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ExxonMobil Agrees to License Refinery Process Models

Invensys Operations Management has entered into an agreement with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co. (EMRE) that allows Invensys to sub-license a suite of EMRE’s refinery process models to third parties. The suite of models will be delivered through Invensys Operations Management’s market-leading SimSci-Esscor® optimization software, using its ROMeo® solution to enable clients to model and optimize process units.

“With depressed demand, decreased margins and increased environmental mandates, refiners no longer have the option to simply operate at maximum throughput,” said Sudipta Bhattacharya, president and chief executive of Invensys Operations Management. “Over the course of the coming decade, we will see a drastic shift in the oil industry as refiners constantly optimize their operations in the face of changing feedstock and energy costs, product specs and margins. Refiners will increasingly rely on accurate modeling technologies to construct a refinery-wide picture and assess the financial impact of different operating scenarios. Our SimSci-Esscor optimization software and ROMeo solution, combined with EMRE process models, enables refiners to make improved economic decisions throughout the refinery, from crude feed to final product blending.”

While traditional modeling solutions can only simulate individual process units or provide point solutions to solve a specific problem, Invensys Operations Management’s SimSci-Esscor solution provides a scalable software environment that enables companies to optimize refinery-wide performance, as well as other aspects of refinery profitability, such as utilities and instrument/equipment health monitoring. Additional benefits are derived from leveraging the data generated by rigorous models to enhance planning and scheduling decisions, leading to increased refinery margins.

“These modeling improvements allow refiners to better optimize their operations,” said Charles Darnell, global manager for optimization, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co. “We use ROMeo technology in our plants for multiple applications and continue to work with Invensys to develop improvements in this technology.”

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IceWEB Enters GIS Agreement with ExxonMobil

IceWEB Inc., provider of purpose built appliances and building blocks for cloud storage networks, has entered into a Standard Procurement Agreement (SPA) with ExxonMobil Global Services Co., an operating division of ExxonMobil. The agreement for upstream services from IceWEB is for both the design of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and to provide GIS technical staff including Consultants, Project Managers, Senior GIS System/Software Architects, GIS Software Developers, Engineers, Database Analysts and Senior Storage Engineering staff.

            John Signorello, CEO of IceWEB, said: “Land exploration in the oil and gas sector requires the ability to put detailed imagery in the hands of those who need it regardless of where they may be. With this agreement ExxonMobil will leverage IceWEB expertise to work on building new infrastructure to accomplish that task. We are very pleased to be able to make our resources available to ExxonMobil for this important project.”



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Spectraseis Announces JIP for Low Frequency Seismic Research

Zurich-based Spectraseis, provider of low frequency seismic solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry, announced the formation of a multi-year Joint Industry Project (JIP) for the research and development of low frequency seismic technologies for hydrocarbon reservoir detection and characterization. This cooperative program is called the Low Frequency Seismic Partnership (LFSP).

            Confirmed participants in the LFSP, which will run for three years through 2012 are Cairn, Chevron, ExxonMobil, GDF Suez and Pemex. An Asian national oil company will join the LFSP over the coming months.

            The scope of the LFSP program will cover key application elements of low frequency seismic technology, such as data acquisition and processing, as well as fundamental theoretical studies, in partnership with researchers at Spectraseis, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and the University of Bern, Switzerland. Participants will be at the leading edge of the latest research on low frequency seismic applications and will learn how to extract the maximum value from this technology for their companies.

            Spectraseis CTO Rob Habiger said: “We are very excited to be launching this industry collaboration today, which will expand the body of core research around this important topic. We are looking forward to working with an outstanding group of international operators. The experience and technical expertise they bring will help us to continue our strong focus on the application of low frequency seismic solutions to meet important industry challenges.”

            Spectraseis researches and applies proprietary technologies to acquire and analyze low frequency (<10 Hz) seismic background waves continuously present in the Earth’s subsurface in order to identify spectral attributes indicating the likely presence or absence of hydrocarbons and other characteristics of subsurface reservoirs within a survey area. The resulting information can greatly reduce the risk and improve the success rate of costly oil exploration and drilling activities and improve decision-making throughout the life of a field. Broad adoption of the company’s technology by the global oil and gas exploration and production industry can be expected to save billions of dollars each year, which is currently expended on non-productive exploration surveys and dry wells, as well as significantly improve the industry’s environmental performance.

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ExxonMobil in Talks with Vendors for $1B IT Contracts

ExxonMobil is in talks with India’s top technology firms and multinational vendors for outsourcing of several IT contracts worth up to $1 billion, according to The Economic Times of India. The publication reported that L&T Infotech and HCL Technologies and others are vying for almost $1 billion of outsourcing work to be doled out by ExxonMobil for application development, maintenance and support.

            “The discussions are at an early stage. However, ExxonMobil wants to work with fewer, large and medium-sized vendors at lower rates,” a US-based person familiar with ExxonMobil’s outsourcing strategy told The Economic Times. Exxon runs on SAP platform across business units spread over 200 countries with nearly 80,000 employees.

            IT leaders of major oil companies are demanding lower operational costs, thus outsourcing and offshoring of ERP maintenance and support is gaining momentum, according to research analysts at Gartner. says the economic turbulence is a major catalyst for outsourcing of ERP systems and services.


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