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TAKE Supply Chain, DataMAX Partner to Serve JD Edwards Customers

TAKE Supply Chain and DataMAX Software Group Inc. have  partnered to provide integrated data collection and an expanded line of supply chain solutions to JD Edwards customers. DataMAX’s RFGen Software, a JD Edwards Certified Integration data collection product, enables customers to extend their ERP investment while leveraging the benefits of a best-of-breed mobile data collection solution. DataMAX RFGen reduces project risk by eliminating custom integrations. The partnership also provides JD Edwards customers access to TAKE’s integrated supply chain technologies, including supplier collaboration, returns management, asset tracking and maintenance and global trade management.

            Since 1994, TAKE Supply Chain has been a trusted provider of data collection solutions to companies running Oracle® and has the world’s largest library of pre-built transactions for discrete and process manufacturers who use Oracle.

            “This partnership represents a great opportunity for JD Edwards customers, who can now implement a total supply chain management solution without the risk or cost of custom integration,” said Warren Sumner, chief operating officer and general manager at TAKE Supply Chain. “By enabling JD Edwards customers to leverage their existing ERP investment, we’re making it faster and easier for them to get the functionality they need, so they can quickly begin to see returns on their investment.”

            TAKE has thousands of companies using its supply chain applications to collaborate with customers and suppliers for material procurement, distribution and reverse logistics. This experience enables TAKE to bring global best practices in supply chain execution to companies who want to leverage and extend their JD Edwards platform. DataMAX has more than 2,500 RFgen Software installations in use worldwide.

            “We have years of expertise in successfully deploying data collection solutions into the JD Edwards installed base,” said Robert Brice, Sr. VP at RFgen. “This partnership leverages this experience and extends both of our companies’ track record in managing large, complex projects and solving complex supply chain challenges.”

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Asset Management Services Extends Contract with Oniqua

Anchorage-based Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), announced the signing of a three-year contract extension with Oniqua Enterprise Analytics. This new contract pertains specifically to a three-tier distribution of Oniqua’s OAS-Inventory software suite by AMS, and includes North American and Caribbean distribution to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. The contract extension follows a prior three-year distribution contract between Oniqua and AMS, wherein AMS brought significant ROI to customers in the oil and gas industry.

As a distributor for Oniqua products, AMS will install, configure and manage the OAS-Inventory software for its customers. This application delivers a tremendous return on investment by right-sizing inventory based on maintenance, inventory and procurement data, and applying leading techniques for inventory optimization. The optimization algorithm has demonstrated proven inventory reduction results of 15-25%.

“We are pleased to extend the successful relationship we have forged with AMS over the past three years,” said Oniqua CEO Andy Hill. “AMS has delivered sales wins from some of the world’s largest oil and gas organizations and proven their capability to deliver substantial savings to these customers through the implementation of our software.”

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ASCI Inks Agreement with BP Alaska

Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI) and BP Exploration Alaska (BPXA) have signed a new contract for supply chain management services. The contract will replace an existing agreement that expires next month, under which ASCI has provided supply chain management support to BPXA since 1999.

Supply chain management is the process by which goods are acquired, transported, received, stored and delivered to their ultimate destination. The ASCI contract scope includes assistance with procurement, warehouse operations, inventory control, vendor documentation management and infield delivery of materials. The services will be performed on Alaska’s North Slope and in Anchorage by approximately 180 ASCI employees. The agreement also includes the use and support of ASCI’s innovative suite of Web-based e-commerce software tools.

Under the new agreement, ASCI will work closely with BPXA to support its supply chain management organization. Scott Hawkins, ASCI President, said: “This agreement aligns us well with BPXA’s new strategic directions and positions us to serve BPXA’s needs in the years to come. We are grateful to BPXA for their support over the years. We look forward to helping our valued customers continue to ‘raise the bar’ on supply chain management performance.”

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TAKE Supply Chain Releases OneSCM SaaS Platform

Austin-based TAKE Supply Chain (formerly ClearOrbit), purveyor of supply chain management software, announced the availability of the company’s new software as a service (SaaS) platform called OneSCM™, which is designed to deliver online supplier management to medium and large enterprises. This initial release of OneSCM enables manufacturers and distributors to facilitate supplier response transactions to function against the purchase order schedules and provides shipment execution functionality such as part tracking numbers (PTNs), barcode label printing and shipments.

            OneSCM, the company’s first release featuring a multi-tenant SaaS architecture, serves as the foundation for a series of solutions that will be released to the market during the next few quarters. This new platform marks an important inflection point in TAKE Supply Chain’s growth toward becoming a multi-enterprise, collaborative network provider.

            TAKE Supply Chain, which has traditionally developed on-premise enterprise supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors, has worked closely with customers to develop SaaS applications that plug into the on-premise solutions that customers have already deployed. This approach enables customers to preserve their existing enterprise software investments while also leveraging best-of-breed SaaS technologies.

            “OneSCM is a platform and a set of integrated applications that industry-specific ecosystems will use to perform supply chain activities across all their value-adding partners,” said Warren Sumner, chief operating officer and general manager, TAKE Supply Chain. “This means that brand owners, goods and services providers, distributors and customers will each realize unique value from OneSCM. This ability to leverage networks of ecosystem partners with a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture sets OneSCM apart from other business software systems.”

            This release provides a unified set of individual applications – Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Accounts Receivable Automation and Accounts Payable Automation – that are available separately or as fully integrated modules. OneSCM is designed to deliver value quickly through pre-built integration with SAP® and Oracle®, industry-standard interfaces like PIDX and RosettaNet, and a fully stable and secure environment that meets SAS70 type 1 and type 2 standards for SaaS applications. These capabilities ensure delivery of functionality with faster implementation to broader groups of participants, as well as assured business value with economical solution delivery.

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ASCI Secures ConocoPhillips Global Inventory Optimization Contract

Alaska-based Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), announced the finalization of ConocoPhillips’ purchase of the Oniqua Analytics Suite (OAS) – Inventory software solution. The software has performed above expectations, providing rapid ROI exceeding 400% in ConocoPhillips’ trials at three of their largest upstream sites: Alaska, Indonesia and the North Sea.

            OAS – Inventory, developed by Australia-based Oniqua Enterprise Analytics, is specifically designed for asset-intensive industries such as oil and gas. ASCI will install OAS – Inventory at 25 ConocoPhillips production and refining facilities worldwide. As the Master Distributor for Oniqua products within the North American oil and gas industry, ASCI will customize the software for use at each ConocoPhillips site.

            This application delivers a tremendous return on investment by right-sizing inventory based on maintenance, inventory and procurement data and applying leading techniques for inventory optimization. The optimization algorithm has demonstrated proven inventory reduction results of 15-25%.

            “The challenge for asset-intensive corporations is to maximize their return on heavy [plant and ongoing operation] investments,” said Mike Schwarz, VP of Business Development at ASCI. “To accomplish that, companies must overcome difficulties of operating and maintaining complex and diverse equipment in difficult climates. This software suite increases service levels, thus reducing downtime, with decreased inventory investment.”

            Schwartz told PetroComputing that the algorithms in OAS – Inventory serve to “right-size” even very large, global inventories by balancing the risks of overstock with understock. Using connectors to the company’s ERP system, the software captures more than 200 fields of data per month for each SKU, or stock keeping unit. Statistical analysis is then carried out with a focus on equipment criticality and workaround options using sophisticated lead-time analysis based on past experience. The software can be “tuned” for each location to capture local costs and lead-times, and business rules can be implemented to set parameters for approvals, enabling staff to manage by exception.

            Each month, the OAS – Inventory software takes about 11 hours to upload all of the data and makes recommendations for balancing the inventory. Then a ConocoPhillips supply chain professional can model various what-if scenarios and do a reality check on the software’s suggestions. ASCI is providing three segments of training to ConocoPhillips employees:

  • One week of introduction plus one week of using the system with actual corporate data;
  • A month later, a second round (two weeks) of intermediate training after users have been able to play with it a while; and
  • Two more weeks of advanced training 6-12 months later.

            “Customers are able to deliver significant savings after the first round of training,” Schwartz told PetroComputing on the sidelines of the E&P Technology Summit 2009 in The Woodlands, TX.

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