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EnergySys Updates Production Reporting Tool

EnergySys, supplier of hydrocarbon and production reporting tools, has launched Version 4.3 of its on-demand production reporting solution. ENERGYSYS 4.3 boasts a range of new features to improve workflow automation and scheduling, which together with many other minor enhancements are now available to all existing subscribers without additional fees.

            “Our goal is to be thought leaders in the field of hydrocarbon allocation and production reporting products, and their use within the industry,” said EnergySys Managing Director Peter Black. “With this release we’re underlining our commitment to change the economics of system ownership. We’re lowering cost of ownership from initial purchase through ongoing maintenance, demonstrating that we can deliver new features and functionality to customers without them having to go through an expensive upgrade cycle.”

            In terms of workflow, ENERGYSYS 4.3 is very powerful, but without the complexity associated with many traditional tools. It is now possible to create sophisticated conditional rules for business processes and to chain those processes together both quickly and simply. For example, users can re-run the daily allocation for a period of days or months in the time it takes just to launch traditional graphical configuration tools.

            Business rules are built in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment, but the resulting spreadsheet is executed on the server to deliver the benefits of security, versioning and audit trails. All data are stored in an Oracle database, with access limited only to users with specific rights.

            ENERGYSYS 4.3 also includes a major upgrade to scheduler functionality that allows users to run calculations at any chosen time. This includes both one-off data transformations and repeating processes. Combined with the new workflow, this makes unattended operation a realistic option. A sequence of rules can be executed automatically, along with checks on the success of each operation.

            An additional benefit with ENERGYSYS 4.3 is that loading data is even easier and more secure with its new secure FTP option. Users simply upload files to their own dedicated, password-protected “drop box.” Data import can be carried out manually or via the automated system that initiates the upload whenever a new file arrives.

            “ENERGYSYS 4.3 will be rolled out without significant interruption to current service levels. End users will simply see the new functionality the next time they log in,” said Black.

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ffA, TerraSpark Team Up for Seismic Research

Foster Findlay Associates Ltd. (ffA) and TerraSpark Geosciences have entered into an agreement to explore parallel research and development programs.

            Today’s exploration and production challenges demand radically new seismic interpretation workflows. By defining rapid, accurate and robust methods for building geologically consistent 3D representations of the subsurface, new levels of interpretation productivity and insight can be reached. This process is technically demanding, requiring novel interactive tools that harness the expert knowledge of the interpreter efficiently within a highly interactive, data driven process. ffA and TerraSpark already deliver these tools and believe that innovation may be greatly accelerated by combining their unique strengths in image analysis, interpretation and visualization.

            Jonathan Henderson, ffA’s Managing Director, said: “ffA is delighted to be exploring research and development interests with TerraSpark. We believe in working openly with other leading technology companies to facilitate converting innovation into practical solutions. ffA and TerraSpark share a vision that includes delivering tools that will dramatically improve interpretation accuracy, productivity and confidence through positioning 3D seismic analysis at the heart of next-generation interpretation workflows. In working together we have the potential to bring the benefits of this vision to our users much more quickly and cost-effectively.”

            TerraSpark CEO Geoffrey Dorn added: “We are excited about the potential of this agreement to accelerate the development of new interpretation technologies, capitalizing on the synergies between TerraSpark’s Insight Earth®, our flagship platform providing revolutionary 3D interpretation techniques, and ffA’s SVI Pro and SEA 3D Pro seismic analysis software. Working with ffA offers an opportunity for us to extend TerraSpark’s True Volume value proposition by achieving new thresholds in performance.”


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INT Releases INTViewer 4.0

INT announced today the general availability of INTViewer™ 4.0, the latest version of its innovative data visualization and development platform for seismic analysis and QC in the upstream exploration and production (E&P) industry. INTViewer 4.0 is designed to be easy to learn, support large data sets, and reduce the preparation time to share data and analysis results with peers, management and partners.

            INTViewer 4.0 was redesigned using the Netbeans Rich Client Platform, which provides a standards-based environment for creating and managing plug-in functionality.  Featuring a comprehensive API for access and control of menus, data and custom displays, INTViewer can be used as a framework for customized seismic analysis and quality control workflows

            The new release includes:

  • Extensive programming API for plug-in development;
  • GIS functionality including support for ESRI shape files and EPSG projections;
  • New FK display;
  • Support for GOCAD data format;
  • Ability to save selected subset in seismic data (SEGY) format; and
  • Improved user interface.

            INTViewer is a visualization solution for use on virtually any Windows, Mac, Linux or UNIX operating system and is designed for multiple environments including laptops, workstations and visualization centers. INTViewer also provides an open, extendable architecture that makes it possible for geoscientists, asset management teams and companies to customize the visualization framework to match specific workflow needs through proprietary plug-ins and utilities.

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Halliburton Rolls Out Solution for Unconventional Gas

At the annual SPE meeting in New Orleans, Halliburton introduced a new solution to help operators address the challenges they face with unconventional gas reservoirs due to significant variances across plays, increasing reservoir complexity and rapid production decline.

            Halliburton’s Stimulation for the Digital Asset™ workflow now provides the capability to view real-time stimulation data in engineering, geological and geophysical interpretation environments. This enables operators to use all available information to monitor and adjust treatments on the fly as well as design better stimulation treatments, improve perforation strategies and improve field development plans. This workflow brings together leading solutions from Halliburton’s fracturing, microseismic mapping and software products and services.

            Said David King, president of the Completion and Production Division of Halliburton: “Experience shows that improving overall reservoir understanding, along with offering customized solutions, can help operators develop assets that could not be technically or economically produced before.”

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