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New Oil and Gas Compliance Software Company Launched

An experienced team of software developers for the oil and gas industry announced the launch of a new company called ComplyData LLC. The company develops industry-specific software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to address employee and compliance management issues, including US Department of Transportation operator qualification and environmental, health and safety regulations.

ComplyData also announced the launch of its flagship product, the ComplyData Intelligent Portal™ (CDIP™), a subscription-based solution that allows oil and gas companies to organize compliance, safety and regulatory information easily and effectively. The Comply Data Intelligent Portal is a centralized, flexible and affordable alternative to manual processes and database-dependent systems.

“The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated, and the ever-changing regulatory requirements can be overwhelming,” said Darla Bell, managing director of oil and gas for ComplyData. “Regulators are requiring more communication and transparency between owner/operators and contractors, so we created the ComplyData Intelligent Portal to streamline the compliance process, allowing users to spend more time building their business and less time on paperwork or database systems that are difficult to use and in many cases create more work and inefficiencies.”

The ComplyData Intelligent Portal utilizes a next-generation user interface, giving customers access to multiple applications simultaneously. It also offers an easy-to-use method of communication and compliance management between companies.

“We have spent more than 12 months working with our Customer Advisory Council and beta users to make sure the ComplyData Intelligent Portal is as efficient and easy to use as humanly possible,” said Jim Wilmsen, managing director of technology for ComplyData. “What’s more, throughout our research and development cycle, we stressed affordability. Based on the tremendous feedback from our beta users, we think we’ve struck the right balance of performance and price.”

Through the use of its proprietary Industry Specific Applications (ISAs), ComplyData is able to meet the needs of any industry that demands fast information from multiple sources. While ComplyData’s first segment concentration is on oil and gas, the company plans to expand into other industries as it grows.

“We look forward to continuing the evolution of this product and an unlimited set of applications,” said Wilmsen.

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Merrick Systems Launches Hosted Production Technology Solution

Houston-based Merrick Systems announced the launch of its Software as a Service (SaaS) technology solution, based on the company’s Production software suite. With this service, Merrick allows companies to host their choice of Merrick’s production software package – Field, Operations or Enterprise – on its secure online environment. Merrick’s production software packages include field data capture for volumes, inspection and maintenance, production operations, hydrocarbon accounting, regulatory filings and Web-based management reporting.

“Merrick has been informally supporting clients who lack the necessary IT resources with hosting services for several years,” stated Clara Fuge, VP Production, Merrick Systems. “Responding to the growing demand for our hosted services, we recently invested in expanding our infrastructure to serve a larger market and assembled a team that is highly experienced in running data centers for the oil and gas industry and hosting software solutions for a large number of clients. To help companies choose only the features they need for their business, we also repackaged our software offerings. Of course, our hosting services are backed by Merrick’s Support and Consulting Team that has worked on implementing, training and integrating our software in our existing clients business for over 15 years.

“Working alongside our clients, Merrick’s Infrastructure Team works to set up the hardware and communications, manage the maintenance and upgrades of the hosting servers, conduct necessary system software maintenance and monitor overall system health. We also assist with routine tasks, such as adding new users, resetting passwords, ensuring weekend connectivity support and monitoring response time. Moreover, with our hosted service, clients always have access to Merrick’s latest software,” Fuge added.

“Merrick’s hosted solution can yield significant increases to our clients’ bottom lines and amplify the economic appeal of our production technology to a greater segment of the oil and gas market. The flexibility to choose between licensing and hosted services helps our clients optimize the application of their strategic resources without compromising the quality and efficiency of their operations – an imperative benefit in today’s volatile economy,” said Samina Farid, Merrick’s co-founder and CFO.

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TAKE Supply Chain Releases OneSCM SaaS Platform

Austin-based TAKE Supply Chain (formerly ClearOrbit), purveyor of supply chain management software, announced the availability of the company’s new software as a service (SaaS) platform called OneSCM™, which is designed to deliver online supplier management to medium and large enterprises. This initial release of OneSCM enables manufacturers and distributors to facilitate supplier response transactions to function against the purchase order schedules and provides shipment execution functionality such as part tracking numbers (PTNs), barcode label printing and shipments.

            OneSCM, the company’s first release featuring a multi-tenant SaaS architecture, serves as the foundation for a series of solutions that will be released to the market during the next few quarters. This new platform marks an important inflection point in TAKE Supply Chain’s growth toward becoming a multi-enterprise, collaborative network provider.

            TAKE Supply Chain, which has traditionally developed on-premise enterprise supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors, has worked closely with customers to develop SaaS applications that plug into the on-premise solutions that customers have already deployed. This approach enables customers to preserve their existing enterprise software investments while also leveraging best-of-breed SaaS technologies.

            “OneSCM is a platform and a set of integrated applications that industry-specific ecosystems will use to perform supply chain activities across all their value-adding partners,” said Warren Sumner, chief operating officer and general manager, TAKE Supply Chain. “This means that brand owners, goods and services providers, distributors and customers will each realize unique value from OneSCM. This ability to leverage networks of ecosystem partners with a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture sets OneSCM apart from other business software systems.”

            This release provides a unified set of individual applications – Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Accounts Receivable Automation and Accounts Payable Automation – that are available separately or as fully integrated modules. OneSCM is designed to deliver value quickly through pre-built integration with SAP® and Oracle®, industry-standard interfaces like PIDX and RosettaNet, and a fully stable and secure environment that meets SAS70 type 1 and type 2 standards for SaaS applications. These capabilities ensure delivery of functionality with faster implementation to broader groups of participants, as well as assured business value with economical solution delivery.

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WellEz Announces Streamlined Reporting Service

Houston-based WellEz Information Management LLC has launched a new service level for WellEz.NET that offers all of the rich data management and reporting capabilities, but with a standard set of pre-configured reports. This new service has been designed for those operators that do not require their field reports to be customized and desire a streamlined implementation in less than two days. WellEz.NET is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so clients only pay for the time they use the service, which eliminates the cost of installation and maintenance of expensive software.          

“Many operators have a strong feeling about the exact report forms they use, while other operators do not have the same requirements,” said Charles Jeffery, WellEz President and CEO. “We are glad to accommodate both types. WellEz.NET provides customizable data collection forms and reports, where reports in our new service are based on a uniform configuration. Having served the field reporting needs of many E&P companies, we are confident that the preconfigured reports now available with this new service level will meet the reporting requirements of operators desiring a streamlined implementation.”

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WellEz Information Management Launches New Website

Houston-based WellEz Information Management LLC, an operations reporting solution company, announced the launch of their new website, The new site features in-depth information on the WellEz field reporting service for the oil and gas industry. It provides details on the WellEz reporting application, called WellEz.NET, and how the Web-based solution is used for reporting across the lifecycle of the well, from drilling to plugging and abandonment (P&A).

“We are excited to offer our clients and the energy community more information on our field reporting solutions, which are based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model,” said Charles Jeffery, President and CEO. “More companies are now adopting WellEz.NET as their field reporting platform owing to its cost-effectiveness as an operations reporting solution. Clients pay for only what they use during the time that they need the service, without having to install and maintain expensive field reporting software. Our clients have found that timely, effective reporting from the field reduces costs while increasing staff productivity and the quality of decisions. This is particularly true during drilling, completions and workover operations, when significant capital is being expended over a relatively short time frame, but is also valid during daily production. I invite our clients and friends in the industry to visit our new website to learn more about the value to be derived from using the WellEz.NET field operations reporting solution.”

The new website clearly explains how the WellEz.NET Web-based reporting solution provides insight into field operations for multiple roles in the typical oil and gas business, from the field to the back office. The basic technical concepts on the SaaS reporting architecture are also highlighted.

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WellEz Launches WellEz On-Demand

“WellEz On-Demand has been designed to offer continuous enhancement of the client experience, while identifying additional sources of value available to clients through WellEz services,” said Charles Jeffery, President and CEO, WellEz. “The WellEz On-Demand program is both immediately responsive and engaging with our clients, leveraging the skills of WellEz technicians who are knowledgeable on oil and gas operations. Since using WellEz.NET does not require purchasing and maintaining software, our clients can invest their time in using the information on their field operations from the WellEz.NET reporting system. Being responsive and proactive increases efficiencies for our clients, and that is our priority.”

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