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Schlumberger Acquires IGEOSS

Schlumberger announced the acquisition of IGEOSS, a developer of cutting-edge structural geology software headquartered in Montpellier, France. IGEOSS develops geomechanical solutions for subsurface modeling, 2D and 3D structural restoration and fracture characterization of complex geologic structures. The IGEOSS applications and expertise will be integrated with Schlumberger’s software to advance customers’ modeling capabilities, particularly in areas with complex geology.

“Recognizing that our clients are exploring and developing in increasingly complicated geologic settings, the IGEOSS software will – in combination with the industry-leading Petrel* and PetroMod* technologies – enable geoscientists to gain the best possible understanding of the complete petroleum system throughout their exploration, development and production workflows,” said Tony Bowman, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS).

Laurent Maerten, co-founder and president of IGEOSS, added: “Geomechanics and structural restoration have traditionally been in the hands of the specialist. By incorporating these technologies into the SIS offerings, a broader community of geoscientists will have access to these capabilities to help them solve the difficult challenges they’re encountering today.”

The IGEOSS capabilities will be embedded in the Petrel software to help geoscientists better understand fractured reservoirs and the impact of stress regimes over time, particularly in subsalt, compressional and shale gas plays.

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TAKE Supply Chain Releases OneSCM SaaS Platform

Austin-based TAKE Supply Chain (formerly ClearOrbit), purveyor of supply chain management software, announced the availability of the company’s new software as a service (SaaS) platform called OneSCM™, which is designed to deliver online supplier management to medium and large enterprises. This initial release of OneSCM enables manufacturers and distributors to facilitate supplier response transactions to function against the purchase order schedules and provides shipment execution functionality such as part tracking numbers (PTNs), barcode label printing and shipments.

            OneSCM, the company’s first release featuring a multi-tenant SaaS architecture, serves as the foundation for a series of solutions that will be released to the market during the next few quarters. This new platform marks an important inflection point in TAKE Supply Chain’s growth toward becoming a multi-enterprise, collaborative network provider.

            TAKE Supply Chain, which has traditionally developed on-premise enterprise supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors, has worked closely with customers to develop SaaS applications that plug into the on-premise solutions that customers have already deployed. This approach enables customers to preserve their existing enterprise software investments while also leveraging best-of-breed SaaS technologies.

            “OneSCM is a platform and a set of integrated applications that industry-specific ecosystems will use to perform supply chain activities across all their value-adding partners,” said Warren Sumner, chief operating officer and general manager, TAKE Supply Chain. “This means that brand owners, goods and services providers, distributors and customers will each realize unique value from OneSCM. This ability to leverage networks of ecosystem partners with a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture sets OneSCM apart from other business software systems.”

            This release provides a unified set of individual applications – Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Accounts Receivable Automation and Accounts Payable Automation – that are available separately or as fully integrated modules. OneSCM is designed to deliver value quickly through pre-built integration with SAP® and Oracle®, industry-standard interfaces like PIDX and RosettaNet, and a fully stable and secure environment that meets SAS70 type 1 and type 2 standards for SaaS applications. These capabilities ensure delivery of functionality with faster implementation to broader groups of participants, as well as assured business value with economical solution delivery.

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Hadaway Engineering Selects WellEz

WellEz Information Management, a Web-based oilfield reporting service, announced that petroleum engineering consulting firm Hadaway Engineering has selected the WellEz.NET reporting solution for daily field operations reporting to their clients.  Hadaway selected WellEz.NET for its robustness, reliability and ease of use. 

             “Most of our clients are independent oil and gas operators, and the WellEz system makes the distribution of reports to the many working interest partners much more efficient,” said Allen Hadaway, President and Founder of Hadaway Engineering.

            Hadaway’s worldwide clients often require daily status reports, but those clients vary in the level of detail needed in their reports. Customizing the reporting system to support Hadaway’s existing MS Excel reports and allow future development of new reports and report changes were required features for the new system. The cost of using the system also had to fit the range of their clients’ reporting needs. In addition, support needed to be available to Hadaway Engineering consultants and partners whenever and wherever it may be needed.  

            “We have known and worked with Hadaway Engineering for some time,” said Charles Jeffery, President of WellEz. “Operators in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle are familiar with their firm. Hadaway Engineering is well established and has deep project experience in many geographies and technical environments. Their projects range from initial project planning and design, to all phases of field implementation, including plugging and abandonment. WellEz.NET provides Hadaway with additional value-adding reporting services to their clients. Our ability to customize reports was an important factor for Hadaway as their clients’ needs vary. We were able to quickly implement their existing MS Excel reports and allow for future development of new reports and report changes.”

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Santos to Implement Full Suite of Paradigm Solutions

Paradigm has signed a multi-year contract to provide Australia-based Santos Ltd. enterprise access to the full scope of Paradigm seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization products.

            “After a detailed technical evaluation, we selected Paradigm technology for the functionality of their interpretation and characterization applications,” said Trevor Brown, VP Exploration, Santos. “At Santos, we place a strong emphasis on integrated workflows and data management, backed up by functionally rich applications.”

            The Paradigm seismic interpretation solution provides geoscientists multiple 2D and 3D tools for creating seamless interpretation and analyzing seismic data. This improves interpretation time and greatly assists geoscientists in identifying potential exploration prospects and drilling targets. Paradigm reservoir characterization applications enable the integration of the interpreted model with reservoir properties obtained from well logs and core data so that engineers are better able to determine potential reserves and fluid flow behavior.

            “Santos truly has technology at its core and believes in using cutting-edge science to generate real value,” said David Betty, Exec. VP Asia Pacific, Paradigm. “At Paradigm we share this vision and look forward to helping Santos meet its evolving business needs throughout the coming years.”

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Tierra, StatoilHydro Jointly Develop Seismic Imaging Software

StatoilHydro and Tierra Geophysical have signed a contract for joint development of seismic imaging software technology, which is expected to improve StatoilHydro’s ability to assess exploration and production targets in areas of complex geology.

            Tierra President Dave Diller commented: “We are very pleased to be partnering with StatoilHydro on this project. StatoilHydro is one of the most technically adept companies in the world in geophysics, with broad expertise and experience. StatoilHydro aggressively pursues research, but they also enhance their internal projects by watching outside their company for new technology. Tierra has spent years optimizing our finite difference propagators, and combining that with StatoilHydro’s imaging expertise and experience is an ideal marriage of complimentary skills and technologies. Today people may think of Tierra as ‘The Forward Modeling Company,’ but the same underlying technology has other uses in seismic imaging, which this project will leverage.”

            Rolf Helland, project manager in the StatoilHydro Exploration research program, said: “The development of these tools in collaboration with Tierra Geophysical is an important component in our strategic effort to increase our capability to determine improved, reliable images in complex geological settings with large velocity variations. One of the key criteria in such projects is fast imaging turnaround time, and this will be achieved using the finite difference core from Tierra. Tierra will be commercializing the software that is developed during the project. The first results from the project, a highly optimized reverse time migration (RTM), are available as both a software product and as services in the third quarter of this year.”

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API Updates Greenhouse Gas Emissions Guide

The American Petroleum Institute has published a new edition of its guide for estimating greenhouse gas emissions. The “Compendium of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Methodologies for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry” provides standardized methods for estimating carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions from all common sources throughout the oil and natural gas value chain.

            Accurate estimation of greenhouse gas emissions is indispensable to addressing climate change responsibly. “Unless there is a consistent reliable way to measure GHG emissions, it is hard to assess progress,” said API’s Karin Ritter, who led the industry team that updated the compendium.

            API’s tools for estimating emissions include:

  • The updated 2009 compendium of emissions estimation methodologies;
  • SANGEA software, developed and used by Chevron, for emissions estimation and inventorying; and
  • Guidelines created by the international petroleum organization IPIECA to assist in the accounting and reporting of emissions.

All three tools are available for free on API’s website:

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Hammer Software for Trading

Interesting article in the NY Times about how oil and gas trading software can gain advantage by being microseconds faster than others.

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Pegasus Vertex Releases New Casing Wear Software

Pegasus Vertex Inc. (PVI) is an engineering consulting and drilling software company based in Houston. PVI’s software covers the areas of torque and drag, casing running, packer setting, centralizer replacement, cementing and underbalanced drilling. Designed for onshore and offshore operations, PVI’s software is used by both service companies and operators globally.

PVI just announced the release of CWPRO3 for Casing Wear Prediction. Casing wear can cause blowouts, production loss, and other hazardous and expensive problems. A better understanding of the casing wear process and prediction of the location and magnitude of casing wear can help drillers and operators identify, control and prevent potential problems.

CWPRO3 predicts casing wear from drilling operations based on hole trajectory, wellbore structure, drillpipe configuration and the mud system to be used. It displays the 3D well path with survey tortuosity and handles the following operations:

  • Drilling;
  • Back reaming;
  • Rotation on bottom;
  • Rotation off bottom;
  • Wear factor selection;
  • Casing wear reports and schematics; and
  • Predicts burst or collapse of worn casing.

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Nominations Open for CompTIA SoftwareCEO Innovation Awards

CompTIA, an IT trade association, announced that nominations are now being accepted for the third annual CompTIA SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Awards, which recognize accomplishments in bringing innovative software products and new business models to market. Software companies, software service providers and companies serving the software industry are eligible for the awards.

Nominations are being accepted through March 31, 2009.

“The software industry is driven by innovation,” said Robert Biddle, publisher of CompTIA SoftwareCEO. “But software innovation is more than just ideas. It’s the ability to develop those ideas and make them work in the market. Innovative product offerings and business models are essential for our industry’s future growth and vitality. We’re pleased to recognize the best of the best with the 2009 CompTIA SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Awards.”

In 2008, more than 90 nominations were submitted and 13 companies won awards in categories such as most innovative enterprise software, most innovative general business software and most innovative service or business model.

Criteria for the 2009 CompTIA Software CEO Software Innovation Awards include:

• Scope – What business problem or opportunity does the innovation address?

• Impact – What practical results (sales, users, profits) has the innovation had on a software product or the software industry?

• Novelty – How does the innovation break with traditional ideas or processes?

A panel of industry experts will evaluate the nominations and determine finalists and CompTIA SoftwareCEO Software Innovation Award winners.

For complete rules and other information, visit

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