hosting service for its PetroTrek® software suite, at the Microsoft Global Energy Forum. iStore, which helps oil and gas companies access, organize and visualize exploration and production (E&P) data, has adopted the Microsoft Windows Azure Services platform for delivering Digital Oilfield solutions in the cloud.

            On-premise Digital Oilfield technology requires substantial IT infrastructure to support data storage and information delivery. With the launch of Digital Oilfield Online, iStore will tackle the industry’s information management needs by applying the on-demand scalability, elastic computing and new cost structure offered by cloud computing. The new service creates immediate value, saving companies as much as $200,000 on hardware and software, in addition to recurring maintenance and operating costs.

            Digital Oilfield Online allows oil and gas companies to host their information-centric Digital Oilfield projects securely online. This includes asset management, production monitoring, health /environment / safety management, and joint venture collaboration. It also enables leveraging of on-premise data and external E&P content, such as IHS wells and production data, through iStore’s data access and integration technology. The new service supports the Public Petroleum Data Model (PPDM), an open standard widely accepted by the industry for business-oriented data storage. This gives companies a roadmap for moving data management to the cloud.

            “iStore is led by the market and our customers are telling us that agile, elastic IT is very important to their business going forward,” commented Barry Irani, president and CEO of iStore. “Cloud computing not only helps our customers eliminate costly hardware and server software licenses, it jump-starts Digital Oilfield projects by cutting out the time-consuming infrastructure procurement process associated with delivering decision support solutions. The industry as a whole will make the leap when they know that their information is as safe or safer outside the corporate firewall – that’s why we consider data security the number one priority for doing business in the cloud.”

            To ensure that Digital Oilfield Online meets the rigorous security standards required by the petroleum industry, CSC, a Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program (TAP) partner, is assisting iStore with architectural review, security auditing and the commercialization of the service.

            “CSC is proud to team with iStore on the Digital Oilfield Online. CSC is at the forefront of cloud computing through our work with clients and CSC’s Leading Edge Forum. As a result of our research and hands-on experience, our clients are benefiting from a cost-effective platform that enhances collaboration and improves asset optimization and business performance. The cloud makes this innovative solution available to a wide range of E&P companies in a very flexible business model,” said Bob Welch, president of CSC’s Chemical, Energy and Natural Resources Group.

            In 2009, CSC and iStore announced an alliance agreement in which CSC would act as primary systems integrator in the global distribution of iStore’s PetroTrek solutions.

            “iStore’s Digital Oilfield Online offering is an example of the type of solution Microsoft envisioned when we launched Windows Azure to the oil and gas industry earlier this year,” said Craig Hodges, Microsoft general manager, Manufacturing & Resources Sector. “Today’s oilfield business and operations climate is defined by unprecedented complexities and the continuing need to do more with less. Solutions like this one that eliminate costs and promote better business intelligence using the Microsoft platform in a secure computing environment will be instrumental in launching a new level of efficiency in the industry.”


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Teradata Establishes Information Security Center of Excellence

Teradata Corp., the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced the formation of its Information Security Center of Excellence (InfoSec COE) to help customers better manage the increased risk associated with the dramatic growth in sensitive data, exploding data volumes and privacy compliance requirements.

            “There is growing awareness among customers that they must stay ahead of the risks,” said Robert Cromer, VP Professional Services, Teradata Corp. “The Teradata InfoSec COE makes getting started easy, and the payback is tangible.”

            The Teradata InfoSec COE offers:

  • In-database encryption of sensitive data;
  • Integration with centralized directory services for user authentication and access control;
  • Operating system level server hardening;
  • Risk and regulatory compliance assessments; and
  • Semantic layer security controls at the row and column level.

            The scope of these consulting services extends beyond the Teradata platform to include network connectivity, directory services, firewall configurations, identity management, user provisioning, segregation of duties, tamper-proof audit trail and centralized log consolidation.

            “A comprehensive, holistic, layered approach to security is essential today with the relentless blurring of network boundaries between business partners,” said Cromer.

            The Teradata InfoSec COE team is comprised of world-class, certified security consultants with specific expertise in security policy and compliance, privacy, security strategy, policy, design, and the implementation of best practices. Some of those advanced certifications held by the team include: the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), the Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification (ITIL), and the Certified Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act professional (CHP).

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RSA Announces Solutions for World-Class IT Security

RSA, the security division of EMC, announced new consultative and advisory services to help enterprises implement or improve their security operations to more effectively manage both risk and IT compliance programs. These new services are based on the deep expertise from EMC Consulting and RSA, built through 25 years of customer engagements and combined with best practices derived from EMC’s own world-class security operations function.

            As cyber threats become more sophisticated and IT systems more complex, large enterprises are examining ways to improve the performance and responsiveness of IT and security operations. Taking a more advanced approach to security operations, while also integrating key IT operations functions, better enables organizations to identify and manage incidents and protect valuable information and IT assets.

            To address these issues in large enterprise environments, EMC and its security division, RSA, are introducing a comprehensive suite of consulting and advisory services and award-winning security solutions to provide customers with a broader set of capabilities to effectively:

  • Gather and analyze security data across the enterprise;
  • Evaluate risk in order to prioritize remediation;
  • Detect and react to security incidents, including first-line response to incidents;
  • Monitor the IT environment to ensure effectiveness of security controls;
  • Report out on security metrics; and
  • Support the organizations’ efforts to address IT compliance requirements.

            “Looking beyond the perimeter and integrating technology such as security information and event management with data loss prevention and integrated feeds for threat, attack and mitigation processes, can facilitate a quicker response to attacks and swift, effective decision-making,” said Mischel Kwon, VP of Public Sector Security Solutions at RSA, and the former director of the US Computer Emergency Response Team for the Dept. of Homeland Security. “By delivering comprehensive services and solutions that enable an advanced security operations function, RSA is providing customers with the ability to effectively identify and manage information risk.”

            The new consulting and advisory Services include:

  • Security Operations Strategy & Assessment – For those with established security operations processes, or who are establishing new ones;
  • Security Operations Management – For those seeking to develop more comprehensive policies, procedures, guidelines and documentation to enhance their security operations; and
  • Security Operations Analysis & Design – For those seeking a broad evaluation of security operations requirements and recommendations for solution design to meet corporate objectives for security operations and incident management.

            “Today’s security challenges are unprecedented in the context of government and industry regulations, cyber attacks, and compliance requirements and the move toward private cloud. By helping to minimize risks and sustain long-term security frameworks, EMC Consulting empowers clients to achieve their ambitions for business and technology,” said Sandra Hamilton, Vice President, EMC Consulting.

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