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Software Toolbox Integrated with AFCON Pulse SCADA/HMI

Software Toolbox announced that its Symbol Factory.NET and Industrial Gadgets.NET graphics technologies have been integrated with a new Pulse SCADA/HMI software application from AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd., enabling engineers to select animated images from a library of more than 3,600 industrial and manufacturing objects to create custom control panels.

“Because Pulse is based on the Microsoft .NET framework, Industrial Gadgets.NET and Symbol Factory.NET from Software Toolbox are natural complements to Pulse,” said Orly Inbar, marketing director at AFCON. “AFCON customers have confirmed that the availability of Industrial Gadgets.NET objects significantly reduces engineering time, while providing strikingly realistic and state-of-the-art visualizations of real-life equipment. Engineers from Software Toolbox worked closely with the AFCON development team in making a smooth integration of their tools with Pulse.”

With AFCON’s Pulse software, application engineers can work within a unified SCADA/HMI environment that now combines the powerful .NET graphics tools from Software Toolbox. Symbol Factory.NET allows engineers to use the built-in object browser to pick from a wide range of animated objects to create custom screens that address their specific operations responsibilities. The addition of the Industrial Gadgets.NET application enables users to select from analog and digital controls to create realistic industrial control user interfaces to view input and data controls.

“The Software Toolbox object-oriented graphics components will enable engineers to rapidly build solutions for specific manufacturing and infrastructure requirements,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox. “Symbol Factory.NET and Industrial Gadgets.NET capabilities will enhance an operator’s ability to customize each process screen. Engineers can now spend less time creating and modifying HMI applications.”

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Rockwell Partners with Software Toolbox for Expanded Graphics

Software Toolbox® has signed a multi-year agreement with Rockwell Automation to provide its Symbol Factory technology to enhance the graphics library options available to users of FactoryTalk® View from Rockwell Automation. Rockwell plans to include Symbol Factory in the next release of its FactoryTalk View products later this year.

            “Adding Symbol Factory to the FactoryTalk View product line will give our users new choices to build engaging, high-quality operator screens with less engineering time,” said Tony Carrara, FactoryTalk View product manager at Rockwell Automation. “This application will help reduce a customer’s total cost of ownership and help increase the overall value they receive from their investment in Rockwell Automation products.”

            Symbol Factory is a graphics symbol manipulation and management application that features a library of more than 5,000 industrial automation graphics. Software Toolbox will work with Rockwell Automation to integrate Symbol Factory into its FactoryTalk View products so developers can easily access and leverage the Symbol Factory library in their HMI/SCADA applications.

            “The Software Toolbox Symbol Factory application will enhance an operator’s ability to customize each process screen with the option to select from 60 different categories of graphics,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox. “Customers can simply select their visualization object of choice to represent a specific HMI function. Engineers can now spend less time creating and modifying HMI applications.”

            Rockwell’s FactoryTalk View Site Edition is a supervisory HMI software application designed for enterprise solutions, and FactoryTalk Machine Edition features a machine-level HMI capability that provides a consistent operator interface across multiple platforms, including Microsoft® Windows® CE, Windows XP and Vista. These applications help enable operators to share and integrate data easily with other FactoryTalk-enabled products, configure applications from anywhere on the network, make changes to a running system with remote multi-user configuration capabilities, and initiate data logging for historical trending analysis. The applications support ActiveX and OPC technologies.

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Software Toolbox Snags “Readers’ Choice” Award

Software Toolbox® has been selected for a “2010 Control Readers’ Choice” award from Control magazine. Readers honored Software Toolbox in the “OPC Connectivity Software” section, a new category for this year’s awards.

            “Being selected by Control readers validates the successful strategy of Software Toolbox to deliver software products and technical support that meet the specific needs of engineers in the field,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox. “OPC technology was created to provide open interoperability, compatibility and connectivity between multiple systems and applications.  The use of OPC standards ensures successful real-time data connectivity and continues to be top-of-mind for engineers in the plant today.”

            Software Toolbox has 14 years of expertise with OPC and is a charter member of the OPC Foundation. The company has been an active participant in OPC interoperability testing for 10 years, and involved in supporting the OPC UA standards, compliance and marketing teams. The OPC DataLogger from Software Toolbox was the first OPC DA client application in the world to pass the OPC Foundation’s rigorous independent lab compliance certification tests. The company offers OPC servers, OPC application tools, OPC development tools and OPC consulting.  

            The “Readers’ Choice” award from Control magazine ranks the opinions of process control professionals assessing the industry’s best technology offerings. More than 1,000 readers were asked to select technologies that have best met their needs in manufacturing and industrial process industries.

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Software Toolbox Releases TOP Server Version 5.2

Software Toolbox® has released TOP Server Version 5.2 to its client base and channel partners. TOP Server, powered by Kepware, is Software Toolbox’s OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application. The new release delivers enhancements offering users the latest choices in OPC technology and new alarm and event generation capabilities for data collected in TOP Server.

“The release of the OPC UA interfaces in TOP Server delivers on our commitment to protect our client’s investment in OPC technology and demonstrates the value of an ongoing relationship with Software Toolbox,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox. “The OPC A&E condition-monitoring plug-in option gives users another way to get value from data they are collecting using TOP Server. Many HMI/SCADA packages offer an OPC A&E client interface in their alarm management systems and now our clients have a way to deliver alarms and events messages directly to the systems from TOP Server.”

New features in version 5.2 include:

  • OPC UA Server & Client Interfaces – OPC UA, the latest generation of OPC interfaces, offers Web-based services, is firewall friendly and provides secure messaging to other OPC UA applications without using DCOM. TOP Server delivers an OPC UA server interface and optional OPC UA client interface, which empowers users to use TOP Server as a standards-based tunneling solution.
  • Expanded OPC-A&E Server Interface – Using the new OPC A&E condition-monitoring plug-in, users can specify conditions on tags read from devices using any of TOP Server’s hundreds of drivers and generate alarm and event messages using the OPC A&E standard.
  • Driver Updates – Expands the functionality of the ControlLogix Ethernet, Mettler Toledo, Idec and Modbus Ethernet drivers, and adds a new C# sample application for the Custom Interface Driver.

TOP Server 5.2 will be available for download or as an upgrade for users on active support and maintenance contracts on Feb. 11, 2010 at

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Software Toolbox Joins Siemens Premium Add-on Program

Software Toolbox® has been selected by Siemens AG to participate in its Premium Add-on Program designed to expand customer awareness of third-party industrial automation software solutions that can be used to enhance Siemens Simatic WinCC and WinCC flexible products for process visualization and plant intelligence.

            “The Siemens catalog is the key product resource for sales, applications engineers and customers,” said John Weber, president of Software Toolbox Inc. “It’s where everyone goes to look for approved third-party products for use with Siemens software.”

            To qualify for the Premium Add-on Program, products must be determined by Siemens to be important application- and sector-specific add-on products that supplement WinCC. Siemens conducts independent tests of the third-party software to ensure product compatibility with SIMATIC WinCC. Solution providers whose products pass all compatibility tests are invited to list their products in the Siemens Premium Add-ons for SIMATIC WinCC flexible and WinCC print and online catalogs. Also as part of the program, Siemens product technical support accepts calls for listed products, connects customers with the solution partners and tracks the resolution of issues.

            “The added level of assurance provided by Siemens is significant,” Weber said. “Since Siemens has focused a magnifying glass on all third-party products listed in its catalog, customers benefit from processes and procedures designed to handle any issue. This significantly lowers the customer risk for using an approved third-party product with SIMATIC WinCC flexible and WinCC.”

            Software Toolbox products listed in the Siemens catalog include TOP Server and TOP Server UCON. Both products are powered by Kepware automation communications technology through Software Toolbox’s 14-year partnership with Kepware.

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