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Adlib Introduces PDF for SharePoint

Adlib Software, a Canadian document management firm, announced its new product, PDF for SharePoint. This new added-value solution for Microsoft’s SharePoint collaborative environment delivers a comprehensive set of PDF services to extend the value of SharePoint content and improve the efficiency of business processes.

            “The strong demand from Adlib’s customers and partners for a SharePoint solution enabled us to work closely with them to develop important out-of-the-box features in PDF for SharePoint,” said Brian Kernohan, VP Partner Channel, Adlib. “In addition, our close partnership with Microsoft has resulted in SharePoint-to-Adlib interfaces that drastically reduce development time for our customers and integration partners. PDF for SharePoint is a win-win solution for everyone.”

            PDF for SharePoint automates the conversion of electronic documents to PDF, offering the same capabilities available in Adlib’s flagship solution, Adlib Express. This server-based document transformation solution is used by many Fortune 1000 companies. Among its benefits are centralized management of document transformation standards in multi-departmental environments, transforming high volumes of documents, and automating document workflows through powerful background services.

            In addition to rapid integration into the SharePoint environment, PDF for SharePoint speeds operational deployment via out-of-the-box SharePoint workflows that are easily configured to each customer’s needs. These workflows include:

  • Convert to PDF – Converts Microsoft Office as well as hundreds of legacy document formats to PDF;
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – Converts image documents to text searchable PDF;
  • Convert to PDF with Watermark – Adds a watermark to documents;
  • Merge Documents – Merges any number of documents into a single PDF and adds a Table of Contents and page numbering.

            “The power of these workflows lies in how they are easily deployed,” said Scott Mackey, Director of Product Management for Adlib. “For example, CAD documents can be converted to PDF, making them accessible to field operations and manufacturing. Scanned documents can be converted into searchable PDF’s using the OCR workflow, enabling them to be found using search. A collaborative team effort that results in multiple documents can be aggregated into a single PDF document using the Merge Documents workflow. All of these capabilities are delivered as a natural extension of the SharePoint environment.”

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