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Fugro Selects Paradigm Software for Depth Imaging

E&P Software provider Paradigm announced that Fugro has selected Paradigm’s depth imaging technology to enhance productivity and accuracy across global operations. The announcement was made at the 2010 American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition in New Orleans.

“As an international company, our operations demand that software delivers precise results in a wide variety of geological environments,” said Andy Cowlard, Managing Director of Fugro Seismic Imaging. “We chose to deepen our commercial relationship with Paradigm because their tools provide the power and flexibility we require.”

The selected workflow is designed to provide geophysicists with a high-quality, globally deployable, depth imaging and interpretation solution, backed by Paradigm’s network of local support offices. The solution combines the imaging power of the Paradigm™ GeoDepth® pre-stack depth migration suite with the interpretation speed of the fast, true waveform event propagator.

“Fugro is a diverse company operating in every major region around the world,” said James Lamb, Paradigm’s Exec. VP for the Americas. “To support Fugro’s goals, we have delivered a comprehensive, universally applicable depth imaging solution that will cater to their current and future needs.”

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Fugro Selects OpenSpirit as Integration Solution

Fugro has signed a corporate-level Business Partner Agreement to leverage the OpenSpirit interoperability framework across its family of companies and products. Fugro Data Solutions and Fugro-Jason will be the first of the Fugro companies to take advantage of the OpenSpirit SDK.

The OpenSpirit framework will enhance Fugro’s ability to streamline data search and transfer between applications and data stores, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity for data management and geoscience staff and reducing overall IT and data management costs.

Currently, Fugro Data Solutions is working to OpenSpirit-enable the Trango Data Management suite, which provides advanced master data management capabilities for corporate seismic, well and geological report data. OpenSpirit connectivity will improve exploration asset management and data availability for data managers. Commercial release is expected in the first half of 2010.

In tandem with the work at Fugro Data Solutions, developers at Fugro-Jason are working to provide cross-discipline connectivity to users of PowerLog and Jason Geoscience Workbench, a petrophysics, geology, interpretation and modeling solution. Fugro Jason is a leader in reservoir characterization technology, and has utilized OpenSpirit for specific solutions for several years. 

“We have heard from our customers that the ability to get control of their data assets and enable seamless use of these assets in interpretations systems will greatly benefit their workflows. We believe our efforts to enable users of Trango and Fugro Jason applications is an excellent step to helping our customers derive additional value in their organizations,” said Deryl Williams, President of Fugro Data Solutions Canada.

“We are committed to Fugro’s success and appreciate the opportunity to grow this strategic partnership and make a difference across their entire organization,” said Dan Piette, President and CEO of OpenSpirit. “This business partner agreement is an investment in our technology, as well as our people and future vision.”

Fugro and OpenSpirit plan to continue working together to improve data connectivity and performance for customers.

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Central Petroleum Awards Data Management Contract to Fugro

Central Petroleum Ltd. has awarded Fugro Data Solutions a contract to implement Fugro’s data management technology solution Trango to support oil and gas exploration and production development activities within Central Australia. The Trango Manager suite of applications will allow for a more seamless workflow between managed source data and their interpretation environment.  A new Fugro physical asset management storage and services facility is scheduled to open in Western Australia by the end of 2009 in order to meet customers’ needs in the Australasia Region.


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Fugro Acquires General Robotics

General Robotics Ltd. (GRL), supplier of simulation and visualization software to the offshore oil and gas sector, has been acquired by Fugro for an undisclosed sum. GRL will be renamed Fugro GRL and will become a member of Fugro Subsea Services, keeping the same management team and staff headed by Dr. Jason Tisdall. Along with developing and implementing products for Fugro operating companies, Fugro GRL will have commercial independence to pursue activities outside Fugro. The company will continue to maintain offices in Milton Keynes and Aberdeen.

            Fugro acquired GRL to develop and expand GRL’s subsea technologies in order to enhance the services offered by Fugro’s Subsea Services Business Line. GRL expects to be working closely with a number of Fugro operating companies on a wide range of subsea scenarios and practical implementations.

            “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to work as part of a worldwide group in developing our simulation and visualization products, and to further our expertise across a raft of subsea environments and challenges, but with the assurance of Fugro’s financial backing all the while,”  said Dr. Jason Tisdall, Managing Director of General Robotics Ltd. “For GRL’s existing customers it remains business as usual, except that our R&D will now have the financial backing of Fugro. GRL is now a Fugro company, but we will continue to have commercial independence to make our own decisions and get our own customers. Fugro has an excellent reputation for letting companies it acquires get on with the job.”


‘Chinese Walls’

An immediate concern about this merger for many subsea contractors is the possibility of conflicts of interest, commercial confidentiality and impartiality.

            “Given that some of our customers are direct competitors of Fugro, we will have very clearly defined Chinese Walls, so that customer information intended only for GRL will be managed and maintained only by GRL. One of our immediate challenges is convincing customers that we can absolutely maintain the confidentiality of their information. I believe we can and, importantly, we have Fugro’s agreement to these security procedures,” emphasized Tisdall.

            Trevor Larkum, Chairman of GRL, added: “In terms of maintaining a level playing field with Fugro vis-à-vis other subsea operators, EU trading laws are very clear on this, that we can’t offer a better deal to Fugro companies than we do to anyone else. The nature of the product also helps us with confidentiality. The new technology in DeepWorks 2.0 makes it very straightforward to produce proprietary, customer-specific components that plug into the customer’s copies of DeepWorks, making it easy to keep customers separate and to develop specific modules for individual customers that will not be available to anyone else. This also enables customers to develop their own solutions with their own team members on-site.”

            GRL was founded by the late Professor David Broome of University College, London, and is now the world leader in developing customized, subsea simulation products for the offshore oil industry. A number of subsea service providers, including Fugro, Sonsub, DeepOcean and CTC Marine Projects, use GRL ROVolution 4.0 ROV pilot trainers and simulators.

            GRL’s DeepWorks software is in use for subsea engineering simulation and visualization. DeepWorks allows users to design, rehearse and monitor (in real time) the most complex offshore engineering missions, subsea interventions and marine operations. GRL software gets its unique edge from the ability to model the hydrodynamic and physics-based properties of real objects and how they behave in the real world, providing a clearer perception and an improved understanding of the underwater work environment. The DeepWorks suite of software tools delivers not only simulation, but can also perform engineering analysis and the 3D animation of complex work tasks.

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