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IDS, Samit Unveil Centralizing Data System in India

IDS has signed a collaborative arrangement with Samit Enterprises to take DataNet2 to the Indian market. Samit has great experience in introducing reporting and analysis services to the upstream industry in India, having previously worked with Landmark’s flagship product, Open Wells. The company has decided, however, that the IDS business model provides the best opportunities both for Samit and for those clients across India who are ready to move away from the traditional license-per-seat arrangement and experience the advantages of the unlimited-usage, Web-delivery model offered by IDS.

DataNet2 from IDS is a suite of powerful reporting tools, based on the concept of centralizing data from drilling, geology and completions reports to be acquired, shared, viewed and delivered across the Web or via the client’s network. The system is WITSML-compliant and will become a key enabler for India’s intelligent oilfield.

Douwe Franssens, General Manager of the IDS Group, said: “We believe that DataNet2 will act as a real advance to the Indian market. For over a decade, IDS has used its expertise to make upstream reporting and analysis simple and cost-effective. We are delighted that DataNet2 will now be available across India, with the level of support that our customers expect.”

Sanjeev Mittal, Managing Director at Samit, said: “The depth of functionality of IDS’s DataNet2, combined with its delivery via the Internet, provides tremendous value to its clients in the upstream hydrocarbon industry. We are pleased to be partnering with IDS to bring this service to our clients in India.”

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Hadaway Engineering Selects WellEz

WellEz Information Management, a Web-based oilfield reporting service, announced that petroleum engineering consulting firm Hadaway Engineering has selected the WellEz.NET reporting solution for daily field operations reporting to their clients.  Hadaway selected WellEz.NET for its robustness, reliability and ease of use. 

             “Most of our clients are independent oil and gas operators, and the WellEz system makes the distribution of reports to the many working interest partners much more efficient,” said Allen Hadaway, President and Founder of Hadaway Engineering.

            Hadaway’s worldwide clients often require daily status reports, but those clients vary in the level of detail needed in their reports. Customizing the reporting system to support Hadaway’s existing MS Excel reports and allow future development of new reports and report changes were required features for the new system. The cost of using the system also had to fit the range of their clients’ reporting needs. In addition, support needed to be available to Hadaway Engineering consultants and partners whenever and wherever it may be needed.  

            “We have known and worked with Hadaway Engineering for some time,” said Charles Jeffery, President of WellEz. “Operators in Western Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle are familiar with their firm. Hadaway Engineering is well established and has deep project experience in many geographies and technical environments. Their projects range from initial project planning and design, to all phases of field implementation, including plugging and abandonment. WellEz.NET provides Hadaway with additional value-adding reporting services to their clients. Our ability to customize reports was an important factor for Hadaway as their clients’ needs vary. We were able to quickly implement their existing MS Excel reports and allow for future development of new reports and report changes.”

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Proficy DataMart 2.0 Extends Enterprise Reporting Capabilities

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the availability of Proficy® DataMart Version 2.0, an enterprise-reporting platform for all the manufacturing intelligence within Proficy Plant Applications. The new version expands the ad-hoc reporting capabilities of the suite both at the plant and enterprise levels.

            The Proficy DataMart solution provides critical production-centric information to the knowledge users in the plants and the enterprise. It enables users to serve themselves to the real-time production data Proficy Plant Applications has converted into meaningful intelligence. Its high performance KPI roll-ups and drill-downs integrate data across multiple machines, lines and sites seamlessly. You can utilize DataMart with existing Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions to manage the performance of production operations.

            “Plant Applications has been the flagship of the Proficy Operations Management suite since its acquisition more than eight years ago,” said Sheila Kester, General Manager, Operations Management Software, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “Our focus has been to continually make this product evolve in ways to make it easier to deploy, provide even faster time to value, and to extend its capabilities to solve more problems for more Proficy customers.”

            Throughout 2009, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced many enhancements, extensions and complementary solutions that extend the capabilities and value of the Proficy Plant Applications family. These include:

  • Proficy Scheduler – Extends the Proficy Plant Applications family into the Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS) arena for materials and orders optimization;
  • Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 – Integrates the family with the user’s maintenance systems, ensuring that Maintenance and Operations are coordinated in their efforts;
  • Proficy Plant Applications Dynamos for Proficy iFIX – Puts the knowledge and information of Proficy Plant Applications at the fingertips of production operators;
  • Enhanced Crew Scheduling capabilities;
  • An updated Software Development Kit; and
  • Packaged Proficy SmartStart solutions – Combine the software package with Implementation Services to improve a user’s time-to-value when implementing a new system.

            In addition, a slate of additional enhancements scheduled will be introduced over the next several months, including new web deployment capability, updated Proficy Workflow Service Provider (SP) integration, enhanced Enterprise Portal/Collaboration integration, and the next generation Enterprise Integration solution from Proficy – Proficy Open Enterprise. 

            “The extended and enhanced capabilities of the Proficy Plant Applications family provide additional avenues for operational excellence initiatives to companies that have implemented the core solution,” said Kester. “For new and existing customers alike, Proficy Plant Applications’ Open-and-Layered architecture, modular and scalable applications, and ability to span the spectrum of production typologies, make it more capable than ever for solving more problems for more users in more of their strategic and tactical operations.”

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Quorum Licenses Upstream Suite to New Client

Houston-based Quorum Business Solutions Inc., provider of business and information technology solutions for the oil, gas and renewable energy industries, announced an agreement to license its full upstream suite of applications to an undisclosed company. The company will leverage Quorum Upstream Suite to manage its upstream accounting operations and commercial activities, including land management, capital budget tracking, production accounting, revenue accounting and financials (AP, AR, GL).

            “There is a tremendous amount of data that must be processed and maintained in the upstream oil and gas business. Centralizing this in an ERP system enables companies to more efficiently manage their operations,” said Perry Turbes, CCO of Quorum. “Quorum Upstream Suite is a fully scalable set of applications that includes operations accounting and land management functionality, which enables E&P companies to improve business processes using automated workflows resulting in better, faster, more accurate transactions.”

            The Quorum Upstream Suite is a set of comprehensive operations and accounting applications for the E&P industry. The suite includes functionality to manage:

  • Authorization for Expenditure,
  • Capital Budget Tracking,
  • Equipment Inventory Management & Accounting,
  • Financial Accounting,
  • Fixed Assets & Depreciation Accounting,
  • Joint Interest Billing,
  • Gas Marketing,
  • Land Management, and
  • GIS.

Additionally, the suite is fully integrated with business intelligence and ad-hoc query and reporting tools.

            The newly signed license agreement consists of Quorum Production Revenue Accounting, Quorum ERP and Quorum Land Suite. Quorum Production Revenue Accounting forecasts supply volumes to meet marketing needs as well as owner and contract allocations for actual volumes, and also includes contracts, division order, valuation, revenue distribution, check disbursement and regulatory / tax reporting. Quorum ERP allows for the planning of how business resources are accounted and utilized throughout an organization and consists of capital budget tracking, financial accounting, authorization for expenditure, joint interest billing, fixed assets and contract management. Quorum Land Suite streamlines complicated land management processes, such as managing payments, terms and obligations of leases, surface use agreements, contracts, and fee property and easement land data.

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WellEz Announces Streamlined Reporting Service

Houston-based WellEz Information Management LLC has launched a new service level for WellEz.NET that offers all of the rich data management and reporting capabilities, but with a standard set of pre-configured reports. This new service has been designed for those operators that do not require their field reports to be customized and desire a streamlined implementation in less than two days. WellEz.NET is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so clients only pay for the time they use the service, which eliminates the cost of installation and maintenance of expensive software.          

“Many operators have a strong feeling about the exact report forms they use, while other operators do not have the same requirements,” said Charles Jeffery, WellEz President and CEO. “We are glad to accommodate both types. WellEz.NET provides customizable data collection forms and reports, where reports in our new service are based on a uniform configuration. Having served the field reporting needs of many E&P companies, we are confident that the preconfigured reports now available with this new service level will meet the reporting requirements of operators desiring a streamlined implementation.”

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