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MMS Chooses TGS for Digital Well Log Management

The US Department of Interior’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) has entered into a new contract with TGS for well log data management services over the next five years on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). Under the agreement, TGS will also provide the MMS with historic data from the Gulf of Mexico. This agreement marks TGS’ second term contract managing well log data for the MMS.

            The MMS first selected TGS as their service provider for new-drill data management services in 2004. In this role, TGS acts as the collection point for all operator-acquired well log data in the OCS regions. After receiving the data, TGS processes it to the MMS standard and then serves as the official release agent to the public once the operator’s proprietary period has elapsed.

            “We are honored that MMS has chosen TGS again for this contract,” said John Adamick, Senior VP Geological Products. “We look forward to serving MMS’ well log data management needs over the next five years.”

            TGS’ global well database includes nearly six million logs and other borehole data from key hydrocarbon provinces worldwide. The data is available online via LOG-LINE Plus!®, a data repository with search, order and download capabilities.

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TGS Adds To Online Well Log Data Collection

The Geological Products and Services division of TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Co. (TGS) announced it will add a substantial number of new logs from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Eritrea to its collection.

These well data will complement TGS’ existing seismic data and interpretive studies in the Asia Pacific and Africa regions. The majority of the new data (about 12,000 wells) will come from Australia, with 750 wells from New Zealand and 400 wells from Papua New Guinea to be added to the database. In East Africa, log and other borehole data from Eritrea will be gathered. The log data from all four countries will be processed and added to LOG-LINE Plus!®, TGS’ online log data library.

“This is a key milestone in our quest to provide access to well data assets worldwide,” said John Adamick, Sr. VP Geological Products and Services, TGS. “We continuously seek new opportunities to add data to our collection, and the addition of these well log assets from these highly prospective regions to LOG-LINE Plus! is yet another step in our global expansion.”

The TGS well log database contains more than 5.6 million well logs from key exploration areas in over two dozen countries around the globe. All data are available to clients via the LOG-LINE Plus! Database, which features online access, search tools and immediate download capabilities.

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TGS Adds Nine States to Online Production Data

TGS has added production data from nine Rocky Mountain states to its well database, the first phase in a national rollout to be completed this year. The combination of log and production data into a single, integrated, online delivery channel represents a significant step forward in data acquisition efficiency and cost reduction for users.

Production data tracks the output of oil, gas and water produced by a well, lease or formation, along with other information related to the location and nature of the well. TGS has developed systems to source the production data directly from the states responsible for collecting the information from well operators.

Data from Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona are now available. In addition, legacy information from non-producing Idaho wells is included in the library. The next phase of the rollout will add data from the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Production data from TGS will be available both as part of a subscription plan, where data will be constantly updated, and as static Snapshot Reports that provide a quick-look option for individual wells.

“For years the market has sought a viable alternative for this key dataset,” said John Adamick, Sr. VP, TGS Geological Products and Services. “TGS is offering flexibility in providing not just a traditional subscription approach, but Snapshot Reports fully integrated with our well log library to enhance the value of both data types.”





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