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Cypress E&P Boosts Productivity with SMT KINGDOM and Isilon NAS Storage

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) announced that Cypress E&P Corp. has successfully completed installation and deployment of SMT’s KINGDOM, a hydrocarbon exploration and production application, on an Isilon data storage platform. This integrated solution allows Cypress to centralize its exploration projects for intuitive control and seamless visibility of seismic interpretation data at each stage of the workflow.

Cypress has leveraged this integrated solution by unifying its seismic, well, and cultural data on a single global namespace, eliminating bottlenecks and limited data sharing capabilities inherent to partitioned workstation, direct-attached server, or even storage area network (SAN) solutions. Isilon’s Scale-Out NAS platform, with its scalable, high-throughput file sharing capability, facilitated the deployment process, allowing for full consolidation of all data resources operating within SMT KINGDOM. Cypress employees can now utilize SMT KINGDOM to its full potential, achieving maximum availability and visibility of seismic interpretation resources.

Indy Chakrabarti, Chief Marketing Officer at SMT, said: “Our mission is to take a very specialized science – geoscientific interpretation and modeling – and make it more accessible to energy exploration and production teams, helping to make them more productive. As companies discover new methods of exploring, they need access to scalable software solutions that can adapt to new workflows. Combining SMT’s KINGDOM with Isilon’s storage provides Cypress with the ability to manage complex seismic data sets intuitively, seamlessly and with ease. The solution delivers improvements in both field performance and business efficiency.”

Eric Bass, Cypress E&P’s Director of Information Technology, noted that he has already seen a reduction in storage management workload, which enables his team to spend more time focusing on business performance.

“We rarely have to tweak the system,” Bass noted. “Project consolidation and data sharing now perform seamlessly. Our exploration team can access all interpretations and the underlying data at any time, without any bottlenecks.”

“My mission is to assemble the highest performing technologies available into a powerful yet flexible platform that drives our company,” said Bass. “However, we need technology that doesn’t require specialized technicians for day-to-day maintenance and uptime. It must be easy to use, and it must provide an intuitive interface. With SMT KINGDOM running on Isilon, I can focus on building the infrastructure and providing support to enhance what KINGDOM does for our company, thus keeping our exploration team productive.”

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IDS, Samit Unveil Centralizing Data System in India

IDS has signed a collaborative arrangement with Samit Enterprises to take DataNet2 to the Indian market. Samit has great experience in introducing reporting and analysis services to the upstream industry in India, having previously worked with Landmark’s flagship product, Open Wells. The company has decided, however, that the IDS business model provides the best opportunities both for Samit and for those clients across India who are ready to move away from the traditional license-per-seat arrangement and experience the advantages of the unlimited-usage, Web-delivery model offered by IDS.

DataNet2 from IDS is a suite of powerful reporting tools, based on the concept of centralizing data from drilling, geology and completions reports to be acquired, shared, viewed and delivered across the Web or via the client’s network. The system is WITSML-compliant and will become a key enabler for India’s intelligent oilfield.

Douwe Franssens, General Manager of the IDS Group, said: “We believe that DataNet2 will act as a real advance to the Indian market. For over a decade, IDS has used its expertise to make upstream reporting and analysis simple and cost-effective. We are delighted that DataNet2 will now be available across India, with the level of support that our customers expect.”

Sanjeev Mittal, Managing Director at Samit, said: “The depth of functionality of IDS’s DataNet2, combined with its delivery via the Internet, provides tremendous value to its clients in the upstream hydrocarbon industry. We are pleased to be partnering with IDS to bring this service to our clients in India.”

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Fugro-Jason Launches Workbench 8.2 for Windows

Fugro-Jason has launched Jason Geoscience Workbench (JGW) 8.2, the latest version of its flagship product. For the first time, all Fugro-Jason products will be available for all current Microsoft Windows operating environments. JGW 8.2 integrates geological, geophysical, petrophysical and rock physics information into a single consistent model of the earth.

“JGW 8.2 represents a strategic technology move on our part to expand the platform options for our clients,” said Brad Woods, General Manager of Application Engineering, Fugro-Jason.

“Our development team leveraged the leading-edge tools available in the Microsoft platform to deliver a high-performance alternative to our well-regarded Linux version. In addition, clients can now use all Fugro-Jason products in a single Windows-based operating environment if they so choose.”

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Baker Hughes Unveils New Multiphase Fluid Flowmeter

Baker Hughes has developed a multiphase flowmeter that combines downhole sensor technology with neural network capabilities to provide real-time, affordable flow rate estimates from wells produced with electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems. When properly calibrated and maintained, the Neuraflow™ multiphase flowmeter delivers flow rate estimates with a greater than 90% accuracy rate when compared with actual flow rate measurements.

Flow measurements are critical for optimizing reservoir performance and ESP system efficiency as well as diagnosing well and ESP system issues. However, direct measurement of multiphase flow rates is expensive and, therefore, typically performed only intermittently. Neuraflow, which is installed in the ESP surface variable speed drive (VSD), offers an affordable alternative to conventional direct flow monitoring techniques via real-time flow rate estimates. The Neuraflow device uses existing standard downhole measurements coupled with additional system measurements and learning algorithms to infer a flow rate based on known reservoir and fluid properties. This cost-effective solution measures flow at four separate downhole locations. The four flow measurements are compared and then used to calibrate the model for a high degree of accuracy.

“This is an important addition to our existing production measurement portfolio. Neuraflow meets a long-held customer need for accurate, affordable flow measurements,” noted Neil Harrop, president of Baker Hughes’ completions and production business segment. “This complements our expanding digital oilfield capability with real-time measurements that can make a significant difference in optimizing production.”

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MMS Chooses PetroVR Software to Evaluate GOM Bids

Caesar Systems’ Petroleum Ventures & Risk (PetroVR) decision-making software has been selected by the US Minerals Management Service (MMS) of the U.S. Department of the Interior. This indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract is for providing oil and gas resource economic evaluation software to be used in determining the adequacy of bids submitted for offshore oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico.

Prior to awarding this deal to PetroVR, the MMS had used MONTCAR, an internal software solution, for more than three decades. In a recent fiscal year, the MMS evaluated nearly 800 offshore tracts having $6 billion dollars in high bids using MONTCAR.

“Our role will be to empower the MMS with integrative decision capabilities for the economic evaluations of offshore tracts based on a diverse set of economic, engineering, geological, and other input parameters. The MMS will enjoy the benefits of a fully documented, supported and maintained software platform,” said Victor Koosh, CEO of Caesar Systems.

The consistency and flexibility of the PetroVR commercial software platform is expected to decrease “onboarding” time for new staff and contractors; enable quick adaptability to policy and environmental changes; and to deliver value more effectively to the many, diverse MMS stakeholders.

Caesar Systems has supported numerous clients in bidding on exploration licenses in the US and internationally. The Caesar Systems methodology streamlines this process and leads to greater predictability for clients by representing the inherent dependencies and developing insights that can emerge only within simulation technology.

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Flowserve Releases New Digital Positioner

Flowserve has released the Flowserve Logix 3400MD, a digital positioner that features the advanced diagnostics capability of Flowserve ValveSightTM for facilities using Foundation Fieldbus protocol.

“Next-generation facilities use Foundation Fieldbus technology because it allows easy integration of field instruments into a central control system,” said Ken Beatty, Director of Advanced Product Development, Flowserve Flow Control Division. “The Logix 3400MD helps plant operators run their control processes more efficiently by identifying issues before they become costly failures.”

The Logix 3400MD uses Flowserve ValveSight technology to monitor the status of the valve, actuator and positioner, as well as the health of the entire control loop. Proprietary models provide predictive diagnostics, which give advanced warning of future equipment or process problems.

The Flowserve Logix 3400MD features the same proven, state-of-the-art technology as the Logix 3200MD to provide superior performance and reliability. It is certified by all major digital control system suppliers, the FDT Group and the Fieldbus Foundation.

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Baker Hughes Unveils WellLink Desktop System

Baker Hughes has introduced WellLink™ Desktop, a dynamic, secure system for automatic delivery of well data from the wellsite to the desktop.

As well and project complexities increase, advanced wellsite monitoring and analysis of well data allow for better asset management business decisions. WellLink Desktop quickly and accurately delivers the well data operators need to optimize production. The system eliminates the need to search through large amounts of data and manually download files of interest. The application also provides security through an encrypted data transfer scheme and by locking the application to a specific client and computer.

WellLink Desktop creates a data-transfer routine that is installed on a client’s computer to automate the data-transfer process via regular checks of the host Web service for new data files and to run a continuous audit of files already transferred. The program also enables clients to monitor progress of the automatic download, to pause and resume the download, and to manage the download traffic.

“The WellLink Desktop system is an important part of our remote operations infrastructure that streamlines well data delivery and maximizes its security,” noted Derek Mathieson, Baker Hughes president of products and technology. “WellLink Desktop works automatically and securely behind the scenes to simplify data gathering and synthesis so that clients can focus on core business issues.”

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CapRock Connects Atwood’s Global Rig Fleet

CapRock Communications announced a multi-year agreement with drilling contractor Atwood Oceanics to provide VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) connectivity to its global offshore fleet. Atwood requires reliable communications to deliver premium drilling services to its exploration and production clients. With CapRock’s turnkey VSAT solution – including equipment, installation, satellite service and 24×7 network monitoring and support – onboard Atwood’s entire fleet, crews have access to the same dependable service regardless of which rig they occupy.

“By consolidating our fleet under one communications provider, our remote personnel will experience a consistent, reliable solution whether they are on assignment in the Gulf of Mexico or off the coast of Australia,” said Atwood Oceanics IT Director Tim Osburn. “We are confident that CapRock has designed the best communication solution to support our worldwide operations.”

Under the terms of agreement, CapRock will deploy stabilized antenna platforms across Atwood’s global fleet, consisting of five semisubmersibles, three jackups and one submersible located throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia. CapRock will provide the offshore rigs – plus two newbuild semisubmersibles under construction in Singapore and a regional office in Equatorial Guinea – with voice and data service and access to Atwood’s corporate network so that remote personnel can utilize business applications, as well as other data and document management systems required to do their work. A portion of the bandwidth will be provisioned on every drilling rig to support Atwood’s crew amenities program, which includes wireless access points, Internet access and SafePass, CapRock’s Web content-filtering solution.

Additionally, a fixed VSAT terminal will be installed at Atwood’s Houston headquarters, which will allow for beta testing of new Atwood software and applications in a controlled environment before deploying to all of the drilling rigs.

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PetroSkills Announces New O&M JV

PetroSkills announced the startup of PetroSkills O&M, a new joint venture with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Focusing on both operations and maintenance (O&M) technicians employed in upstream, midstream and downstream roles, PetroSkills O&M offers companies a full slate of both instructor-led training and e-learning content.

Ron Hinn, Managing Director of PetroSkills O&M, described the new offering as PetroSkills’ response to “the bigger crew change” that will be occurring across operator ranks over the next decade. “The demographic changes impacting the engineering ranks within E&P represent a small percentage of the numbers that will be impacted in the operations and maintenance ranks,” Hinn said.

PetroSkills O&M currently offers competency development and competency management resources for Production Field Operations, Gas Process Operations and Drilling Operations, and efforts are now underway to build out capabilities within the Pipeline, Refinery and PetroChemical operations and maintenance disciplines.

O&M represents the fourth discipline “vertical” for PetroSkills to enter. The rigor and processes utilized to build PetroSkills’ offerings within the E&P, Facilities and HSE sectors will also be applied to O&M. This includes the use of member company subject matter experts to direct and maintain detailed competency profiles for each technician discipline. The result is an “industry shared viewpoint” of the skills or competencies required to perform successfully at a given level. Training offerings are subsequently aligned to deliver the necessary competencies.

What Is PetroSkills?

PetroSkills provides unique, competency-based training programs – not just a collection of courses. Course content is based on detailed skill and competency maps developed with input from member companies. Each discipline is fully described through these competency skill maps to ensure that professionals can identify the competencies needed at their individual level.

Competency maps are available to both individuals and companies via a Web-based Competency Analysis Tool called CAT Enterprise, which allows professionals to track their development, determine what skills they need, and create a customized plan to close learning gaps.

The member curriculum advisors and the PetroSkills Board must approve each course, ensuring practical, up-to-date, relevant training. After attending a PetroSkills course, professionals will return to their workplace and immediately apply the skills learned to create value. Both the PetroSkills coursework and the instructors are reviewed approved by the PetroSkills Board and member curriculum advisors.

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Launching a New Blog: Tech Writing Tips for the Oil Patch

Dear FOJs (Friends of Jeanne):

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of being fired for doing this blog (and losing my unemployment appeal),

I am launching a companion blog:

Technical Writing Tips for the Oil Patch

Not only does it remind you of grammar rules you supposedly learned in high school, but it has industry-specific writing idiosyncracies that only folks in the oil industry need to know. And did I mention lots of humor, fun facts, true stories, and interesting things everyone should know?

Because it’s informative and enjoyable, it’s worth the time you spend reading it.

So set up your blog reader or RSS feed so you get a new tip each work day.

By the way, this PetroComputing Blog is getting ten times the hits per month now compared to a year ago.

Onward and upward!

Love, Jeanne

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