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EnergySys Launches New Production Reporting Service

EnergySys Ltd., supplier of hydrocarbon and production reporting tools, has launched a major new release of its production reporting service. The new ENERGYSYS Production Reporting Application is a Web-based service designed to make production reporting accessible and affordable for all sizes of oil and gas operations.

            “Our goal is to give users everything to get started with asset reporting in hours rather than months. This is the fastest way to a full-featured system – guaranteed. It’s production reporting for everyone,” said Peter Black, Managing Director of EnergySys.

            EnergySys has leveraged its ten years of experience in building and supporting production reporting systems to create the new Production Reporting Application. It provides more standard reports, such as individual well partner reports, cumulative reports by well, field and producer, and reports on water content, production allocation, and metering. All reports can be exported in a wide variety of formats, like PDF, Comma Separated Variable (CSV), Excel and Word.

            The application also includes the processes needed to import and validate data, run daily and monthly allocations, and do reconciliations. The new scheduler and workflow tools let users run processes on a schedule, creating complex sequences of processes.

            “For many customers the tool will be a perfect fit from day one, and there will be no need for any configuration. You’ll have all of the power, configurability and ease-of-use of the ENERGYSYS platform right there at your fingertips,” Black said.

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Argentine EPC Firm Expands Use of Intergraph SmartPlant

A-Evangelista S.A. (AESA), an Argentine oil, gas and petrochemicals engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company owned by YPF, has expanded its use of Intergraph® SmartPlant® Enterprise software and standardized on the SmartPlant Foundation engineering document and data management solution to manage electronically and share globally project and plant engineering information to accelerate projects and decrease costs.

            AESA, which had previously implemented SmartPlant Enterprise design solutions including SmartPlant 3D, SmartPlant P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartPlant Electrical, utilized SmartPlant Foundation successfully on a recent oil refinery project in Uruguay. The project, which included refinery expansion and sulfur elimination at gasoline and diesel plants, as well as logistic and auxiliary services, provided two milestones: it was the largest lump sum project in AESA’s history, and it was the first implementation of SmartPlant Foundation in Argentina.

            Alas Ingenieria, Intergraph’s local distributor for Argentina and Uruguay, provided support for AESA during their implementation, helping it to be completed in just three months.

            With SmartPlant Foundation, AESA and its subcontractors in Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela are now integrated on a network system sharing a single database, enabling AESA to integrate and manage all project and plant engineering data, including physical asset, work processes and regulatory and safety imperatives. Through this networking environment, SmartPlant Foundation also facilitates enhanced global decision support and worksharing capabilities, permitting approvals, rejections or comments to be made more easily and efficiently.

            SmartPlant Foundation’s lifecycle data management capability also enables a smoother handover from EPCs to owner operators and for owner operators to more easily maintain, refurbish or modify their plants. AESA chose SmartPlant Foundation after a competitive benchmark, not only for its technical capabilities, but also for the vendors’ company history, research and development investments, and local support capability in Argentina.

            “Intergraph’s SmartPlant information management solution provides us with the resources to address our challenges with confidence,” said Rodolfo Tolcach, engineering manager, AESA. “Our initial use of SmartPlant Foundation has proved successful, and we are eager to expand use of it and the other integrated SmartPlant Enterprise solutions to further increase our productivity.”

            Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power and Marine president, said: “AESA’s selection of SmartPlant Foundation is testament to the technology and capabilities of the industry’s leading information management solution, being in use by more than 300 EPC companies and owner operators worldwide. We look forward to helping AESA to further increase its productivity and synergies, e.g. by using global worksharing on future projects, which in turn will allow the company and its subcontractors to become even more competitive.”

            SmartPlant Foundation is the information management solution at the heart of the SmartPlant Enterprise. It orchestrates the document control and management, data and application integration, workflow, visualization and navigation, change management and configuration control required for creation, safe operation and maintenance of large-scale process, power, marine and offshore capital assets. As an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) and Engineering Data Warehouse (EDW) it supports many de-facto and industry standards for neutral format content persistence and information exchange, such as ISO15926, and forms a pivotal part of many capital Project Lifecycle Management (cPLM) strategies.

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