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Fugro Selects OpenSpirit as Integration Solution

Fugro has signed a corporate-level Business Partner Agreement to leverage the OpenSpirit interoperability framework across its family of companies and products. Fugro Data Solutions and Fugro-Jason will be the first of the Fugro companies to take advantage of the OpenSpirit SDK.

The OpenSpirit framework will enhance Fugro’s ability to streamline data search and transfer between applications and data stores, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for data management and geoscience staff and reducing overall IT and data management costs.

Currently, Fugro Data Solutions is working to OpenSpirit-enable the Trango Data Management suite, which provides advanced master data management capabilities for corporate seismic, well and geological report data. OpenSpirit connectivity will improve exploration asset management and data availability for data managers. Commercial release is expected in the first half of 2010.

In tandem with the work at Fugro Data Solutions, developers at Fugro-Jason are working to provide cross-discipline connectivity to users of PowerLog and Jason Geoscience Workbench, a petrophysics, geology, interpretation and modeling solution. Fugro Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization technology, and has utilized OpenSpirit for specific solutions for several years. 

“We have heard from our customers that the ability to get control of their data assets and enable seamless use of these assets in interpretations systems will greatly benefit their workflows. We believe our efforts to enable users of Trango and Fugro Jason applications is an excellent step to helping our customers derive additional value in their organizations,” said Deryl Williams, President of Fugro Data Solutions Canada.

“We are committed to Fugro’s success and appreciate the opportunity to grow this strategic partnership and make a difference across their entire organization,” said Dan Piette, President and CEO of OpenSpirit. “This business partner agreement is an investment in our technology, as well as our people and future vision.”

Fugro and OpenSpirit plan to continue working together to improve data connectivity and performance for customers.

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EnergyIQ Updates Loader with OpenSpirit Integration

EnergyIQ has released their OpenSpirit-enabled EIQ Loader 2.0, allowing oil companies to read data from the IHS EnerdeqML Domestic data feed, and write it to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store. EnergyIQ joined the OpenSpirit Partner Program in October 2009.

“We worked with OpenSpirit and IHS to develop an application that loads data from an IHS Web Services Domestic XML feed into the variety of data stores supported by the OpenSpirit framework,” said Steve Cooper, President of EnergyIQ. “The EIQ Loader is our flagship product, and ensures that commercial E&P data is loaded and updated in a consistent and timely fashion, providing broader and faster access to the available data, thereby ensuring consistency across diverse data stores.

OpenSpirit connectivity extends EIQ Loader beyond PPDM to include other industry databases such as KINGDOM, OpenWorks, Petra, GeoFrame, Finder, and Recall, enabling oil companies to more easily keep date vendor data current in their project database of choice.

With EIQ Loader 2.0 Enterprise, you can perform both base loads and scheduled updates of the IHS Domestic XML feeds to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store. This can be set up for a specific geographic area of interest or across your entire subscription of data. With EIQ Loader 2.0 Desktop, users can receive an area of interest from OpenSpirit-enabled applications (including ArcMap, ArcGIS Explorer, and Web maps) and interactively query the IHS Web service to pull across all relevant data directly into their project database. The data is immediately available for new analysis and project work in their OpenSpirit-enabled tool of choice.

“We are excited about the release of EIQ Loader 2.0. It is an entirely new style of OpenSpirit integration, enabling Internet-based Web services delivery of data immediately into the desktop environment via OpenSpirit services,” said Brian Boulmay, OpenSpirit Director of Business Partners. “This is an innovative example of leveraging internal and external services to streamline access to data and accelerate your projects.”

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OpenSpirit Named ESRI Energy Partner of the Year

OpenSpirit, purveyor of  E&P data and application integration solutions, received the ESRI Foundation Partner of the Year award for its work in the Energy Sector at the 2010 ESRI Worldwide Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California.

OpenSpirit is the energy industry’s open integration and interoperability standard, enabling collaborative workflows and multi-vendor data accessibility among the diverse and complex environments used in today’s E&P asset teams. From ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Server, OpenSpirit integrates with all levels of ESRI GIS technology, facilitating cross-disciplinary mapping and spatial data management workflows between GIS, geology and geophysics, as well as integrating subsurface workflows and data with surface workflows and information, such as Land, HSE, Transportation, Pipeline and other oil company departments.

The award was presented during the annual ESRI Business Partner Conference by Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI, to Brian Boulmay, Business Partner Director, OpenSpirit.

“Through the Partner of the Year Award for the Energy Sector, ESRI recognizes the outstanding contribution OpenSpirit has made in their promotion of spatial data management as a key component of an oil company’s enterprise data integration strategy,” said Dangermond. “Their revolutionary platform enables users to combine the capabilities of the ArcGIS platform with industry-leading geotechnical and geoscience solutions in elegant and highly effective practices.”

Since becoming an ESRI partner in 2000, OpenSpirit has developed a comprehensive suite of GIS tools, including an ArcGIS Desktop Extension, an ArcGIS Explorer Add-in, a Scan Utility that spatializes subsurface databases, an ArcGIS SDE Data Connector, and the integration of ArcGIS Server and ESRI Web services with OpenSpirit REST Web services. Users have the flexibility to leverage their ESRI GIS client of choice, with the simplicity of managing just one integration platform.

“We are honored to receive partner of the year recognition from ESRI,” said Dan Piette, President and CEO of OpenSpirit. “The energy industry is a spatial business, and we have focused on ensuring our technology is integrated with ESRI tools since our company’s inception. This collaboration helps our mutual customers manage their complete business workflows via a single integration layer, and ensures accurate and repeatable coordinate, unit, interoperability, and data access processes. We are continuing this focus in 2010 with the release of several new GIS products.”

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AGM, Midland Valley Announce OpenSpirit Interoperability

Austin GeoModeling (AGM) will leverage the OpenSpirit interoperability framework to enable users of its RECON 3D geological interpretation solution to transfer data to and from third-party software more easily. Users will now be able to integrate Recon seamlessly into their existing seismic-to-simulation workflows, transferring data between Recon and existing geology, geophysics and engineering software platforms quickly and with minimal effort.

            AGM’s RECON is a real-time geological interpretation workflow tool designed for structural and stratigraphic correlation in a 3D interpretation environment. Its next-generation Cascade Technology enables fast deterministic scenario and sensitivity analysis workflows, facilitating improved definition and accuracy of structural and stratigraphic geological frameworks.

            “RECON accesses well logs and seismic data directly from OpenWorks and SeisWorks databases and combines them to create a truly integrated geologic interpretation,” said Robin Dommisse, CEO of AGM. “Using the OpenSpirit integration solution, our customers will now be able to bring in data from other data sources and applications and have more flexibility within their E&P workflows.”

            “AGM’s market-leading 3D interpretation solution transforms massive well and seismic data sets and other related data into coherent, interpretable 3D images,” said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. “We appreciate their confidence in our ability to help customers reach a new level of workflow flexibility.”

            Separately, Midland Valley, creator of 2DMove, 3DMove and 4DMove, announced it has joined the OpenSpirit Business Partner Program to OpenSpirit-enable future Move software suite releases. Geoscientists will have seamless access to multiple geological and geophysical data stores, and a single view to their corporate upstream assets.

            “The OpenSpirit Business Partner Program allows companies like Midland Valley to use and implement OpenSpirit as part of their consulting and software core business,” said Colin Dunlop, Director of Software Development at Midland Valley. “The OpenSpirit interoperability and data store connectivity layer allows our development team to focus more on delivering a geologically focused application for our E&P clients, giving them direct access to their standard subsurface data in a variety of formats and data stores.”

            Midland Valley specializes in structural interpretation of complex reservoirs and has developed a suite of modeling software which enables geological scenarios to be constructed in both 2D and 3D that include the kinematic (geological time dimension) evolution of the geological structure.

            “The Midland Valley team is known throughout the industry for their expertise in laying the foundation for solid structural models,” said OpenSpirit CEO Dan Piette. “We are pleased that they have partnered with us to further extend integration and workflow interoperability for their customers, enabling more efficient workflows and streamlined data management practices.”

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TerraSpark Unveils SDK for Insight Earth

TerraSpark Geosciences has launched its Software Development Kit (SDK) for Insight Earth® as a means of providing the oil and gas community with an innovative tool for developing customized extensions and plug-ins to the Insight Earth 3D visualization and interpretation suite.

            “This SDK augments TerraSpark’s core 3D visualization and interpretation platform with powerful software development technologies that provide a nonrestrictive, fully open development architecture that will benefit customers, third-party developers and ultimately the exploration community as a whole,” said Geoffrey Dorn, PhD, President of TerraSpark. The Insight Earth SDK is included at no additional cost with the license for Insight Earth Base.

            Insight Earth users can leverage the new SDK’s high performance, multi-threaded, easy to use C++ plug-in architecture to extend Insight Earth’s capabilities by integrating existing proprietary algorithms and creating customized, high performance volume attributes or custom volumetric algorithms and calculations.

            The Insight Earth SDK further enhances the integrated workflows made possible by interoperability with OpenSpirit® software and OpenSpirit-enabled applications. The OpenSpirit connection enables a seamless exchange of data and cursor locations, thus simplifying the process of mobilizing data volumes and allowing interpreters to spend less time managing software requirements and more time achieving business results.

            This SDK will also permit developers to harness the massively parallel processing power of graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate non-graphics computation for large volume data sets. According to Jon Marbach, Director of Software Architecture and Engineering, TerraSpark will include SDK samples in the next version release.

            “We are currently working to include functionality for APIs such as CUDA™ and OpenCL™ with the next version of the SDK,” said Marbach. “This will help developers in the oil and gas industry gain even greater competitive strength through the use of the most advanced processing technologies available.”

            The Insight Earth SDK also allows developers to add support for proprietary volume file formats, thus enhancing Insight Earth’s data interchange capabilities. Future versions of this SDK will support custom processes that operate on Faults, Horizons and other data types supported by Insight Earth’s interpretation capabilities.



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ffA, OpenSpirit Add Interoperability to 3D Seismic Solutions

ffA and OpenSpirit Corp. have entered into a Business Partner Agreement to provide multi-vendor connectivity to users of ffA’s 3D seismic analysis products using the OpenSpirit Software Development Kit. ffA’s SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro seismic analysis applications will be able to reach out to any OpenSpirit-enabled data store to access data and share interaction events with other geotechnical software.

            ffA software rapidly extracts 3D representations of subsurface geology directly from 3D seismic data sets. Applied within the interpretation workflow, ffA software significantly improves interpretation productivity and provides unprecedented levels of clarity and detail to seismic interpreters, delivering more complete and accurate interpretations, an improved understanding of uncertainty and risk, and better well placement in both exploration and production scenarios.

            “By providing direct access to data stores through an OpenSpirit-enabled data connector, data import and export to ffA applications will be simplified by eliminating manual SEGY file read/write steps,” said Steve Purves, ffA’s Technical Director. “By providing an OpenSpirit data connector, users will be able to maximize the productivity gain our software gives them by working seamlessly with their data management infrastructure. Getting data in and getting results back out will come down to a few familiar mouse clicks for OpenSpirit-enabled users.”

            “We appreciate that the ffA team sees the value of incorporating the OpenSpirit data interoperability framework as part of their solution foundation,” said Dan Piette, President and CEO of OpenSpirit. “ffA delivers a world-class 3D seismic analysis solution, and this enhanced level of integration will give geoscientists the flexibility to create more robust and value-added workflows using data from across their petro-technical environment.”

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SMT Unveils KINGDOM 8.4

Seismic Micro-Technology, purveyor of Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, announced the release of KINGDOM 8.4, which introduces the new product line extension, KINGDOM Advanced. KINGDOM Advanced brings leading geoscience capabilities, formerly available only to specialists due to complexity and cost, to the desktop of every interpreter. Key new capabilities include a new Advanced Autopicker that is based on patent-pending KINGDOM Illuminator technology, and support for Surface and Volume Curvature attributes. These features are designed to help upstream exploration and production companies reduce cycle times and risk in exploration planning.

Stan Abele, VP of Product Management at SMT, said: “Geoscientists are working harder than ever to lower exploration costs by reducing the time to analyze prospects. But they still need best-in-class technology to make good decisions. The new capabilities in KINGDOM Advanced bring leading-edge science and automation down to a price that enables every geoscientist to complete work faster and with greater confidence.”

The Advanced Autopicker accurately picks through complex geologies and near-vertical events. It requires only a few initial seed picks in order to provide a high quality interpretation. As a result, interpreters can reduce the time-consuming task of picking horizons, reducing overall cycle times for interpretation.

Another new capability is support for Surface and Volume Curvature attributes. These attributes allow companies to identify subsurface features more easily to discover hidden reserves. These attributes indicate the rate of change of surface topology and accent features such as faults and fracture systems. A total of 11 Curvature attributes can be calculated in the new release.

KINGDOM Advanced will be generally available by the end of June 2009.

Separately, OpenSpirit® announced it will release the KINGDOM 8.4 data connector concurrent with SMT’s release of their new KINGDOM 8.4 Core and Advanced software solutions. The E&P community will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of KINGDOM 8.4, and through OpenSpirit, leverage other best-of-breed applications and data stores used within their multi-vendor environments.

“The KINGDOM 8.4 data connector is a result of a joint effort, and will deliver significant performance and scalability improvements for customers working with large KINGDOM projects,” said Randy Harvey, Vice President of Development, SMT. “End users will find it easier than ever to work with their SMT application environment, while seamlessly co-existing with other solutions that enhance their geoscience workflows.”

Key to these releases are the performance improvements within the OpenSpirit KINGDOM data connector. Automated data transfer between large-scale KINGDOM projects that have never before been possible will now be done quickly and efficiently. OpenSpirit handles coordinate reference system translations on the fly, enabling end users to transfer data between multiple KINGDOM projects, as well as other OpenSpirit-enabled data repositories.

As the year progresses, SMT and OpenSpirit will be working together to embed OpenSpirit in SMT’s next-generation data management suite, and also release the new SMT KINGDOM Application Adapter, announced in February. Interpreters will be able to work in the user-friendly Windows® environment while sharing data with any OpenSpirit-enabled application or data store, including solutions from Halliburton (HAL) and Schlumberger (SLB).

“We have made tremendous headway since announcing our renewed partnership in February of this year,” said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. “OpenSpirit remains the upstream industry’s only vendor-neutral integration alternative, and through the collaborative effort surrounding these first deliverables, our mutual customers will experience improved geotechnical workflows.”

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