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Asset Management Services Extends Contract with Oniqua

Anchorage-based Asset Management Services (AMS), a subsidiary of Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI), announced the signing of a three-year contract extension with Oniqua Enterprise Analytics. This new contract pertains specifically to a three-tier distribution of Oniqua’s OAS-Inventory software suite by AMS, and includes North American and Caribbean distribution to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. The contract extension follows a prior three-year distribution contract between Oniqua and AMS, wherein AMS brought significant ROI to customers in the oil and gas industry.

As a distributor for Oniqua products, AMS will install, configure and manage the OAS-Inventory software for its customers. This application delivers a tremendous return on investment by right-sizing inventory based on maintenance, inventory and procurement data, and applying leading techniques for inventory optimization. The optimization algorithm has demonstrated proven inventory reduction results of 15-25%.

“We are pleased to extend the successful relationship we have forged with AMS over the past three years,” said Oniqua CEO Andy Hill. “AMS has delivered sales wins from some of the world’s largest oil and gas organizations and proven their capability to deliver substantial savings to these customers through the implementation of our software.”

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ASCI Inks Agreement with BP Alaska

Advanced Supply Chain International (ASCI) and BP Exploration Alaska (BPXA) have signed a new contract for supply chain management services. The contract will replace an existing agreement that expires next month, under which ASCI has provided supply chain management support to BPXA since 1999.

Supply chain management is the process by which goods are acquired, transported, received, stored and delivered to their ultimate destination. The ASCI contract scope includes assistance with procurement, warehouse operations, inventory control, vendor documentation management and infield delivery of materials. The services will be performed on Alaska’s North Slope and in Anchorage by approximately 180 ASCI employees. The agreement also includes the use and support of ASCI’s innovative suite of Web-based e-commerce software tools.

Under the new agreement, ASCI will work closely with BPXA to support its supply chain management organization. Scott Hawkins, ASCI President, said: “This agreement aligns us well with BPXA’s new strategic directions and positions us to serve BPXA’s needs in the years to come. We are grateful to BPXA for their support over the years. We look forward to helping our valued customers continue to ‘raise the bar’ on supply chain management performance.”

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Honeywell, Shell Sign Automation Agreement

Honeywell has signed a global five-year agreement to be a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) for Shell. The Global Framework Agreement is part of Shell’s long-term MAC strategy to maximize production while lowering total operating costs by equipping its worldwide facilities with integrated process automation technology.

As a MAC, Honeywell will design automation and safety systems that will help Shell meet world energy demands in an economically and environmentally responsible manner. For more than three decades, Honeywell has served as a MAC on hundreds of Shell projects. Currently, Honeywell is working on three of Shell’s largest projects:

  • The new gas to liquids (GTL) plant in Qatar;
  • The Athabasca Oil Sands Project; and
  • The expansion of Shell’s Port Arthur Refinery.

“Honeywell’s performance in helping us execute these highly complex projects was one factor in selecting the company for this work,” said Ronaldo Marques, Shell’s Enterprise Group Categories Manager for Equipment. “This agreement allows us to provide consistent global delivery of the highest quality technology with best-in-class strategic support at sites around the world.”

By designing their production facilities with integrated process automation systems, manufacturers can improve overall plant safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability while ensuring critical information gets to the right people at the right time. Using integrated systems such as Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) and Safety Manager solutions, plant personnel at all levels get a better picture of how various process subsystems affect the entire operation. Plant operators, for example, can make better decisions in the control room when systems like Experion tell them how a specific process is affecting the rest of the plant.

Designing a new facility with an integrated system allows manufacturers to plan more accurately how to integrate new technology in the future. This saves money in the long term by preventing systems from becoming obsolete.

“More and more, our clients want our early engagement to design integrated process automation systems from the ground up because it’s a smart strategy for protecting an asset’s long-term viability and the business’ profitability,” said Norm Gilsdorf, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. “Shell recognizes this opportunity, and this MAC agreement is a proactive step in maximizing its global production while providing a technological path forward as needs change.”

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CPC Corp. Taiwan Signs Global Access Agreement with Paradigm

Paradigm, provider of enterprise oil and gas software solutions, has signed a multi-year global access agreement with CPC Corp. Taiwan. The contract will provide CPC with full access to the Paradigm seismic interpretation suite, including products such as SeisEarth®, VoxelGeo®, Stratimagic®, and Geolog®.

            “After conducting a rigorous technical evaluation, we chose Paradigm software for its competitive value,” said Bishop Hsu, head of exploration, CPC. “At CPC, we place strong emphasis on using the most sophisticated technology to generate the best results. We believe that this investment will prove instrumental as we expand our operations.”

            The Paradigm seismic interpretation solution equips geoscientists with multi-2D and -3D tools for creating seamless interpretation and analyzing seismic data within a fully functional 3D canvas. Advances within this technology speed up interpretation time and assist geoscientists in identifying potential exploration prospects and drilling targets, leading to faster, more productive workflows.

            “We are very pleased to provide a next-generation seismic interpretation solution that is well-suited to the unique business needs of CPC,” said David Betty, Exec. VP Asia Pacific, Paradigm. “We greatly value the spirit of the relationship and the confidence that CPC has placed in Paradigm and look forward to working with them for a long time to come.”

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BP Awards Global Telecom Contract to T-Systems

T-Systems, the business solutions arm of Deutsche Telekom, has secured a contract to provide telecommunications services to BP. The five-year contract will play a key role in supporting BP’s ongoing efficiency program by delivering significant cost savings. Terms were not disclosed.

            T-Systems will transform BP’s global telecoms services network, enabling it for next-generation voice and data services. In a flexible contract, BP’s business units will have the freedom to choose communications services that align with their specific needs and cost base.

            The agreement introduces a new multi-sourcing model for communications services. The transformation program will simplify BP’s existing network, reducing the number of suppliers to remove complexity, lowering the cost of operations significantly, and ensuring end-to-end service quality.

            In a parallel agreement, Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN Group) will be providing a global managed service that supports BP’s voice requirements, including managed telephone and audiovisual services. The two companies have extensive experience working together and enjoy a strong track record of successful collaboration.

            Dana Deasy, BP Group CIO, said: “We are looking forward to working with our new strategic partner for BP’s telecoms services. Their expertise, new perspective and energy will give BP a significant opportunity to reduce complexity and lower our overall cost base.”

            “We are proud to have become a key partner for change at BP,” said Reinhard Clemens, CEO of T-Systems. “In the current economic climate, it is imperative that ICT providers demonstrate a clear ability to have a positive impact on their clients’ business performance. From today, it will be a priority for T-Systems to apply our combination of IT and Telecommunications capabilities to deliver strong business results for BP.”

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Central Petroleum Awards Data Management Contract to Fugro

Central Petroleum Ltd. has awarded Fugro Data Solutions a contract to implement Fugro’s data management technology solution Trango to support oil and gas exploration and production development activities within Central Australia. The Trango Manager suite of applications will allow for a more seamless workflow between managed source data and their interpretation environment.  A new Fugro physical asset management storage and services facility is scheduled to open in Western Australia by the end of 2009 in order to meet customers’ needs in the Australasia Region.


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Fluor Expands Intergraph Global Alliance Agreement

Fluor Corp., an engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance (EPCM) company, has renewed its Global Alliance Agreement (GAA) with Intergraph for the next five years. This agreement covers the Intergraph SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise software suites, including SmartPlant 3D, PDS®, SmartPlant P&ID, and SmartPlant Instrumentation and numerous other solutions.

            As an Intergraph customer for 35 years, Fluor uses Intergraph enterprise engineering solutions on a significant number of its mid- and large-tier contracts across multiple industry sectors, including oil and gas, power, mining and chemical.

            SmartPlant Enterprise is an integrated solutions suite that provides full design, construction, materials and engineering data management capabilities needed for the creation, safe operation and maintenance, and capital project lifecycle management of process, power, marine and offshore projects. The software’s lifecycle data management capability facilitates the handover for EPCs to owner operators and allows owner operators to more easily manage, maintain, refurbish or modify their plants.

            “We are pleased to continue our Global Alliance Agreement with Intergraph,” said Peter Moore, VP Project Execution Services at Fluor. “This agreement fosters a continued partnership that we expect to be mutually beneficial to both companies.”

            Gerhard Sallinger, President of Intergraph Process, Power and Marine, said: “Fluor has always been an early adopter of new technologies and a well-trusted partner. We look forward to many more years of providing superior solutions to meet Fluor’s business needs.”



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