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Gartner’s Top Ten IT Strategies for 2009

At the recent Gartner Symposium ITExpo in Orlando, Gartner analysts Carl Claunch and David Cearley presented the Top Ten list of strategic technologies for 2009:

1. Virtualization

2. Cloud Computing

3. Servers: Beyond Blades

4. Web-Oriented Architectures

5. Enterprise Mashups

6. Specialized Systems

7. Social Software and Social Networking

8. Unified Networking

9. Business Intelligence

10. Green IT

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Zeus Technology’s New Resource Center

Zeus Technology mabazine just opened a new Resource Center on our website:

Resource Center Link:


We have white papers and PowerPoint presentations you can download, as well as webcasts, freeware and software demos you can check out. We hope this will grow into a valuable information resource about all the latest information technologies used in the oil and gas industry!

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inthinc Seeks Beta Testers for Fleet Driving Safety Device

Salt Lake City-based inthinc, developer and manufacturer of technologies to improve driving safety, announced a beta test program for an innovative in-cab driver mentoring system called tiwi PRO™. The company is seeking businesses with fleets to participate in the beta test to commence January 2009. The system is designed to create immediate improvements in the driving behavior of light commercial fleet drivers.

With a combination of GPS locating and audible in-cab driver mentoring technology, the tiwi PRO provides a unique solution for both fleet managers and drivers to embrace safer practices and enhance productivity.

“Drivers of fleet vehicles are required to be on the road much more than most others,” said Blake Kirby, president of inthinc. “The tiwi PRO solution is unlike anything on the market in its ability to help those drivers apply safe driving practices and enable their managers to know at a glance not only where their drivers are, but also how they have been driving and where improvements can be made.”

The tiwi PRO includes a small device that is installed in the windshield or on the dashboard of a vehicle. It is designed to provide drivers with real-time audible alerts to let them know when they are involved in unsafe behavior such as speeding, aggressive driving and seatbelt violations so they can correct the behavior.

Supervisors can receive real-time alerts via phone call, text message or e-mail regarding certain infractions or incidents such as an accident or excessive speeding. Drivers can also be given an opportunity to correct the behavior before a notification is sent. A variety of reports are available through a Web portal to notify management regarding driver performance, vehicle positioning and trends.

tiwi PRO empowers light fleet drivers and management with several unique innovations to enhance safe driving including:

  • Speed By Street™, which compares vehicle speed to a proprietary database of posted speed limits on individual roads
  • Smart Zones™ for advanced geo-fencing
  • Real-time and historical reporting for instant feedback and trend analysis
  • Real-time incident notification

The technology used in tiwi PRO has successfully been used in the oil and gas industry for several years, reducing accidents by more than 80% annually and saving companies millions of dollars. It has also been used by NASCAR for seven years to improve driver, car and track safety. Companies interested in inquiring about the beta program can do so by calling 866-294-8637.

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New IT Simulation Game from Intel

Be one of the first to play IT Manager III: Unseen Forces. It’s an IT simulation game that gives your real-world IT knowledge a proper workout.

You’ll find it’s great fun to play. Apply your special powers and skills. Become a technology evangelist. Enable the business to grow into a global enterprise. Find your real-world IT knowledge being put to the test.

However, it is at the beta stage. Therefore there will also be a few wrinkles that need ironing out. As a result, updates of the beta may require you to start playing from the beginning again.

The simulation is packed with new technologies, game play, strategies and surprises. There’s a friendly questionnaire at the end of the game for you to have your say. Then, when Intel is ready to launch, you will be among the first to know.

So if you are game, try the IT Manager III: Unseen Forces beta

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Win a Supercomputer!

Microsoft and Cray Inc. teamed up in September with an announcement to drive high-productivity computing further into the mainstream in a broad array of markets with the Cray CX1 supercomputer. Now they’re giving one away! More information is available at


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