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SMT Reveals Next-Gen Geology Software

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) previewed its newest software enhancement, KINGDOM EarthPAK Advanced, at the annual American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention in New Orleans. The release introduced the next generation of geology, integrating leading-edge science across the entire exploration and production workflow to improve productivity. EarthPAK is the latest addition to the KINGDOM Advanced family, introduced last year with its patent-pending horizon tracking technology. With KINGDOM Advanced, geoscientists, engineers, and managers can all work together in the same software.

            “As oil and gas fields mature and new plays become more complex in nature, field evaluation has become increasingly collaborative,” said Stan Abele, VP Product Management, SMT. “To conduct full field analysis and development, asset teams incorporate geologic, geophysical, production, and economic information. Our goal is to integrate the workflow so companies can make decisions faster.”

            The new reserves and economic evaluation functionality includes advanced volumetrics to better estimate uncertainty and sensitivity in identifying reserves. Monte Carlo simulation allows for simultaneous evaluation of multiple reservoirs to analyze the range and probability of potential 1P, 2P and 3P estimates. The multi-segment decline curve analysis capability supports more accurate forecasting of recoverable reserves. Companies can create field development plans, analyze incremental effects of a workover or infill drilling, and model production entity-based analysis with a click of a button.

            Finally, economic evaluation can be used to identify and perform sophisticated analytics linking production forecasts to economic scenarios. The flexible economic case generation helps in estimating and ranking prospects based on the commercial value and return.

            Matt Gentry, COO of Antares Energy, said: “This newly integrated functionality improves upon an already great product.”

            The general availability of the release will be early summer 2010.

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Cypress E&P Boosts Productivity with SMT KINGDOM and Isilon NAS Storage

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT) announced that Cypress E&P Corp. has successfully completed installation and deployment of SMT’s KINGDOM, a hydrocarbon exploration and production application, on an Isilon data storage platform. This integrated solution allows Cypress to centralize its exploration projects for intuitive control and seamless visibility of seismic interpretation data at each stage of the workflow.

Cypress has leveraged this integrated solution by unifying its seismic, well, and cultural data on a single global namespace, eliminating bottlenecks and limited data sharing capabilities inherent to partitioned workstation, direct-attached server, or even storage area network (SAN) solutions. Isilon’s Scale-Out NAS platform, with its scalable, high-throughput file sharing capability, facilitated the deployment process, allowing for full consolidation of all data resources operating within SMT KINGDOM. Cypress employees can now utilize SMT KINGDOM to its full potential, achieving maximum availability and visibility of seismic interpretation resources.

Indy Chakrabarti, Chief Marketing Officer at SMT, said: “Our mission is to take a very specialized science – geoscientific interpretation and modeling – and make it more accessible to energy exploration and production teams, helping to make them more productive. As companies discover new methods of exploring, they need access to scalable software solutions that can adapt to new workflows. Combining SMT’s KINGDOM with Isilon’s storage provides Cypress with the ability to manage complex seismic data sets intuitively, seamlessly and with ease. The solution delivers improvements in both field performance and business efficiency.”

Eric Bass, Cypress E&P’s Director of Information Technology, noted that he has already seen a reduction in storage management workload, which enables his team to spend more time focusing on business performance.

“We rarely have to tweak the system,” Bass noted. “Project consolidation and data sharing now perform seamlessly. Our exploration team can access all interpretations and the underlying data at any time, without any bottlenecks.”

“My mission is to assemble the highest performing technologies available into a powerful yet flexible platform that drives our company,” said Bass. “However, we need technology that doesn’t require specialized technicians for day-to-day maintenance and uptime. It must be easy to use, and it must provide an intuitive interface. With SMT KINGDOM running on Isilon, I can focus on building the infrastructure and providing support to enhance what KINGDOM does for our company, thus keeping our exploration team productive.”

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SMT, JewelSuite, CMG Announce Seismic To Simulation Alliance

Seismic Micro Technology (SMT), JewelSuite (part of the JOA Group) and Computer Modelling Group Ltd. (CMG) announced the launch of the Seismic To Simulation (STS) Alliance, which integrates best-of-breed technologies encompassing all three components of the prospect evaluation workflow: interpretation, modeling and simulation.

            Each of the member companies is a recognized leader in E&P software, enabling oil and gas exploration teams to identify, visualize and assess subsurface field and reservoir conditions. These technologies contribute to greater productivity and higher accuracy, reducing cycle times and improving efficiency for hydrocarbon extraction.

            “The STS Alliance gives customers a resolution to a longstanding industry dilemma,” said Indy Chakrabarti, Director of Marketing for SMT. “Energy companies, historically, have had to choose either a single vendor solution that is integrated but perhaps not cutting edge, or cherry pick top technologies and sacrifice integration. With the STS Alliance, customers can have the best of both worlds.”

            The Alliance brings together unique science from each of the partners. SMT offers its patent-pending KINGDOM Illuminator™ technology to improve seismic interpretation speed and accuracy. JewelSuite™ delivers its JewelGrid faulted S-grid modeling approach that overcomes the technical issues that arise from “first generation” gridding approaches. CMG provides high-performance simulation for all reservoir types, including conventional oil and gas and heavy oil.

            “This alliance unites three industry leaders, each with a reputation for scientific excellence in a critical aspect of the prospect evaluation workflow,” said Dan Dexter, VP Canada and Marketing, CMG. “This means that for the first time the geophysicist, the geologist, and the engineer can all choose the top technology for their respective discipline and still easily collaborate amongst each other.”  

            “The traditional single vendor offering frequently meant sacrificing a certain degree of functionality in component workflows in order to gain overall compatibility across the workflow,” said Jim Thom, Director of Strategy and Partnering, JOA Oil and Gas. “Customers could compensate for this by adding niche software to fill in the gaps, but without integration, there is significant productivity loss moving data across solutions. The STS Alliance removes the need for customers to make these sacrifices by bringing together the technology leaders in exploration, evaluation and production phases of field development.”

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SMT Unveils KINGDOM 8.4

Seismic Micro-Technology, purveyor of Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, announced the release of KINGDOM 8.4, which introduces the new product line extension, KINGDOM Advanced. KINGDOM Advanced brings leading geoscience capabilities, formerly available only to specialists due to complexity and cost, to the desktop of every interpreter. Key new capabilities include a new Advanced Autopicker that is based on patent-pending KINGDOM Illuminator technology, and support for Surface and Volume Curvature attributes. These features are designed to help upstream exploration and production companies reduce cycle times and risk in exploration planning.

Stan Abele, VP of Product Management at SMT, said: “Geoscientists are working harder than ever to lower exploration costs by reducing the time to analyze prospects. But they still need best-in-class technology to make good decisions. The new capabilities in KINGDOM Advanced bring leading-edge science and automation down to a price that enables every geoscientist to complete work faster and with greater confidence.”

The Advanced Autopicker accurately picks through complex geologies and near-vertical events. It requires only a few initial seed picks in order to provide a high quality interpretation. As a result, interpreters can reduce the time-consuming task of picking horizons, reducing overall cycle times for interpretation.

Another new capability is support for Surface and Volume Curvature attributes. These attributes allow companies to identify subsurface features more easily to discover hidden reserves. These attributes indicate the rate of change of surface topology and accent features such as faults and fracture systems. A total of 11 Curvature attributes can be calculated in the new release.

KINGDOM Advanced will be generally available by the end of June 2009.

Separately, OpenSpirit® announced it will release the KINGDOM 8.4 data connector concurrent with SMT’s release of their new KINGDOM 8.4 Core and Advanced software solutions. The E&P community will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of KINGDOM 8.4, and through OpenSpirit, leverage other best-of-breed applications and data stores used within their multi-vendor environments.

“The KINGDOM 8.4 data connector is a result of a joint effort, and will deliver significant performance and scalability improvements for customers working with large KINGDOM projects,” said Randy Harvey, Vice President of Development, SMT. “End users will find it easier than ever to work with their SMT application environment, while seamlessly co-existing with other solutions that enhance their geoscience workflows.”

Key to these releases are the performance improvements within the OpenSpirit KINGDOM data connector. Automated data transfer between large-scale KINGDOM projects that have never before been possible will now be done quickly and efficiently. OpenSpirit handles coordinate reference system translations on the fly, enabling end users to transfer data between multiple KINGDOM projects, as well as other OpenSpirit-enabled data repositories.

As the year progresses, SMT and OpenSpirit will be working together to embed OpenSpirit in SMT’s next-generation data management suite, and also release the new SMT KINGDOM Application Adapter, announced in February. Interpreters will be able to work in the user-friendly Windows® environment while sharing data with any OpenSpirit-enabled application or data store, including solutions from Halliburton (HAL) and Schlumberger (SLB).

“We have made tremendous headway since announcing our renewed partnership in February of this year,” said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. “OpenSpirit remains the upstream industry’s only vendor-neutral integration alternative, and through the collaborative effort surrounding these first deliverables, our mutual customers will experience improved geotechnical workflows.”

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SMT’s KINGDOM Now Supports Windows Vista

Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT), purveyor of Windows-based geoscientific interpretation software, announced that the company’s KINGDOM software now supports Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system. Vista’s 64-bit architecture greatly improves performance running SMT’s KINGDOM software. In some internal benchmarks, performance has shown to be three times faster when running Windows Vista and 64-bit. SMT’s support for Windows Vista also seamlessly integrates with the enhanced security and manageability features within the platform.

Commenting on the announcement, Indy Chakrabarti, director of marketing at SMT, said: “Data security on PCs has been a growing concern among companies. Geoscientific data is no exception – in fact, this data is highly proprietary. By supporting our customers on Windows Vista, we can provide KINGDOM interpreters higher security controls on their PCs and better data protection against theft or destruction. In addition, the move to 64-bit computing greatly enhances performance for our customers.”

SMT customers who wish to upgrade to Vista will be able to take advantage of the improved performance and security features and reduce the demand on IT support resources as Vista can detect and resolve many problems automatically.

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